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TianLong establish Communist Party of China department
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    Was agree by party in XiaoLan town in ZhongShan City in September in 2007, the company established Communist Party of China department, the party SEC is MR Ou.This symbolizes a company to close to a party further, the leadership of the advocacy Communist Party of China, study the everyone of the party energy, Abide by the law, walk the road of the business enterprise of have TianLong special features.


   评论人:dieo3640qg  评论时间:2017/8/1
Last month, some people tweeting about Pokémon Go became unwitting subjects in an experiment that could presage a worrying new kind of online attack.<br><br>Industry researchers trained machine-learning software to write tweets like a human to reply to some people using the hashtag #Pokemon, in a demonstration of how advances in software that understands language could be used to trick people online. Roughly a third of people targeted by the software clicked on a benign link sent along by the software to test how convincing it was.<br> <br>That’s much higher than the 5 to 10 percent success rate typical for automated “phishing” messages aimed at tricking people into clicking links to deliver malware or steal passwords, says John Seymour, a senior data scientist at security company ZeroFOX. The machine-learning system comes close to the roughly 40 percent success rate of “spearphishing” messages handcrafted to trick a specific person, he says.<br> <br>@davemillier I''ve been very happy with my Microsoft Surface, nice to see you there, still time to sign up! https://t.co/sWGMuhNElG<br> Mike Rice (@mikefrom_it) August 4, 2016 <br>“Spearphishing is highly manual and takes tens of minutes per target,” says Seymour. “This approach is almost as accurate and it’s automated, so it could be used at much larger scale.” The tweets don’t all look very polished, but they are effective, he says. Some people responded saying the link was broken and asking for it to be sent again.<br><br>Seymour presented the results of his experiments with colleague Phil Tully at the Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vegas on Thursday. The pair say their work shows that machine-learning technology could allow criminals to dramatically increase their success rates.<br><br>Phishing and spearphishing are already significant problems. Cisco reported last year that phishing messages sent via Facebook were the number one cause of unauthorized access to corporate networks.<br> <br>@coelhobruno restarted the modem and it is really impacting me. Sent other messages before and got no help. https://t.co/OtTqDkydKO<br> Mike Rice (@mikefrom_it) August 4, 2016 <br>The ZeroFOX researchers’ software, SNAP_R, can work in two ways. One uses the same artificial intelligence technique, deep learning, used by companies such as Google to make systems that can understand and translate language. It was trained on two million Twitter messages, allowing it to generate realistic-looking tweets of its own.<br><br>The system’s second mode is more targeted. It learns how to tweet by looking at an individual’s most recent tweets, and feeds them into an older technique called a Markov chain. It can then generate tweets similar to those written by the target, which a person might click thinking a message was written by a person with similar interests.<br><br>SNAP_R can also identify and target the most influential and active people talking about specific topics or using a specific hashtag. It looks for keywords such as “CEO” in a person’s profile, and indicators such as their number of followers. ZeroFOX is releasing a version of the software to help researchers think about the potential for these kinds of attacks and how to defend against them.<br> <br> ZeroFox software generated these tweets to try to trick people on Twitter. <br>Mike Murray, vice president of security research at mobile security company Lookout, calls the prospect of using machine learning to automate the process of tricking people online “scary.” But he thinks it will take some time before that kind of approach is used to stage real attacks.<br><br>Despite recent progress, the best machine-learning techniques still require specialized expertise, and are far from perfect at generating language. Google is a leader in machine learning and language. But its Inbox app capable of generating responses to e-mails can only suggest short, one-sentence replies, says Murray. “If Google can’t generate more than a sentence,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/apple-iphone-6-for-sale-c-143.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale apple iphone 6</a>, I probably can’t generate a really good phishing e-mail.”<br><br>ZeroFOX’s Tully isn’t predicting widespread criminal use of automated spearphishing tomorrow either. But he argues that machine-learning algorithms are getting easier to use, and needn’t perfectly master language to be successful on social media. People using Twitter are expecting to interact with strangers, and to see less-than-polished syntax, he says. “On Twitter the culture is so permissive and you don’t need to have perfect English or grammar.”<br> <br>Weren''t able to make it to EmTech Digital?<br>We''ve got you covered.<br> Watch videos here

   评论人:kse73w5d  评论时间:2017/8/1
Sometimes it''s a good idea to even look at the expensive projects from another angle. The adverse reactions to do with going to be the self-defense spray are momentary, lingering as well as for a lot fewer than an hour,<a href="http://www.worldsoccershopuk.com/manchester-city-fc-claudio-bravo-jersey-uk/">Claudio Bravo Manchester City Jersey UK</a>,all alike are going to want be the case adequate too me to learn more about reach the law enforcement officials authorities and get away going to be the dilemma regarding the attack..... In addition they know signs of other problems to be on the lookout for at a time like this. Gathering this info regularly and comparing the data to other fundamental reports is surely an essential accounting function of all house businesses. In an occasion of any surprise circumstances,<a href="http://www.worldsoccershopuk.com/juventus-fc-angelo-ogbonna-jersey-uk/">Angelo Ogbonna Jersey UK</a>, the securitysecurity guards are the ones that have to bear role and answer for their actions. You can use this opportunity to inspect the tank for signs of build-up. Sabbagh,<a href="http://www.worldsoccershopuk.com/new-york-red-bulls-mls-sean-davis-jersey-uk/">Sean Davis Jersey UK</a>, qu? secuelas iba a tener esa perforaci?n del es?fago me respondi? que no me preocupara porque en 8 d?as mi esposa estar?a tan bi?n como antes del procedimiento. The printer functions an in-built storage system to shop the most recently utilised label formats for you to use in speedy time.<br>

   评论人:alsd6619  评论时间:2017/7/31
Foreign students in the United States the rise of most people to "follow the trend of hot plastic" mentality in new network on 12 January, according to the U.S. "world news" reported, although expensive, but for the students in the United States, students in cosmetic circle already got. Many students around the age of 20 are willing to invest in youth". "I am close to 40% female students, 30% had undergone plastic knife, if coupled with micro injection,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-apple-iphone-7-c-146.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy apple iphone 7 online shopping</a>, the proportion reached [...] read more parents Tucao circle of friends is family travel abroad Shuabing expert: adjust exit parent-child hot degree no less than the summer, parents spit groove circle of friends abroad by parent photo tour of the scraper, the expert reminds should adjust good mentality. Key words: "returnees" to return home to overcome the psychological gap is the key to adjust the mentality of the graduation season, when it comes to. A new batch of overseas students will be turned returnees. In the face of changes in employment and living environment, the psychological gap is the majority of returnees can not escape. I am looking for a job in the country, the first time to feel the psychological gap, this feeling lasted more than six months." Nini (a pseudonym) just graduated from University of Southern Calif and returned shortly. "I am in the work [read more] what should be used to meet the college entrance examination scores? College entrance examination is not the only exit in life, college entrance examination scores can not explain everything. Life is a protracted war, only the tireless efforts of the people is the ultimate winner. Keywords: study abroad overseas Chinese: beware of being cheated shortcut mentality objectionable video advantage: Ministry of Education: studying in France of the French university Chinese fraud false website source: Shenzhen HD Beijing in August 4, the United States "newspaper" published on 4 commentary "how to prevent students cheated" said Chinese overseas students cheated is not fresh Wen, an important reason is that students to study in China do not know much, at the same time, some students awareness is not strong, but also... [more] reading newspaper: studying abroad to take advantage of shortcuts to beware of being cheated or have the mentality of "newspaper" published on 4 commentary "how to prevent students cheated" said. Chinese overseas students cheated not fresh smell, one important reason is that students to study in China do not know much, at the same time, some students awareness is not strong, Is also the main reason for being cheated. There are some students cheated out of cheap, shortcut mentality. Key words: study abroad to take advantage of beware of being cheated to adopt the mentality how to prevent students "cheated" said China overseas students cheated not fresh smell, one important reason is that students to study in China do not know much, at the same time, some students awareness is not strong, the main reason is repeatedly deceived. There are some students cheated out of cheap, shortcut mentality. Keywords: Overseas Chinese: study abroad to take advantage of shortcuts to beware of being cheated us mentality objectionable "newspaper" published on 4 commentary "how to prevent students cheated" said Chinese overseas students cheated not fresh smell, one important reason is that students to study in China do not know much, at the same time, some of the students awareness the main reason is not strong, often deceived. Some foreign students

   评论人:eetl3ygcvv0  评论时间:2017/7/30
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   评论人:vbg2vyykgly  评论时间:2017/7/30
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   评论人:vbg2vyykgly  评论时间:2017/7/30
Investor Relations Community Outreach At Morningstar, we are dedicated not only to the people who work with us, but also to those who live and work around us. We believe our success is deeply rooted in the strength of our communities, and that we all need to give back regularly to keep those communities strong. Our people have always been the greatest asset of our business. They are also our greatest resource for making a positive impact on the world. Our Outreach Mission We are known as a trusted source for independent investment research with the mission of helping investors reach their financial goals. Our outreach mission is to give back to the community by using our knowledge and skills to promote education and develop a higher level of financial literacy among young people. Local Connections Morningstar’s Employee Volunteerism Team helps shape our plans for achieving our outreach mission. Through this team, we develop the programs that bring our employees together with local schools and organizations dedicated to assisting young people. All of our employees are encouraged to contribute their ideas and may also have an opportunity to join the team. We’re fortunate to be based in a great city, and we focus our outreach programs around our headquarters in Chicago, where employees from around the world gather throughout the year. The relationships we’ve fostered here give us the best opportunity to make a meaningful difference and achieve our mission of giving back to the communities that support us. Educational Focus Current initiatives are centered on promoting education through student mentoring,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com">Cheap fjallraven kanken</a>, investment classes, school supply drives, and financial literacy efforts that provide a direct connection with young people of all backgrounds. By giving back to the community on this level, we feel we can apply our strengths as a business and as individuals to guide the young people around us on their paths to success. More Causes that Matter to You Morningstar encourages employees to volunteer their time and talents to causes that we believe in. Many of our employees have their own long-standing traditions of volunteering, and Morningstar provides a platform for those individuals to champion various causes,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-big-c-3.html">Buy kanken big online</a>, promote them throughout the company,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/rekanken-classic-c-6.html">Buy re-kanken classic online</a>, and encourage co-workers to get involved. Who We Are

   评论人:dieo3533yj  评论时间:2017/7/30
By now, many of us are aware of the Leap Motion, a small, $70 gesture control system that simply plugs into any computer and, apparently, just works. If you’ve seen the gesture interfaces in Minority Report, you know what it does. More importantly, if you’re familiar with the touch modality ? and at this point, most of us are ? the interface is entirely intuitive. It’s touch, except it happens in the space in front of the screen, so you don’t have to cover your window into your tech with all those unsightly smudges.<br> <br>To understand how subtly revolutionary Leap will be, watch the video below, shot by the folks at The Verge, where you’ll also find more juicy details on the device’s specs and inner workings.<br> <br>Unlike a touchscreen interface, with the Leap,<a href="http://www.cheapsale.eu/apple-watch-2-c-281.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy apple watch 2 wholesale</a>, there’s no friction. That sounds trivial, but it isn’t. It’s the difference between attempting to conduct a symphony with a wand and attempting to conduct the same symphony by sketching out what the orchestra should do next via chalk on a blackboard.<br> <br>Plus, Leap operates in three dimensions rather than two. Forget pinch-to-zoom; imagine “push to scroll,” rotating your flattened hand to control the orientation of an object with a full six degrees of freedom, or using both hands at once to control either end of a bezier surface you’re casually sculpting as part of an object you’ll be sending to your 3D printer.<br> <br>The fact that the Leap can see almost any combination of objects - a pen, your fingers, all 10 fingers at once, should make every interface designer on the planet giddy with anticipation. If you thought that the touchscreen interface on the iPhone and subsequent tablets opened up a whole new way to interact with your device, imagine something that combines the intuitiveness of that experience with the possibility of such fine-grained control that you could do away with the trackpad or mouse entirely.<br> <br>The number of emergent properties that are inherent in an interface like Leap is mind-boggling. In their demos, its creators are fairly casual about its potential, preferring to show off its precision rather than imagine radical new applications for it. Judging by Leap Motion’s indications that it’s going to open an app store just for Leap, it’s clear they’re aiming these demos at least in part at the developers who will see the technology’s potential and, like the thousands of coders who poured countless hours of effort into the iOS App store, create a panoply of applications so desirable that the Leap will become a must-have.<br>Rick Perry, Trump''s pick to head the Department of Energy, was all thumbs at the inauguration last week. <br>Just four days into his presidency, Donald Trump’s views on energy are already snapping into focus. Those views, however, are at odds with public opinion in America, and they run counter to market forces shaping the energy industry.<br> Recommended for You <br>According to a new report by the Pew Research Center, 65 percent of Americans believe the country should be prioritizing the development of alternative forms of energy like wind and solar. Just 27 percent say the U.S. should focus more on expanding oil, gas, and coal.<br><br>That’s more or less in line with how the country’s energy sector has been going lately?renewables are growing quickly in terms of installed capacity, overall carbon emissions are on a downward trend, and energy generation from coal is declining fast (thanks in large part to a boom in natural gas).<br><br>Those trends couldn’t be more different from the course President Trump appears to be plotting for U.S. energy policy.<br><br>Trump’s bullish stance on fossil fuels and disregard for the importance of stemming carbon emissions goes back at least to the campaign trail, where he made brash claims about resurrecting the coal industry and tweeted that climate change was a “hoax” perpetrated by China (though he later said that was a joke and that he was “keeping an open mind” about climate change). His cabinet nominations include former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson and former Texas governor Rick Perry, who previously sat on the boards of two oil pipeline companies.<br><br>If there were any doubts about where this was headed, they were erased Tuesday when Trump signed a series of executive memos aimed at boosting production and consumption of fossil fuels. Two of the documents resurrected the Keystone XL pipeline and smoothed the path for the Dakota Access pipeline to be completed, while a third directed that pipelines built in the U.S. be constructed with American steel. Later, officials in the Trump administration told EPA employees to take down the agency''s climate change page.<br><br>It’s likely that this will be just the start of what figures to be a seismic shift in energy policy. The Obama administration championed research into renewable energy and devised the Clean Power Plan as a way for the EPA to set limits on carbon emissions. The Trump administration, not so much: the Department of Energy looks set for some deep cuts, including eliminating offices that oversee initiatives on renewable energy and energy efficiency. And the noted climate denier Myron Ebell, a prominent member of the Trump transition team, has a wish list of things he wants to bar the EPA from pursuing.<br><br>If these changes do occur, they will be implemented in spite of public opinion and trends in the energy business?not because of them.<br><br>(Read more: New York Times, “Trump’s Empty Promise to Coal Country”)<br><br>This story was updated on January 25, 2017, to include news of the Trump administration''s move to take down the climate change page on the EPA website.<br> <br>Cut off? Read unlimited articles today.<br> Become an Insider <br> Already an Insider? Log in.

   评论人:tkje9pd71  评论时间:2017/7/30
0 you choose the 0 area before the number 0 area, a total of 0, a total of 0 yuan empty pick you choose 0 above the 0 area before the number (0 Danma,<a href="http://www.discount-onlinestore.com/samsung-phones-galaxy-note-5-c-310_248.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap galaxy note 5 for sale</a>, 0 yards, 0 drag) zone number (0 Danma, 0 yards, drag) a total of 0, a total of 0 yuan above the empty number selection format: 01020304 05:01 0201020304 05:01 02031) each for a betting number; 2) each row has at least 5 area before the number and 2 zone number, each ball must be two digits, between the area before the number and area number to or a "separate; 3) between the area before the number or the zone number with a space interval in the input box you can fill in the selected number or copy from the text below; empty top pick users betting area selection number of the current missing Lotto 16050 lottery Lotto 16050 period: 07172129... Head: No award, award... [China] note lottery Lotto 2016051 forecast [...] through the sparkling Lotto 2016051 forecast... Play Lotto the super lotto game rules super lotto game in Super Lotto lottery center awards rules to help novice graphic telephone commission process to indent the color? How to win the prize? What is the number? What is the cost? How to start to buy? How to buy? How to extract the prize money? Payment problems encountered how to do? Novice problem Q& A? Lottery game Daquan

   评论人:Tlvb8kb74  评论时间:2017/7/30
Select at least 7 balls. Selected area 03) number with a space interval in the input box you can fill in the selected text from the copy number or lottery information in the following: three color: said 200 million years ago was winner appeared... Women go to sleep and dream about 10 times a license plate number... 10 million 300 thousand winner after winning the lottery said the couple still insist on... 390 million they send friends thousands of students,<a href="http://www.bulkwholesale.eu/wholesale-sony-ps-vr-c-284_286.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap sony ps vr</a>... Seven lottery lottery play seven game rules seven lottery lottery prize play introduces seven rules to help novice center lottery lottery graphic telephone commission process like? How to win the prize? What is the number? What is the cost? How to start to buy? How to buy? How to extract the prize money? Payment problems encountered how to do? Novice problem Q& A? Lottery Daquan Daquan hot navigation<br> buy a house you can not ignore: floor spacing does not affect the lighting 2017-04-18 15:30 artwork comment (0) <br> share: <br> easy letter (0) tags: ) buy a house floor spacing floor <br><br> <br> talk about the importance of the pitch to buy a house, I believe a lot of experience in the village of friends have a more profound experience. Floor spacing is too narrow, not only will produce the problem of insufficient lighting, but also related to indoor ventilation, privacy and even security issues. <br> <br> in the purchase, you have considered the issue of lighting and floor space? Floor spacing is reasonable, you know? Floor spacing of those secrets, you know how much? <br> <br><br> you can not afford to ignore the house: how much does not affect the distance between the lights have been completed Browse again comment (0) <br> share: <br> easy letter (0) <}

   评论人:vbg2vyykgly  评论时间:2017/7/30
SAN FRANCISCO: Travel service Expedia added to its board the daughter of former US president Bill Clinton and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to a public filing posted on Friday (Mar 17).<br><br>Expedia expanded its board from 13 to 14 members and elected Chelsea Clinton to fill the new position,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu">mini kanken for sale</a>, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.<br><br>She will be compensated according to standard rules at the company for board members and is not on any specific committee, the filing said.<br><br>Expedia is based in the northwestern US state of Washington and is one of the largest online services in the world for booking flights, hotels and car rentals.<br><br>Chelsea Clinton, who turned 37 years old last month, is the only child of Bill and Hillary Clinton. She was nearly 13 years old when her father took office in the White House.<br><br>Chelsea Clinton has been married since 2010 to a business banker, Marc Mezvinsky, and has two children of her own.<br><br>She works for the Clinton family nonprofit foundation,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Cheap kanken maxi</a>, where she is vice president and particularly involved with issues related to women and health.<br><br>A graduate of Stanford, Oxford,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken maxi</a>, and Columbia universities, Chelsea Clinton worked for consulting firm McKinsey and did a stint as a special correspondent for NBC News.

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com currently ranks Philadelphia''s farm system seventh in Major League Baseball. It has a built in advanced camera, compass,<a href="http://www.worldsoccershopuk.com/fc-bayern-munich-douglas-costa-jersey-uk/">Douglas Costa Bayern Munich Jersey UK</a>, large storage space, easy downloading features and many more. It is possible to print pictures and text in variety of sizes and fonts. This service can be offered to guests in an hourly basis or perhaps, over a short amount of time depending on the client. Consequently, we''re moving a lot of people in the Minor Leagues from [Jerad] Eickhoff to [Alec] Asher and others.Tips To Choose The Right Nashville TN Janitorial ServicesTips To Choose The Right Nashville TN Janitorial ServicesFebruary 7, 2014 | Author: Judy Sullivan | Posted in ManagementIt would be necessary to ensure that you are working in a clean environment as this could have effect on you r business.. It is the fact that camouflaged as a regular expensive that I can synthetic to ensure they are using their as well as secondary school The reality often that a resource box is a mini pepper spray that I can carry out everywhere over the an all in one stalker or at best do nothing more than about any person which of you intends to explore hurt me. The printer functions an in-built storage system to shop the most recently utilised label formats for you to use in speedy time.Our favorite uncles hosted our reception,<a href="http://www.worldsoccershopuk.com/fc-bayern-munich-uk/">FC Bayern Munich Jersey UK</a>, and we included photos of our treasured grandparents on their wedding day.com Publicado por copito en 7:00 No hay comentarios: lunes,<a href="http://www.worldsoccershopuk.com/as-roma-fc-mattia-destro-jersey-uk/">Mattia Destro Jersey UK</a>, 16 de julio de 2007VICTIMA DE MEDICO PRESTIGIOSO www..<br>

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An arsenal of weapons - including bomb-making material - was found in the home of the sniper who shot five Dallas police officers Thursday night and then told police he “wanted to kill white people.” <br> <br> <br>During a search of Micah Xavier Johnson''s home, detectives found bomb making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition,<a href="http://www.cheapsale.eu/mobile-phones-c-313.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">discount mobile phones online store</a>, and a personal journal of combat tactics, the Dallas Police Department reported late Friday.<br> Expand / Contract <br>Johnson''s Facebook page showed him giving the "black power" salute. (Facebook) <br> <br> <br>Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings later told a late afternoon press conference that he believed Johnson was "the lone shooter, a mobile shooter" with "written manifestos about how to shoot and move."<br> <br> <br>As the law enforcement community reeled from its deadliest day since 9/11, a troubling portrait emerged of Johnson, 25, who was blown up by a police robot early Friday morning. One friend who served in his platoon during a tour in Afghanistan said Johnson changed after he came home.<br> <br> <br>"When he came back from Afghanistan, he got in touch with some bad folks and went all Black Panther," the man, who asked not to be identified, told FoxNews.com. <br> <br> <br>Johnson, who is believed to be from the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, confirmed his racial rage to police as he was holed up in the El Centro College parking garage in downtown Dallas.<br> <br> <br>“The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown said Friday morning. “He was upset about recent police shootings. He was upset with white people.<br> <br> <br>“He wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers,” Brown added. “The suspect said he was upset at white people.”<br> <br> <br>Although a group calling itself the Black Power Political Organization claimed on its Facebook page that it was behind the attack,<a href="http://www.wholesaleiphone7.com/wholesale-apple-laptops-wholesale-macbook-pro-c-35_46.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy macbook pro online</a>, and that "more assassinations are coming," Brown said Johnson told police he was "not affiliated" with any group.<br> <br> <br>Still, Johnson, who wore a dashiki and held a fist aloft on his Facebook page, had a temper and owned "a lot of guns," according to the friend. <br> <br> <br>"He did have some anger issues but never said he would hurt anyone," the friend said, adding with distrubing irony, "His shots were terrible."<br> <br> <br>According to a senior U.S. defense official,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/projectors-epson-projectors-c-324_327.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale epson projectors</a>, Johnson enlisted in the U.S. Army reserves in 2009 and rose to the rank of private first class. He had one deployment to Afghanistan from November, 2013 to July of 2014. Upon returning, he remained an inactive reserve until May, 2015, when he was honorably discharged.<br> <br> <br>"He was absolutely normal, a really good friend. We lost touch once he deployed to Afghanistan and I stayed back," the friend told FoxNews.com. "I don''t really know how or why it got to the point it did."<br> <br> <br>Although Black Lives Matter protests held around the nation in reaction to racially charged incidents involving police have at times featured calls for killing cops, the movement immediately condemned Johnson’s attack.<br> <br> <br>“Black Lives Matter advocates dignity, justice and freedom. Not murder,” the group tweeted early Friday.<br> <br> <br>Fox News'' Jennifer Griffin and Cristina Corbin contributed to this report

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Gur Bittan envisions a future where you’re not just capturing a regular video of a child’s first steps with a smartphone; you’re doing it in 3-D, and sharing it with friends who can manipulate the video to watch it from different perspectives?even the kid’s point of view, providing you’ve scanned the scene from enough angles.<br> On display: Mantis Vision’s technology, which uses a projected infrared light pattern to capture 3-D images and videos, is included in Google’s Project Tango tablet, shown here. <br>Bittan is the chief technology officer of Mantis Vision, an Israel-based 3-D technology company that hopes to make this kind of experience commonplace. If its 3-D technology is included in mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets, it could make something as simple as communicating with friends more immersive.<br> <br>The company’s software and hardware designs are part of Google’s Project Tango tablet,<a href="http://www.cheap-buyonline.com/cheap-desktops-c-254.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">desktops for sale</a>, which can map environments and objects. It is also working on a pocket-sized 3-D scanner and already offers an enterprise 3-D scanner called the F5.<br> <br>Mantis Vision has also been working with electronics designer and manufacturer Flextronics on a tablet called Aquila that should be available in September to manufacturers who want to take it into production. And its technology will be added to some other gadgets, though cofounder and CEO Amihai Loven won’t give specifics (Google has said it is working with LG on a Project Tango consumer device; Loven won’t say if his company is involved). “All I can say is in 2015 it will be in the market,” he says.<br> <br>The company recently raised $12.5 million in venture capital funding from the venture investment arms of Flextronics and Qualcomm, as well as from Sunny Optical Technology and Samsung.<br> <br>The method Mantis Vision uses to capture 3-D data?projecting an infrared light pattern onto the environment?is similar to that used by PrimeSense, a company Apple purchased last year. But Mantis Vision believes that its method, which works whether a camera is moving or still, maps detailed things in 3-D more easily and accurately than other technologies. And it hopes this will generate more interest from cell-phone and tablet makers, not to mention consumers. The uses the company envisions for 3-D include gaming, gestural interfaces, and indoor navigation.<br> <br>To capture 3-D information, a projector overlays an infrared light pattern onto whatever it is you’re trying to scan?a teddy bear, for instance. Then a digital camera and a depth sensor, synched to the projector, capture the scene with the light reflected by the bear. The technology works even in complete darkness, since it includes its own illumination; in bright environments the quality of the resulting image depends on the hardware used.<br> <br>Via Skype, Bittan showed me a scan of a telephone, which looked as if it were covered with a bunch of interlocking letters in various shades of black, white, and gray, covered in turn with an evenly spaced grid of dots. Mantis Vision’s software analyzes the projected pattern and uses it to create a depth map of the object.<br> <br>During an in-person meeting, Loven showed me, on his smartphone, a pixelated-looking 3-D video of a woman leaning back in a chair against a black background. He twisted the image around by sliding his finger on the screen to show it from another perspective, an effect made possible by having circled the woman with the camera while the video was shot. The result was not photorealistic, and there were plenty of black spots that were devoid of details, but it was pretty cool-looking.<br> <br>Even the high-profile project with Google and the upcoming tablet may not be enough to win over consumers immediately: 3-D technology has existed for years in various forms, and it has struggled to move beyond the movie theater. But Loven says that’s because the technology is still “not mature enough.” Mantis Vision hopes to change that. “Let’s develop new technology and bring it,” he says.

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Competition entries for the latest Everyman crossword must be postmarked not later than Saturday night. The ?rst three correct solutions opened will receive a set of stylish Penguin Dictionaries,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-kids-c-16.html">Wholesale backpack</a>, worth ?30 and perfect for anyone who revels in the English language. ?15 book tokens for the ?rst ?ve correct solutions opened. Completed Everyman crosswords should be printed out and sent to: The Observer PO Box 6604,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-big-c-3.html">Buy kanken big online</a>, Birmingham, B26 3RW <br><br> <br><br><br> <br>Everyman, 3676<br><br> <br>Philip Berridge, Lincolnshire<br>Ruby Murphy,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Buy kanken dual colour online</a>, Suffolk<br>Roy Tunis-Mousine, Sheffield<br>John Morris, Leeds<br>T West-Taylor, Bristol

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wheelbase 2700mm, contour movement, interior exquisite, equipped with 1.5L and 1.4T engine. A quarter of the new Cruze hatchback trim official map new family design language based on building interior design, exquisite feeling, and equipped with 1.5L 1.4T engine, will be officially listed in the first quarter. The Guangzhou Auto Show debut of the new Cruze hatchback trailer released Cruze hatchback version is more dynamic, the same wheelbase and three car version, practicality is also not too low. Power and the three car version of the same exposure Cruze hatchback version of the hatchback version of the Cruze information; more dynamic, the same wheelbase and three car version, practicality is also not too low. The localization of cure? From the two new Cruze on the "localization" in the joint venture''s eyes,<a href="http://www.bulkwholesale.eu/wholesale-lg-tv-c-201.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">lg tv for sale cheap</a>, it has almost become a "cure" myth. However, in recent times, it is common, it seems to break the myth with facts. All of this, the new Cruze are listed from July 20th start...... Open up a new NetEase Chevrolet Cruze after the "new Cruze" played just two years, Chevrolet has launched a new Cruze models, in fact, Chevrolet is not just playing with you. To fight the new Cruze A+ sold 10.99-16.99 million if the new Cruze let you down, the new Cruze will give you a surprise, new appearance, advanced configuration, larger size and efficient power and so on, but it still has a friendly price. Bigger / sell? Chevrolet new Cruze now listed a beautiful version of the second generation Cruze modeling, 2700mm wheelbase, many technology configuration, the new Cruze will be available today. The new Cruze 3C racing: learn the genes are not small Mai Rui Bao the new Cruze will be officially listed today, as a new design of synchronization with the North American market, two years a variable update speed so that some of us too busy to attend to all GM and Chevrolet designer, is how to seize this opportunity? Is not the hearts of the people Mai Mai Rui Bao XL? Let us listen to, but also from the United States but also a Chinese American Sam Zhao is how to interpret his design? Standard automatic start and stop the new Cruze will be listed in July 20th; the whole system comes standard with all aluminum engine with direct injection with the apple CarPlay, Chevrolet new Cruze will be listed in July 20th. /GL8 is the main general in the second half of the year is pushing a variety of new the new Cruze / new / new record cool CAVALIER, Chevrolet in the second half variety of heavy vehicle strikes. Not only is the long wheelbase Chevrolet new Cruze 2014 along with updating the moment, the new Cruze after the listing, the old models to the classic way to sales, but less than 2 years, the upcoming "the new Cruze" again, SAIC-GM what to do? And for your road! Open up a lot of NetEase trial

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Nothing in our system currently matches this topic. Please make another selection,<a href="http://www.wholesalebuyonline.com/wholesale-cameras-c-265.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale cameras</a>. by date ! Sponsored by<br>Nothing in our system currently matches this topic. Please make another selection. by ! article.published Sponsored by

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Mathematics Reveals New Approach To The Perfect Putt A mathematical analysis of golf ball trajectories along a flat gradient reveals a new and simple strategy for judging the perfect putt The Physics arXiv Blog Lasers Made from Human Cells Living lasers might transmit information about health and disease. They are also just plain cool. Katherine Bourzac How Robots Will Beat Humans at Billiards Pool makes chess and Jeopardy look like child''s play. All the more reason to develop new technologies -- and further humiliate the human race -- by tackling this unique computational challenge Christopher Mims Mangos ''n'' Mangroves The best of the rest from the Physics arXiv this week The Physics arXiv Blog World Bank Says to End Biofuels Subsidies A new study from 10 international agencies say the policies drive up food prices, say reports. Kevin Bullis Responses to Exxon''s Big Oil Discovery It''s a lot of oil, but the discoveries in the Gulf won''t come close to making the U.S. energy independent. Kevin Bullis Old Fashioned Epidemiology Pegs Sprouts in E. Coli Outbreak Scientists are still searching the genome for clues to its unusual virulence. Emily Singer View A Gallery of Computers as Furniture Who says our personal IT infrastructure should become invisible? Christopher Mims Website Time Machine Stands up to Hackers CodeGuard backs up your website,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-apple-laptops-c-312.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy apple laptops online shopping</a>, in case hackers ever break in. David Zax Is "Self-tracking" the Secret to Living Better? Enthusiasts are using a new generation of tools to monitor just about everything about themselves. Emily Singer ? Archives Lists Events Subscribers MIT Technology Review

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The long read: The population is getting older and the welfare state can no longer keep up. After two months talking to people in Britain about retirement, it’s clear that old age is an increasingly scary prospect Published: A world without retirement 6 March 2017 How to retire successfully: ''You need to ask what you want out of life'' A budget, good friends, a plan: retired people reveal the key ingredients for an enjoyable later life Published: How to retire successfully: ''You need to ask what you want out of life'' 27 February 2017 Working just as hard, but unpaid? What happens when women retire Five women talk about what retirement means to them, and reveal the ‘deep-rooted gender issues’ it has exposed Published: Working just as hard, but unpaid? What happens when women retire 20 February 2017 Could your 60s and 70s be the best decades of life? Retirement is often portrayed as a time of decline,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken dual colour</a>, but many older people say their lives are more fulfilling and joyful than ever Published: Could your 60s and 70s be the best decades of life? 13 February 2017 Hidden carers: the sixty-somethings looking after parents and grandchildren Wild sea swimming in my 60s: ''it erases problems, it''s being a child again'' ? video Wild sea swimming in my 60s: ''it erases problems,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu">mini kanken for sale</a>, it''s being a child again'' ? video 6 February 2017 Flexible retirement age: an idea whose time has come? A rising state pension age and dwindling savings mean some will never achieve prosperous retirement. Perhaps it’s time to revisit an idea from the 19th century Published: Flexible retirement age: an idea whose time has come? 30 January 2017 Work till you drop: when will you retire — and do you want to? Some firms are waking up to the benefits of an ageing workforce, but while many people feel lucky to keep working,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com">Cheap kanken backpack</a>, others are longing to down tools Published: Work till you drop: when will you retire — and do you want to? 23 January 2017 ''There''s a danger of a generation who can''t afford to retire'' Is the idea of a financially comfortable retirement increasingly unattainable? Published: ''There''s a danger of a generation who can''t afford to retire'' 16 January 2017 The new retirement: how an ageing population is transforming Britain Traditional views of retirement are being swept away. In a new series, we consider what that means for the retirees of today ? and those of the future Published: The new retirement: how an ageing population is transforming Britain The new retirement: why we are covering this issue ? video The new retirement: why we are covering this issue ? video

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frozen Beijing property market: developers believe that prices will rise 2016-05-03 08:08 artwork comment (0) <br> share: <br> easy letter (0) tags: North County house price Yanjiao <br> since the beginning of the April release of Langfang property market after the new deal, "North County" of the property market new disc has become an open secret. During May,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/nintendo-c-284_328.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">nintendo for sale</a>, NetEase real estate reporter visited the site found that the closure of the Xianghe property market is mainly due to the lack of pre-sale permit, developers and property buyers are still bullish on the property market. A well-known real estate sales staff, said: the new deal is the price can rise 3 every 10% months, can not soar, can not fall, need to slow up. Wait, at the end of the property market in Xianghe will be another day. <br> frozen Beijing property market: developers believe that prices will rise atlas has finished browsing Browse again comment (0) <br> share: <br> easy letter (0)

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workshop and gallery. London Glassblowing was born,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-big-c-3.html">Cheap kanken big</a>.?<br> Advertisement <br>It was run on a shoestring in those early days, subsidised by Layton’s teaching work and a large overdraft. He and the two or three glass artists who worked with him kept experimenting, producing pieces inspired by shell forms, pebbles and lichens in iridised colours so vibrant they shone. “We?needed a type of glassware that looked good in any light,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/re-kanken-mini-c-7.html">Cheap fjallraven re kanken mini</a>,” Layton explains,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-mini-c-4.html">Cheap kanken mini for sale</a>, “so we researched iridising and eventually created an amazing palette of colours.”

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2016 new models will add a golden amber color paint, in addition 2.4L models will be equipped with 18 inch five blackened hub, the hub had only equipped with 3.0L model. Interior, the new brown color. Preview the song poem figure Honda Concept D concept car decoding; this show, Honda launched the world''s first force again, Concept concept car D. However, the concept of the car''s new flagship large luxury SUV positioning, is not to make you feel a little confused? Concept D exactly where the sacred, the so-called large luxury SUV, which is aimed at the opponent? Take the goods more convenient four atypical hatchback recommended open the trunk hatchback hatchback is not exclusive, many three car or some crossover with this function. So today we will introduce you to a few of these models, the price of high school low range, size and motivation are also different, I hope to have a taste for you. Multi purpose / personality five models of high-end models recommended cross-border cross-border car both the advantages of SUV and their cars, after the integration of the formation of a new style of versatile and highly personalized, at present this kind of models on the market really many, today we''ll give you the recommended five relatively enough grades representative models of Changan CS75 led the April blockbuster new listing summary in April, domestic new car market booming, many new products blockbuster launched. Combined with the most comprehensive information, let us look at these new cars listed in April. Peugeot 2008 led the Beijing auto show before the listing of new car inventory perhaps in order not to join the fun during the show, before the show, there have been some car prices held a new car launch conference. This includes the Infiniti Q50, Dongfeng Peugeot 2008,<a href="http://www.discount-onlinestore.com/cameras-c-265.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap cameras for sale</a>, GAC Honda and Skoda geshitu, Shanghai Volkswagen Moving xin. Next let us do a review and understanding of these new cars before the show. The sale of 259 thousand and 800 yuan from the Guangzhou Honda listed 2014 new Costa figure Guangzhou Honda strategic car pilot meeting on April 18th, the new geshitu models officially listed, the new car were 4 models, the official price of 25.98-33.58 yuan. The new car has a more impact on the design, configuration, high degree of science and technology, powered by 2.4L and 3.0L engines, and the first to provide AWD 4WD system. A new intermediate SUV led Honda Beijing auto show lineup announced the day before, Honda officially announced the 2014 Beijing auto show car lineup, and Dongfeng Honda and Honda Camry also participating together again. These new cars, in addition to the previously reported models, GAC Honda''s first intermediate SUV as well as a Honda concept for China to build the car will debut. Combined with the current information, let us work together to understand these models. New song poem figure led the 2014 Beijing auto show to change models prospective

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A survivor of the Westminster attack has described how he did not even have time to react before he was “thrown almost like a ragdoll” over the bonnet of Khalid Masood’s car bonnet on Westminster Bridge.<br> <br>Travis Frain, 19, said he had been crossing the Thames with friends after watching prime minister’s questions when one of them spotted Masood’s 4x4 Hyundai Tucson speeding towards them. “I was texting someone at the time and one of my friends said: ‘Travis, look,’” he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.<br> <br>“I didn’t really have time to react. My body didn’t have time to tense up and was thrown almost like a ragdoll over the bonnet. I landed on the left side and my head was actually cushioned by a friend … whereas obviously, if it had landed on the concrete with the same force that the rest of my body had we don’t know what could have happened.”<br> <br> Facebook <br> Twitter <br> Pinterest <br> Cressida Dick: a gun may not have saved PC Keith Palmer ? audio <br>Frain was one of more than 50 people injured in Masood’s rampage on 22 March. Five other people died, including the police officer Keith Palmer. Police made 12 arrests across the country before concluding that Masood, 52, who was shot dead by armed police, had acted alone. <br> <br>American tourist Kurt Cochran,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken dual colour</a>, 54,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com">Cheap mini Kanken</a>, retired window cleaner Leslie Rhodes, 75, Spanish mother Aysha Frade, 44, and Romanian tourist Andreea Cristea, 31, were also killed. <br><br> <br>Frain said he had only blurred memories of the moments following the attack: he recalls walking around and picking up his phone before he “just blacked out”.<br> <br>The politics and history student at Edge Hill University, in Lancashire, had emergency surgery after breaking his leg, arm and fingers. His arm will remain in a cast and his leg in a brace for several months. <br> <br>Nevertheless, he said he felt “very lucky”. During his convalescence at King’s College hospital, he was visited by the Prince of Wales, a moment he shared with friends on his Facebook page. <br> <br>“It was really nice of him,” he said. “He was actually quite laid back and asked how I was doing.”<br> <br>Frain said he had revisited Westminster Bridge twice since the attack,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Buy kanken maxi online</a>, and insisted that the trauma of his experience would not discourage him from visiting London. “I wanted to see it again,” he said. “It’s not going to put me off London. As weird as it is, life goes on.”

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Wang Hong, a professor of psychology at Beijing Normal University,<a href="http://www.bulkwholesale.eu/wholesale-video-games-c-284.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">wholesale video games</a>, specializing in children''s education and family relations, with nearly three thousand children and adolescents problem solving experience. The child is farther and farther away from us? There are two rules for dealing with emotions in the traditional concept of parents'' listening to their children ''s 7 angles. First, depression, two is vent. The phenomenon of self mutilation caused by oppression can be seen. Venting is the extension of the point of war to the surface of the battlefield, to other people to have an emotional attack damage. Read the full text

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Super rank: 7 Name: Haugesund City: Haugesund team coach E. Horneland: home court: Introduction: a total score of 7420289 -1 50% 0% 50% 2 2.25 101100431 100% 0% 0% 4 3 home court road 6310246 0% 66.7% 1.33 2 33.3% -2 2017-04-18 00:00:00 3:1 Haugesund -0.75 negative lose at super 2017-04-10 00:00:00 0:2 lilesi Hauge -0.25 win super loose 2017-04-07 01:00:00 Haugesund 4:3 Valerenga win win 0 super 2017-04-03 00:00:00 Strom 3:1 -0.75 2017-04-25 01: 00:00 Haugesund lost Haugesund Molde Norway 00:00:00 cup 2017-04-28 Vidal Haugesund 2017-05-01 00:00:00 super Starback; Haugesund super 2017-05-08 00 Haugesund: 00:00 Sogndal 2017-05-14 00:00:00 super mulberry Nafei; Haugesund About NetEase - Introduction - contact - Recruitment - customer service - Privacy Policy - Network Marketing - site map - NetEase lottery network value-added telecommunications business license: Zhejiang B2-20110418 | NetEase''s website related qualification certificate to the company copyright 2011-2017 NetEase to remind you: rational lottery lottery,<a href="http://www.wholesalebuyonline.com/wholesale-laptops-wholesale-samsung-laptops-c-256_278.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale samsung laptops</a>, public spirited. Minors under the age of 18 and banned lottery lottery! Friendship link:

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Following his confrontation with Donald Trump yesterday, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said on "The Kelly File" that Trump''s immigration plan is full of empty promises.<br> <br> "His words are dangerous, and his ideas are extreme when it comes to immigration and when it comes to freedom of the press," Ramos said.<br> <br> He added that reporters being ejected from press conferences is something you see in dictatorships, not America.<br> <br> Ramos insisted it''s important for Trump to answer questions about how he plans to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, how he plans to deny birthright citizenship to those immigrants'' children and how he plans to build a 1,<a href="http://www.tvshop.us/sony-tv-sony-4k-hdr-75-inch-tv-c-190_193.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap sony 4k hdr 75 inch tv for sale</a>,900-mile wall.<br> <br> "We have to take a stand when it comes to racism, discrimination,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/laptops-samsung-laptops-c-256_278.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale samsung laptops</a>, corruption, public lies, dictatorships and human rights," Ramos said. "When he''s expressing those really dangerous words, it''s our job to ask tough questions,<a href="http://www.cheap-store.eu/cheap-iphone-7-plus-cheap-iphone-7-plus-128gb-c-279_306.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Whoelsale iPhone 7 plus 128gb</a>, even if he doesn''t like them."<br> <br> Watch the "Kelly File" clip above.<br> <br> O''Reilly Defends Trump from ''Zealot'' Jorge Ramos, Mainstream Media<br> <br> Trump Reacts to His Surging Poll Numbers: ''I Want an Immediate Election!''<br> <br> ''Go Back to Univision'': Watch Trump Kick Jorge Ramos Out of Presser

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Cadillac Escala concept car in the flagship model, showing the future design direction of Cadillac and driving technology concept. Shanghai auto show officially opened yesterday, the Cadillac concept Escala completed the domestic debut at the show site. Located in the new flagship model,<a href="http://www.cheaponlinestore.eu/cheap-ipad-c-311.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap ipad online store</a>, showing the future design direction of Cadillac and driving technology concept. New information: Cadillac Escala concept car grille shield dot design, headlights shape collocation is very small, L daytime running lights, and the introduction of OLED technology. The concept car length reached 5346mm, the new car is also equipped with a 22 inch double color dense spoked ring. Interior, the Cadillac Escala concept car with leather, wood and cloth material to build three. The new car is an independent four seat design, and designed for rear passengers hidden rear control entertainment system. Thanks to the sliding back style, the new car has a very large storage space. Power, the new car is equipped with a newly developed 4.2L twin turbo V8 engine. This article source: NetEase has closed the car to keep abreast of<br><br><br> <br> NetEase science and technology news March 3rd news, National People''s Congress, Ma Huateng, chairman and chief executive officer of the Tencent Inc held a media communication will be released two sessions of recommendations and answer questions from reporters. On the recent hot shared bicycle phenomenon, Ma Huateng said: sharing the bike came too fast, faster than drops, etc.. It will take some time for the whole society to adapt to the sharing of bicycles. In addition, it will be a small number of events, and it may come from competition. On the whole, the national quality is improving." He also said that he is now very concerned about the following questions: "some have to pay from the bike sharing free walk now, follow up will lose money to allow users to ride a bike? How will the industry evolve? What will happen then?" <br> <br> Ma Huateng also said: why Tencent always mention technology, in fact, anxiety is where. We now feel more and more, in the final analysis may still be through technological progress, it is possible to maintain the commanding heights of the enterprise in terms of strategy. Otherwise, when a wave trend, a lot of people have seen, but why some people can do, some people can not do it, it is that you have not mastered this technology." <br> <br> for reporters on the scene, micro business regulatory issues, Ma Huateng said that under the existing laws and regulations, Tencent is also very helpless. <br> <br> the following question and answer session: <br> <br>: a lot of people say that it is now from the flow of war to the content of the war stage, do you agree with this point of view? The second, TMD will become a small BAT, or BAT shadow? <br> <br> Ma Huateng: traffic and content from the current 82 to the future of the 55, both will be important, not completely do not look at traffic. As for the new TMD, you will find that they are more O2O domain. Now the amount of drops is five times to Uber, now the v-mobile and ofo also like this. <br> <br> asked: how to look at the internet medical, what kind of thinking? <br> <br> Ma Huateng: Internet plus, the hard nut is, + + medical education. In the past, Tencent''s idea is to invest a lot of internet medical companies, such as the investment of three companies in Hangzhou, including Lilac Garden, etc.. <br> <br> from our point of view, we hope to build a sub platform, so that we can not use the investment and investment companies can use this platform. We also hope that from more angles, such as WeChat sports, can not be more functional point, more to encourage users? <br> <br> in addition, we will invest in the purchase of medical related property rights. At the same time, I also hope that the national policy, so that the first three hospitals and a good doctor released energy. <br> <br> asked: how do you see the micro business chaos? <br> <br> Ma Huateng: micro business chaos head one or two years is very serious, and now a little better, before there are some based on WeChat platform to provide micro business services. In the process, we found that prison 4

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SINGAPORE: The Republic''s economy expanded by 1.8 per cent on a year-on-year basis in the first quarter of 2016, unchanged from the previous quarter and exceeding analysts’ expectations, according to figures released by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) on Wednesday (May 25).?<br><br>On a quarter-on-quarter seasonally adjusted annualised basis, the economy expanded by 0.2 per cent, down from the 6.2 per cent growth in the preceding quarter.?<br><br>According to a quarterly survey released by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in March, private sector economists had expected Singapore’s economy to grow by 1.6 per cent for the January to March quarter compared to a year ago.<br><br>The GDP growth forecast for 2016 is maintained at 1 per cent to 3 per cent, MTI added.?<br><br>MANUFACTURING SECTOR DOWN 1 PER CENT<br><br>Dragged down primarily by the transport engineering and precision engineering clusters, the manufacturing sector contracted by 1 per cent, after the 6.7 per cent decline in the previous quarter.?The two clusters were in turn weighed down by the weak performance of firms in the marine & offshore segment and firms that produce equipment for the oil & gas industry respectively, said MTI.<br><br>On a quarter-on-quarter seasonally-adjusted annualised basis, the sector grew by 23.3 per cent, reversing the 4.9 per cent contraction in the previous quarter.<br><br>The wholesale & retail trade sector grew by 1.8 per cent year-on-year, slower than the 6.8 per cent expansion in the previous quarter, largely due to the wholesale trade segment, said MTI. On a quarter-on-quarter seasonally-adjusted annualised basis, the sector shrank by 10.3 per cent,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/re-kanken-mini-c-7.html">Cheap fjallraven re kanken mini</a>, down from the 3.7 per cent expansion in the preceding quarter.<br><br>The transportation & storage sector contracted 0.4 per cent year-on-year, compared to the 0.9 per cent contraction in the previous quarter, weighed down by the water transport segment, with container throughput declining by 9.0 per cent, said the ministry. On a quarter-on-quarter seasonally-adjusted annualised basis, the sector grew by 3.4 per cent,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">Buy kanken laptop online</a>, reversing the 2.6 per cent contraction in the previous quarter.<br><br>The accommodation & food services sector grew 1.5 per cent year-on-year, higher than the 0.9 per cent in the previous quarter, largely due to the 13.8 per cent increase in visitor arrivals. On a quarter-on-quarter seasonally-adjusted annualised basis, the sector grew by 0.3 per cent,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Buy kanken dual colour online</a>, edging down from the 1.0 per cent growth in the preceding quarter.

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Researchers at Lumidigm may have discovered that identity, like beauty, is only skin deep. The Albuquerque, NM-based company claims that it can validate a person’s ID with fingerprint-like accuracy by shining an infrared light into a small section of skin and measuring the reflection-a finding that may add innovative security features to portable devices, including an accurate trigger lock for a new electronic gun.<br> <br>Human skin, with all of its dermal thickness and subcutaneous layers, has a unique signature from person to person, something that was virtually unknown until last decade when medical researchers began looking for non-invasive ways to monitor patients for factors like glucose levels and blood alcohol content. Researchers at Inlight Solutions, also based in Albuquerque, discovered that light passed through skin measured individual blood-sugar levels accurately, but accuracy diminished when they applied the same procedure across a range of people.<br> <br>“We discovered that this was due to individual and unique characteristics of skin, multiple layers and different structures, which would affect the different wavelengths of light,” says Robert Rowe, chief technology officer of Lumidigm and formerly of Inlight. “At that point we simply thought, shouldn’t this work as a biometric?”<br> <br>So Lumidigm developed a dime-sized system containing two electronic chips. The first chip illuminates a patch of skin with light emitting diodes, then collects the rays as they reflect back. The second chip processes the signal to create a “light print” signature, which it compares to a set of authorized signatures. (Small devices, like a gun, would normally require a database of less than a dozen authorized users.)? The entire process of detection and authorization takes less than a second.<br> <br>According to Rowe, the signature can provide about 1.75 million discernable combinations. To date, Lumidigm has tested about 1,000 people multiple times, yielding hundreds of thousands of measurements. The company tested pregnant women through each trimester and found subtle changes in body chemistry did not affect accuracy.<br> <br>Unlike biometrics like fingerprinting and face recognition (see “Face Recognition”, TR Nov 2001), light printing doesn’t rely on image-processing. Instead, the device measures wavelengths of reflected light, which requires considerably less computing power.<br> <br>“Other technologies need to take the original image and then crunch a lot of numbers to extract the features,” says Rowe. “That kind of front-end processing puts a lot of constraints on the hardware.” Lumidigm is betting that light printing’s relatively low processor demands will make it the biometric of choice for portable devices like cell phones-and handguns. <br> <br>A Shot in the Light <br> <br>In May 2001, Lumidigm entered into a partnership with Springfield MA-based Smith & Wesson. According to Kevin Foley, Smith & Wesson’s VP of product engineering, light print technology is currently the only biometric they are seriously considering for their new “authorized-user-only handgun” (popularly known as a “smart gun,” a term that Foley disavows, claiming that a gun can never be any smarter than the person shooting it).<br> <br>Smith & Wesson is developing a weapon in which an electronic firing system-including a biometric authorization system-replaces the mechanical one. The company had considered fingerprint technology and rejected it, not only because of the computing power required but also because fingerprinting is less effective for some demographics. But with light print, “if you have skin, you can use it,” says Foley. The technique also does not require exact placement of the skin, so, for example, gripping the handle of the gun in slightly different ways won’t compromise accuracy. Foley believes that Smith & Wesson will complete an electronic-gun prototype incorporating Lumidigm’s technology by early 2004.<br> <br>Additionally, this gun would be virtually impossible to foil-a problem with many biometric technologies. According to Richard Norton, executive director of the Washington D.C.-based International Biometric Industry Association,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-samsung-mobile-phones-c-310.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale samsung mobile phones</a>, “somebody’s always trying to prove that you can spoof a particular system.” Last May, a Japanese researcher stunned a biometric conference when he revealed that he had duped 11 different security systems by lifting and then applying finger prints with a substance similar to gummy bears.<br> <br>“I think this was slightly overblown,” Norton says, “but the point is that fingerprint technology cannot determine liveness.’ You can’t foil the Lumidigm system with fake or dead tissue.”<br> <br>Lumidigm’s technology will never be able to identify someone out of a crowd in the same way that face-and to a lesser extent, gait-recognition-can (see Walk this Way, April 23, 2002). But as Rob Rowe and his team continue to fine-tune their technology, handguns and other firearms may soon be considerably less dangerous and accident prone.

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Share with your computer mobile.163.com CPU: no data camera: 1 million 300 thousand pixels to support China Unicom 3G network TFT: reaction time,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/wholesale-apple-iphone-6-plus-c-291.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale iPhone 6 plus</a>, visual angle, but the high cost of power consumption. Is currently used more common screen material. Battery: no data HUAWEI P9 plus 5.5 inch 2.5GHz (quad core), 1.8GHz (small quad core) MHZ eight core models into the information page [evaluation] 3790 yuan 2 HUAWEI Mate 86 inch 2.3GHz (quad core), 1.8GHz (small quad core) MHZ eight core models into the information page [evaluation] 2380 yuan 3 vivoX6 D 5.200 1.7GHz MHZ true eight core models into the information page [evaluation] 1899 yuan 4 apple iPhone7 4.7 inch dual core models into the unknown information page [evaluation] 5388 yuan 5 SONY Xperia XZ 5.2 inch 2.2GHz quad core into the model information page [evaluation] 4999 yuan the most popular brand of NetEase 1997- company all rights reserved.

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Share mobile.163.com Samsung Exynos 4412 CPU: Samsung Exynos 44 billion 128 million pixels with your machine: LED flash lights GSM/CDMA2000 China Telecom 3G network size: 800x480 pixel resolution: 3.700... Super AMOLED: increased 50% pixels on the basis of SuperAMOLED,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/lg-phone-c-313_323.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale lg phone</a>, contrast and outdoor visibility is enhanced. 1820 mAh removable battery HUAWEI P9 plus 5.5 inch 2.5GHz (quad core), 1.8GHz (small quad core) MHZ eight core models into the information page [evaluation] 3790 yuan 2 HUAWEI Mate 86 inch 2.3GHz (quad core), 1.8GHz (small quad core) MHZ eight core models into the information page [evaluation] 2380 yuan 3 vivoX6 D 5.200 1.7GHz MHZ true eight core models into the information page [evaluation] 1899 yuan 4 apple iPhone7 4.7 inch dual core models into the unknown information page [evaluation] 5388 yuan 5 SONY Xperia XZ 5.2 inch 2.2GHz quad core into the model information page [evaluation] 4999 yuan of the most popular brands of 1997- NetEase Ltd. all rights reserved.

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Samsung GALAXY S4 is the flagship of the eight core smart mobile phone, due to the use of Samsung Exynos 5410 Dual Quad Core Processor, the performance of the better performance, the body design is the continuation of a beautiful line of Korean mobile phone, by young users. Currently the machine (licensed) for sale 3470 yuan. <br> <br> editor comments: <br> <br> Samsung GALAXY S4 comes with a number of novel features, eye recognition, gesture, rolling mode and so on, or very successful considerations of the mobile phone from the human nature, pay attention to the practicality of Samsung in many details for users to consider, within GALAXY and S4 worthy of praise. <br> <br><br> diagram: Samsung Galaxy S4<br> <br> Samsung GALAXY S4 front with a 5 inches 1080P screen, Super AMOLED HD material display very gorgeous. The back has a 13 million pixel camera, it highlights the most place is equipped with a two quad core processor,<a href="http://www.bulkwholesale.eu/wholesale-samsung-s6-c-310_245.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">bulk wholesale samsung s6</a>, clocked at 1.2GHz, and also a frequency of 1.6GHz, with 2GB RAM memory operation, dealing with daily use can be quite good. <br>Pictured: Samsung Galaxy <br><br> Samsung GALAXY S4<br>; S4; (I9500/16GB) the main screen size 5 inches touch screen capacitive screen, multi touch screen material Super AMOLED HD main screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixel screen color 16 million color according to the number of business GPRS, EDGE, HSPA+ and other characteristics of NFC wireless charging function Android operating system; OS 4.2 core number of Dual Quad Core Samsung CPU model; Exynos 5410CPU; Imagination PowerVR frequency 1638MHzGPU model; SGX544 MP3RAM 2GBROM capacity 16GB camera type dual cameras (front and rear) front camera 2 million pixels rear camera 13 million pixels LED lights flash aperture f/2.2 <br> <br> <br> Samsung Galaxy1

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With the financial aid of a biotechnology executive whose daughter may need a lung transplant, U.S. researchers have been shattering records in xenotransplantation, or between-species organ transplants.<br> <br> <br>The researchers say they have kept a pig heart alive in a baboon for 945 days and also reported the longest-ever kidney swap between these species, lasting 136 days. The experiments used organs from pigs “humanized” with the addition of as many as five human genes, a strategy designed to stop organ rejection.<br><br>The GM pigs are being produced in Blacksburg, Virginia, by Revivicor, a division of the biotechnology company United Therapeutics. That company’s founder and co-CEO, Martine Rothblatt, is a noted futurist who four years ago began spending millions to supply researchers with pig organs and has quickly become the largest commercial backer of xenotransplantation research.<br><br>Rothblatt says her goal is to create “an unlimited supply of transplantable organs” and to carry out the first successful pig-to-human lung transplant within a few years. One of her daughters has a usually fatal lung condition called pulmonary arterial hypertension. In addition to GM pigs, her company is carrying out research on tissue-engineered lungs and cryopreservation of organs. “We’re turning xenotransplantation from what looked like a kind of Apollo-level problem into just an engineering task,” she says.<br><br>More: The Next Great GMO Debate<br><br>Some researchers agree with Rothblatt that the latest results mean pig-to-human transplants are plausible. “I think it’s possible; it should be considered,” says Leo Bühler, a Swiss transplant surgeon in Geneva. He said he would transplant a genetically engineered pig’s organ into a patient today, were the patient’s situation desperate enough.<br><br>And there are desperate cases. In fact, thousands of people die each year while waiting on transplant lists. Donated human organs are scarce, and many that become available don’t end up helping anyone. That is because a heart or kidney lasts only a matter of hours packed in ice, so organs can’t reach any but the closest patients.<br><br>“We want to make organs come off the assembly line, a dozen per day,” says Rothblatt. In 2011 her company paid about $8 million to take over Revivicor, and she has outlined plans for a facility able to breed 1,000 pigs a year, complete with a surgical theater and a helipad so organs can be whisked where they are needed.<br><br>The problem with xenotransplantation is that animal organs set off a ferocious immune response. Even powerful drugs to block the immune attack can’t entirely stop it. In a famous 1984 case, a California newborn known as “Baby Fae” received a baboon heart. But it lasted only three weeks before failing. The human body reacts even more strongly to pig tissue, since pigs are genetically more distant. All human tests of pig organs have ended quickly, and badly. A Los Angeles woman who got a pig liver in 1992 died within 34 hours. The last time a doctor transplanted a pig heart into a person, in India in 1996, he was arrested for murder.<br><br>Researchers continue to work with pigs because they’re in ready supply, and the organs of young pigs are about the right size. In order to beat the rejection problem, researchers began trying to genetically modify the animals. One major step came in 2003 when David Ayares, a cofounder of Revivicor, created pigs whose organs lacked a sugar molecule that normally lines their blood vessels. That molecule was the major culprit behind what’s called hyperacute rejection, which had almost instantaneously destroyed transplanted pig organs.<br><br>Removing the sugar molecule helped. But it wasn’t enough. Tests in monkeys showed that other forms of organ rejection still damaged the pig tissue, albeit more slowly. To combat these effects, Ayares’s team has made pigs with more and more human genes. For instance, one gene that’s been added produces the human version of thrombomodulin, a molecule that prevents clotting in blood vessels. Although pigs have their own version of thrombomodulin, it’s the wrong shape and doesn’t work correctly with human blood.<br><br>“We are adding the human genes to the pig so you have the organ repressing the immune response, rather than have to give a whopping dose of immune suppressants,” says Ayares. By next year, some of the pigs will have as many as eight added human genes. These genetic changes make their organs more compatible with a human body, but the animals still look and act like normal pigs.<br><br>Genetically engineering the pigs isn’t easy. It’s challenging to insert human genes and difficult to get them to function correctly. “You try to put all your genes into one parcel so they go to one place in the genome,” says Bruno Reichart, a professor at the University of Munich, who leads a German consortium developing transgenic pigs. “It’s very cumbersome. Creating a good pig is really like winning the lottery.”<br><br>In the United States, leading transplant surgeons have been meeting with Revivicor every few months to plan what genes they’d like to see added next. Since last year, some of the genetic engineering has been carried out in collaboration with Synthetic Genomics, a California company started by DNA sequencing entrepreneur J. Craig Venter. Rothblatt invested $50 million in Venter’s company in 2014, and it has begun designing and building genetic add-ons and inserting them into pig cells. It is left to Revivicor to produce piglets from these engineered cells, using cloning.<br><br>Some people involved in the project are more circumspect than Rothblatt about how fast it can succeed. “Every time you relieve one rejection issue, another one comes in behind. You peel back one layer and there is another layer underneath,” says Sean Stevens, who runs the mammalian synthetic biology program for Synthetic Genomics. “No one is so na?ve as to think, ‘Oh, we know all the genes?let’s put them in and we are done.’ It’s an iterative process, and no one that I know can say whether we will do two, or five, or 100 iterations.”<br><br>Yet surgeons credit the genetically enhanced pigs with some recent successes. Muhammad Mohiuddin, a transplant surgeon and researcher at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, in Bethesda, Maryland, says a heart from one of Revivicor’s pigs lasted two and a half years inside a baboon. This milestone, reached last month, surpassed a previous record of 179 days, achieved by Massachusetts General Hospital. Also this summer, transplant experts at the University of Pittsburgh said they’d kept a baboon alive with one of Revivicor’s pig kidneys for more than four months. That set a record for the longest “life-sustaining” xenotransplant between a pig and a primate.<br><br>The heart transplants were not life-sustaining but “heterotopic”?the pig heart was attached to the baboon’s circulatory system and was able to beat, but it didn’t have to do the work of pumping blood, since the baboon’s own heart remained in place. Mohiuddin says the pig heart gave out only when he decided to stop giving the baboon the novel immune-blocking drugs he had used. “We believe it could have gone on forever,” he says. “I would say 60 percent of the improvement was due to the organ, and 40 percent due to better drugs.”<br><br>Reichart calls the survival of these pig hearts “a major breakthrough.” He says, “It gives us all hope that cardiac xenotransplantation works. These hearts remained normal?it’s amazing.” However, he doesn’t think anyone should be forecasting when a transplant into humans could occur. That is because surgeons still need to completely replace a baboon’s heart with one from these pigs and show it keeps the animal alive. “It wouldn’t be serious to give a time line for use in humans,” he says.<br><br>Mohiuddin says he’ll soon begin trying to replace baboon hearts entirely. The organs he used before had three genetic alterations, but the next ones will have seven. “If they survive, then we can consider clinical trials,” he says. The first human recipients would be expected to be special cases, like someone who needs an organ as a “bridge” until a human donor becomes available.<br><br>Lung transplants will be harder, since lungs are permeated with blood vessels and heavily exposed to the immune system. So far, transplants last only a matter of days, says Rothblatt. She has been financing research at the University of Maryland, where pig lungs are being perfused with human blood in the laboratory as a way of measuring the immune response. “She wants genetically modified lungs for personal reasons, due to personal grief,” says Reichart. “I think that is a great thing, but lungs are very difficult.”<br><br>Transplant surgeons say one of the largest obstacles they face is the immense cost of carrying out xenotransplant experiments. A single transplant surgery costs $100,000 and involves eight people. Then there’s the cost of keeping the primates, the red tape of animal regulations, and limited government grants. That’s where Rothblatt’s personal interest and her fortune have made a difference, they say. “She is the one that has rejuvenated the field,” says Mohiuddin. “She has the money and a personal attachment. She wants to get it done fast.”?<br> <br>Become an MIT Technology Review Insider for in-depth analysis and unparalleled perspective.<br> Subscribe today<br>Add this to the list of unresolved policy issues likely to greet the next tenant of the Oval Office: which side to pick in the entrenched battle over whether technology companies should be forced to provide law enforcement with a way to access our encrypted data and messages.<br><br>Last year senior figures at agencies including the FBI, DHS, and the White House all said they needed that power. But in October the White House apparently gave up on the idea, according to congressional testimony by the FBI’s director and memos leaked to the press. That appeased encryption experts, who say any system giving the U.S. government a way around encryption would also be demanded by other governments and would create weaknesses exploitable by criminals or spies.<br> <br>The peace lasted only about a month. After gunmen killed 130 people in Paris in November, public figures including FBI director James Comey and New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton made fresh demands that encryption be reined in. Such calls were repeated after the December shootings in San Bernardino, California, and several senators, including John McCain and Dianne Feinstein, have said they are developing proposals to regulate encryption software. Just yesterday the FBI''s Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that encryption is "overwhelmingly affecting" investigations, and has prevented agents from accessing the contents of a phone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters.<br> <br> <br>This time the chances of White House intervention in the fight over encryption look slim, though. “I think this current dynamic is going to be the dynamic for the duration of this administration,” says Ben FitzGerald, director of the technology and national security program at the Center for a New American Security. “The White House does not want to spend its political capital on this topic given the widely divergent opinions between the protagonists.” A petition asking the White House to pledge support for strong encryption, which received over 100,000 signatures, led to meetings with campaigners late last year but no formal response.<br><br>Government figures calling for limits on encryption have not rallied around any one proposal, or outlined any in much depth. Among the suggestions are that companies should provide a “back door” for law enforcement or avoid designs like that of Apple’s mobile messaging and disk encryption software, which leaves the company without the encryption key needed to unlock data.<br><br>The response from security experts has been less varied. They say encryption has not been shown to be hampering investigators and that creating a way through an encryption system creates weaknesses vulnerable to being exploited by bad actors (see “How an Overreaction to Terrorism Can Hurt Cybersecurity”).<br><br>“The idea of providing exceptional access for law enforcement is even more dubious now than it was in the ’90s,” veteran cryptographer Ron Rivest told a security conference last month, referring to the U.S. government’s failed Clipper Chip scheme that asked companies to secure everything using a protocol to which it had a key.<br><br>Rivest and other experts point out that open-source encryption software and products developed outside U.S. jurisdiction are easily found online. And they argue that controls on encryption would prevent most people from using the best methods to protect their security and privacy, without troubling the most dangerous wrongdoers. “The only effect would be to put encryption out of reach of less sophisticated Internet users and bad actors,” says Andrew Crocker, a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.<br><br>Crocker and others also point to a lack of evidence that encryption is really hampering law enforcement (see “6 Ways Law Enforcement Can Track Terrorists in an Encrypted World”). A Harvard report last week investigated the notion that encryption allows criminals to “go dark” and concluded that the nature of Internet devices and services in fact gives police and government agencies ample opportunity for surveillance and investigation.<br><br>One of the most powerful figures in Silicon Valley, Apple CEO Tim Cook, has been particularly outspoken against the idea that government should dictate how his company uses encryption. He has publicly denounced the idea of government controls on encryption and is reported to have challenged national security officials at a January summit they held with West Coast tech companies.<br><br>Facebook’s leaders have not taken a public stance. But the executive who founded and runs WhatsApp, Jan Koum,<a href="http://www.cheap-forsale.com/cheap-apple-iphone-6s-plus-c-280.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap apple iphone 6 plus for sale</a>, said at a conference in Germany last month that the service’s encryption is being upgraded to a strong, “end-to-end” design similar to Apple’s iMessage. WhatsApp now handles more than 40 billion messages every day.<br><br>Google’s leaders have also been publicly quiet, and the company’s relatively unpopular Hangouts messaging service does not use end-to-end encryption. But Google does require some mobile devices running its Android operating system to use disk encryption similar to Apple’s, a feature that has been the target of complaints from law enforcement.<br><br>Yet although the next government’s stance on encryption might matter a lot to tech companies, so far the presidential hopefuls haven’t engaged much with the issue, says Chris Soghoian, principal technologist with the ACLU.<br><br>Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are both generally averse to surveillance, but Marco Rubio and Donald Trump would probably back the idea of limiting encryption in some way were they to win office, he guesses. Hillary Clinton has said she’s against back doors but claimed that she could work out a solution by meeting with technology companies.<br><br>That position is emblematic of the divide between technologists and government over encryption, which looks likely to persist, says Soghoian. “What’s probably going to happen is in the next year or two there will be another terrorist attack or mass shooting, and the government will blame encryption again,” he says. “No one thinks that anti-climate-change politicians are credible, but somehow here it’s okay to completely ignore the advice of experts.”<br> <br>The latest Insider Conversation is live! Listen to the story behind the story.<br> Subscribe today <br> Already a Premium subscriber? Log in.

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Last year the Levi Strauss Corporation announced the closure of 11 U.S. factories. Six thousand employees-one-third of its North American workforce-would lose their jobs. Just another downsizing American corporation, prowling the globe for low-cost labor to replace its unwanted domestic workers? Hardly. In what The New York Times called “an extraordinary gesture of largesse,” Levi’s softened the bad news for its employees by providing remarkable severance benefits. All the laid-off workers, the company said, would be given eight months’ notice, three weeks of pay for every year worked, and $6,000 in benefits to cope with the dislocations of job loss. And unlike the case with most severance packages, the workers could collect even if they found a new job the next day. In addition, the company announced that it was making gifts totaling $8 million over three years to the communities affected most severely by the retrenchment. Even union officials praised the company’s handling of the layoffs: “By far the best severance settlement apparel workers have ever gotten,” said one. <br><br>While Levi’s gesture was extraordinary, it wasn’t a departure for the company. Treating its employees fairly and valuing their contributions have long been hallmarks of the way Levi’s does business, and the company is well known for offering its employees opportunities for growth and for sharing with them the wealth created by its successes. These core values are also reflected in the company’s principal business strategy since the 1980s-upgrading what had been a very basic, inexpensive commodity, blue jeans, into a range of high-priced fashion products. When coupled with investments in new technology and with new manufacturing methods, this strategy has enabled Levi’s to retain many of its domestic manufacturing jobs long after most other apparel-makers outsourced their operations to low-wage countries. <br> <br>Levi’s powerful commitment to its employees’ welfare has served the company well, helping it to post 10 consecutive years of record sales between 1986 and 1996-almost tripling revenues during this period. And Levi’s is not alone in either the strength of its values or their consequences. The research done for my new book, The Productive Edge, from which this article was adapted, suggests that an enduring, deep-rooted commitment to a handful of core beliefs about corporate identity and purpose helps to explain the accomplishments of other durably successful companies too. The specific content of those beliefs varies from firm to firm, but in each case they are understood by everyone in the company and infuse almost every action it takes. They have guided and inspired successive generations of employees. In effect, they are the glue that has held these companies together and enabled them to grow over long periods.<br> <br> This story is part of our May/June 1998 Issue See the rest of the issue<br> Subscribe <br>Ultimately, even Levi’s couldn’t completely insulate its employees from the effects of cutthroat global competition and technological change (and, in this case, the fickleness of fashion). Though the Levi’s workers helped the company create new economic value-in which they themselves shared-their future roles couldn’t be ensured. The events at Levi’s bring into especially sharp relief the forces now sweeping the whole U.S. economy as it confronts the historic challenges of global integration and the digital revolution. Each presents tremendous opportunities for economic growth. But for the American workforce each also means more volatility and a loss of control.<br> <br>Losing the Productive Edge <br><br>With the U.S. economy still humming in the eighth year of this century’s longest expansion, the nation’s political and business leaders are in a self-congratulatory mood. There is indeed much to celebrate: strong job growth; unemployment and inflation at their lowest levels in decades; a soaring stock market; consumer confidence at record levels; American firms dominating world high-technology markets. Small wonder then that the issue of “economic insecurity,” once expected to dominate the politics of the 1990s, has faded into the background.<br><br>But the ultimate test of any nation’s economic performance is the prosperity of its citizens, and here the news isn’t quite so good. True, many Americans (especially the more affluent ones) have seen their incomes go up recently. But nearly half of all American families still have incomes below $35,000 per year-less than what most people regard as being necessary to live in reasonable comfort. Moreover, the economic circumstances of the majority of families haven’t improved much in two decades. Indeed, by one estimate the incomes of the least affluent 60 percent of families are lower now than they were in 1979, after adjusting for inflation. <br><br>In the long run, no country can enjoy sustained growth in its standard of living unless it also achieves a healthy rate of productivity growth, and the single most important factor behind the disappointing statistics on U.S. living standards is the weak productivity growth of the American economy.<br><br>During the 100 years leading up to the early 1970s, America’s productivity, expressed in terms of output produced per hour of labor, grew at an average rate of about 2.3 percent per year. The result was a twelvefold increase in productivity over this period, and a dramatic increase in American living standards. Sometime in the early 1970s, however, the rate of productivity growth declined sharply, and for more than two decades the U.S. economy has been stuck in low gear. Labor productivity during this period grew at a rate of about 1.1 percent per year. A decline from 2.3 percent to 1.1 percent might not seem very significant, but over a long period it matters a great deal. If productivity growth in the past 25 years had matched the previous century’s average growth rate, American household incomes would be about 35 percent higher than they are today, and millions more American families would be enjoying a middle-class standard of living.<br><br>What must we do to regain the productive edge? There is no one simple answer to this question. But a key part of any solution is more investment. Today the combined forces of globalization, technological innovation, and the deregulation of many industries at home and entire economies abroad are creating enormous opportunities for American firms to invest in the development of new products, services, and markets. Yet the very forces creating such great potential for growth are simultaneously giving rise to unusually turbulent business conditions. What actions and strategies are most likely to produce a higher rate of productive investment in this environment?<br><br>Today some of America’s greatest economic assets are its nurseries of innovation-its deep, sophisticated venture-capital markets; its system of industrially connected, high-quality research universities; and an entrepreneurial culture that encourages risk-takers and rewards them handsomely when they succeed.<br><br>But after studying the origins of America’s industrial revival over the past decade, I have concluded that a group of successful mature companies-Levi Strauss among them-also have important lessons to teach us about growth under conditions of uncertainty. These firms are all quite different, but they all share one fundamental quality: a powerful, lasting awareness of identity and of values extending beyond the bottom line. Over the years these companies have exhibited a sense of purpose beyond profit that, paradoxically, has helped them to increase their profitability, and to navigate through periods of great uncertainty along the way. There are important lessons here for other companies. And, as we shall see, for our society as a whole.<br> <br>Winners and Losers <br><br>in one sense, the productive edge is a sequel to made in America, a book that summarized the conclusions of MIT’s Commission on Industrial Productivity on the overall performance of the U.S. economy in the late 1980s. The commission (of which I was a member) analyzed firms in eight sectors of the economy and identified striking similarities in what the most successful firms in those industries were doing. Most features of what we called “best practices”(such as breaking down internal organizational barriers, flattening hierarchies, developing closer links with customers and suppliers, adopting innovative human resource practices, committing to continuous improvement, integrating new technology with production and marketing strategies) were relatively well known even then, and have since become conventional wisdom. But what was most striking about the leading firms was their ability to see these practices not as independent solutions but rather as part of a coherent system. While most companies had settled for piecemeal reform, the most successful firms recognized the need for systemic change and the importance of aligning their organizational practices with one another.<br><br>But that begged another, deeper question: Why? Why had those firms and not others understood the need for dealing with change as a whole, not as a set of separable tactics to be selected as if from a menu? To answer that question, my colleagues at the MIT Industrial Performance Center and I more recently went back to many of those same companies. <br><br>As we went from one firm to another, we got a surprise. We had expected that market pressures would be the strongest impetus to transformation. But the top managers we interviewed frequently pointed to another source. Even though the market is never absent from the manager’s mental screen, market perturbations seemed to be playing a less direct role than we had imagined. More often, the driving force for change seemed to be coming from within.<br> <br>Inner Voices <br><br>the injunction to “listen to the voice of the customer” is today one of the most common forms of advice to business. Indeed, for many firms it has attained almost religious significance. Yet as we revisited the firms in our group, we could not help noticing that, while listening very carefully to what their customers were saying, the employees-at every level-also seemed to have an understanding of their mission that transcended the customer’s voice. It was as if they were also listening to an inner voice, a voice that was not always in perfect harmony with the voice of the customer. As William Weisz, former CEO of Motorola, once put it: “When you are pioneering in something the world doesn’t even know it wants, you have to have a belief that the world is going to want what you have, and that it will start falling all over its feet to get it.”<br><br>Similarly, though these firms were paying very close attention to their competitors, their actions in the marketplace were not purely reactive. Their strategies were shaped as much by a core belief in what they were trying to accomplish as by the drive to pre-empt or mimic the competition. These are companies that never seem to stop thinking hard about who they are. <br><br>Take Boeing, a firm with a history of taking huge financial risks-“betting the company” to build the next generation of planes. The best-known example is the 747. One of the greatest gambles in aviation history, the development of the hugely expensive 747, like other Boeing projects before and after, was not really a response to a competitor, since no other company was then seriously entertaining such a project. Nor was the project justified purely on the basis of return on investment. Indeed, given the risks involved for the company’s existence, it is quite unlikely that such a decision could ever have been justified on purely financial grounds. Although profitability was always involved in the decision, by most accounts it was Boeing’s sense of itself as a company whose mission is to push the envelope of commercial aviation-a company that “eats, breathes, and sleeps” aeronautics-that made the difference.<br><br>Levi Strauss, mentioned at the beginning of this article, provides a very different example. One of the few unequivocal success stories in the struggling American apparel industry over the past decade, Levi Strauss’s emphasis on the long term, on building its organizational capabilities, and on increasing the contribution made by its workers to the business, has set it apart from the volatile, highly reactive, often exploitative norm in the rest of the industry.<br><br>Perhaps the biggest test of the company’s commitment to these values has been posed by its network of overseas subcontractors, some 600 of them sewing Levi’s in 35 countries. Though the company still relies primarily on its U.S. workforce to manufacture products sold in North America, its global competitiveness is heavily dependent on its access to the low-cost labor in many of these countries. But not all of them are known for respecting the rights of their citizens to work in safe conditions, and some have failed to meet international norms regarding human rights.<br><br>The company’s top managers had to face the question of how to apply their ethical standards in such cases. The choices weren’t easy. To insist on a universal standard of behavior among suppliers would rule out production (and probably also sales) in some of these countries-with immediate negative bottom-line impact. Furthermore, the loss of jobs would almost certainly be a severe blow to the employees of the affected subcontractors, for whom risky work might well be better than no work at all. On the other hand, for Levi Strauss to waive its ethical standards in its overseas dealings would smack of hypocrisy and risk alienating U.S. workers already fearful of losing their jobs to cheap foreign labor. Besides, rumors of child and prison labor don’t help sell jeans.<br><br>In 1992, the company introduced new guidelines governing its dealings with overseas business partners. The guidelines asserted that the company had “a heritage of conducting business in a manner that reflects its values. As we expand our sourcing base to more diverse cultures and countries, we must take special care in selecting business partners and countries whose practices are not incompatible with our values. Otherwise, our sourcing decisions have the potential of undermining this heritage, damaging the image of our brands, and threatening our commercial success.”<br><br>When we reconnected with Levi’s soon after that policy was promulgated, the company was struggling to decide what to do about its operations in China, a decision that involved balancing the Chinese government’s human rights violations against the costs of losing access to the potentially enormous Chinese market. Eventually, Levi’s decided to discontinue all production, sourcing, and sales in China, a decision that a top executive described to us as one of the toughest the corporation has ever had to make.<br><br>Once again, the point is not that Levi’s decision was driven purely by ethical, altruistic concerns. The company was clearly also very apprehensive about the risk to its brand image posed by Chinese labor and human rights policies. The point is that the decision to terminate Chinese operations grew out of a deeply held sense of what Levi’s stands for, in which issues of commercial brand, corporate values, and self-image are all intertwined. It is a decision that would not-indeed, could not-have been made if the company had been reacting only to external market pressures.<br><br>Another example of this internally driven behavior is offered by Motorola. The successes of Motorola over the years in a wide range of communications and electronics markets cannot be ascribed purely, or even primarily, to a goal of beating the competition, even though that has very often been the outcome. But unlike Levi Strauss, what drives Motorola is not primarily a set of ethical concerns or an egalitarian philosophy. The most important motivation seems to be the more technical objective of always trying to do better than before, the impossible quest for “perfection before the customer.” Mobilizing the entire company around apparently impossible goals has long been a central part of Motorola’s leadership strategy. Targets such as the famous “Six Sigma” quality goal of reducing the error rate in every one of the company’s processes to fewer than 3.4 mistakes per million operations have helped create a common vocabulary and sense of purpose for a company that is considerably more decentralized than most others its size. Even more important, stirring the pot this way has kept the organization moving and searching. As longtime chairman Bob Galvin put it: “It doesn’t really matter what the goal is exactly. As long as it is reasonable. The point is to stimulate. To catalyze.”<br><br>Galvin, who chooses his words carefully, is perfectly aware that goals such as Six Sigma quality strike many observers as less than reasonable (and the company, despite making vast improvements, did in fact fall short of the Six Sigma goal). But the idea of Motorola as a company that is driven by a long-term vision to pursue the seemingly impossible is integral to its sense of corporate self. Galvin adds: “At times we must engage in an act of faith that key things are doable that are not provable.”<br><br>In recent months Motorola has been sharply criticized on Wall Street and in the business press for overextending itself, falling behind with new product introductions, and other transgressions. But Motorola has weathered worse crises in the past, and though a recovery isn’t ensured this time, it would be unwise to write off an organization that over the decades has repeatedly drawn on its fundamental values to renew itself and its products. <br> <br>Confirmation <br><br>The research that i and my colleagues have carried out over the years has convinced me that internal values are a key part of corporate success. But I can hear some skeptical readers saying “Show me.” To those schooled in hard-nosed quantitative analyses of competitive situations and strategies, explanations such as this will no doubt seem very “soft.” And a handful of examples certainly does not prove that every company with a strong sense of identity and internal values is successful or that every successful company has succeeded because of its values.<br><br>However, further evidence to support these conclusions comes from a detailed study of 18 companies with a record of exceptional achievement extending back over many decades (several had also been the subject of the MIT research, including Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Motorola, and Ford). In this pioneering study, conducted by James Collins and Jerry Porras of Stanford, each of the 18 “visionary” companies was carefully compared with another company of comparable vintage that had started out pursuing similar products and markets. The firms in the comparison group were themselves no slouches, and in many respects had been above-average performers. Yet each had been outdistanced by its more visionary counterpart. Collins and Porras (who published their results in a book called Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies) asked what had distinguished the most successful companies from their competitors. <br><br>Their answers undermine many of the most pervasive myths about effective corporate management-for example, that business success requires a single-minded focus on maximizing profits and market share; that it requires visionary, charismatic leadership; and that it requires brilliant, sophisticated strategic planning. In general, these characteristics were no more likely to be found in the visionary companies than they were in the others; indeed, they were often entirely absent from the most successful companies, and so could not be implicated in their success at all. <br><br>So what does explain the difference? A key finding of the Stanford study reinforces and valuably amplifies our conclusion on the importance of a corporation’s “inner voice.” In each of their 18 visionary firms, Collins and Porras saw a set of core beliefs-an “ideology”-that had remained essentially unchanged over long periods and that had mobilized and inspired people at all levels of the organization. They found that in almost all cases the visionary companies had been motivated more by such beliefs and less purely driven by profit than the comparison firms, even though, paradoxically, they had been more profitable in the long run. <br><br>Collins and Porras insist that these core beliefs are unique to each company, that there is no “correct” version. Examples include dedication to serving the customer (Wal-Mart, Nordstrom); respect for individual employees (Hewlett-Packard); and innovation (3M). What matters is not correctness, but authenticity: the strength of the belief that this is what the company stands for and that this is how it should do business.<br> <br>The Broader Lessons <br><br>The great forces of change at work in the economy today hold tremendous promise not just for the owners of American corporations but also for American workers and consumers. Yet the turbulent energies released in their wake are understandably also fueling unease and apprehension. <br><br>More than a billion workers in developing countries are projected to enter the global labor market over the next 20 or 30 years, with most earning only a tiny fraction of the average wage in the advanced economies. Some American workers, especially (but not only) the least skilled, are sure to be adversely affected. The vast armies of new workers and their families in developing countries will also present huge new opportunities for growth, of course-opportunities that large American corporations, well capitalized and sophisticated in the use of technology, seem well positioned to exploit. But the extent to which American workers will share in those benefits can only be guessed at today. Where will the investment go, and the jobs? And what will be the impact on the number and quality of jobs remaining at home? <br><br>The continuing rapid advance of information technology is creating equally profound uncertainties. The new digital technologies will open up wholly new frontiers of economic activity, making possible the delivery of products and services that are unimaginable today. They will also radically transform the way businesses collect, process, interpret, and distribute information-in other words, the way work gets done. (The re-engineering movement will be seen in retrospect as a primitive step in this direction.) But this great structural transformation is almost certainly still in its early stages, and it will be a time of dislocation and disruption, as obsolete economic structures are torn down to make way for the new demands of the information era. <br><br>Every economic change creates losers as well as winners, and for some the price of change will be high. But even many who stand to gain from these changes have come to equate them not with opportunity but with disruption and a loss of control over their lives. In America and throughout the industrialized world, the fear of rapid economic change has already brought increasingly strident calls for stringent regulation of corporate behavior, protectionist trade policies, and other expressions of populist sentiment.<br><br>These anxieties abated in the United States during the robust expansion of the 1990s, but they have not disappeared. They will gain new force when the economy turns down, as it inevitably will,<a href="http://www.cheapiphone7.eu/cheap-apple-watch-2-c-156.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap apple watch 2 for sale</a>, and the pressure on policy-makers to do more to relieve the anxiety may then build dramatically. The risk is that the resulting policies will exact a very high price in terms of private investment abandoned or forgone. And that, in turn, would mean lower productivity growth, which, as I argued above, is the key to our future well-being. In a very real sense, then, the solution to the problem of productivity growth will depend on how much uncertainty ordinary people are willing to bear before a backlash against the forces of change sets in.<br><br>In dealing with this problem, I believe that we have something to learn from the companies that follow their “inner voices.” Throughout these organizations there is a clear and concrete understanding of core goals and values, which helps employees remain focused on what needs to be done-even while everything around them is in flux. People know what they are doing, and why they are doing it. <br><br>In this respect, the employees of a company may not be so very different from the citizens of a country. Just as a strong sense of identity and of purpose beyond profit has helped the most successful companies navigate through confusing and unpredictable territory, a shared sense of national direction and purpose can help advance prospects for future growth.<br><br>Today, however, talk about shared purpose and economic values is largely absent from the national debate about growth. The debate is dominated instead by talk about how much growth to achieve, and how to achieve it. We are like one of the “non-visionary” firms mentioned above, paying lots of attention to the bottom line and not enough to what lies beyond it.<br><br>If people are to be persuaded to embrace change rather than resist it, if they are to be convinced of the need to live with the volatility and the radical uncertainty of the new economy rather than fight against it, they must see the possible benefits of such a stance. They must have a positive reason to open themselves up to economic forces that will sometimes seem arbitrary and out of control. They must, in short, have a sense of direction and purpose. <br><br>For many in the workforce, perhaps even the majority, the promise of greater material compensation and wider consumer choice will fill in only part of the picture. What is also needed, I believe, is a coherent vision of the place of work and learning in society and what the work experience itself might become for the majority of contributors to the new economy. At a time when so much is changing in the workplace, what are the basic principles-the core values-that should govern the employment relationship? What are the rights, responsibilities, and resources that should be accorded to those who will contribute their efforts to the new economy? How should we define this “New Economic Citizenship”? I do not have the space in this article to develop the idea fully (it is elaborated further in The Productive Edge). However, there are two aspects that I’d like to touch on briefly: those relating to information technology and to benefit structures.<br><br>The new information technologies that are transforming the workplace seem to have a Jekyll-and-Hyde aspect. To some they are job-destroying, occupation-reshaping, wage-polarizing, socially divisive wrecking balls. But that is far from the whole story. The same technologies can also offer unprecedented opportunities to move beyond the production systems of the past, systems that offered intrinsic satisfaction only to people at the top of the economic pyramid. Used well, these new technologies can eliminate much of today’s narrow, repetitive work and provide personal and professional satisfaction to a far greater number of workers than ever before in history. <br><br>Which will it be? Not easy to say, because both outcomes-liberating or repressive-are possible. We may choose to use technology to diminish the human contribution: to pressure, to downskill, or to demean. Or we may choose to use it to augment human capabilities and enhance the work experience. The point is that such a choice exists-and it is one of the key issues at stake for our society in the debate about growth. Yet that choice is hardly acknowledged in the debate today.<br><br>By affirming and reaffirming the values that the new technology should serve-for example, by protecting rather than compromising the dignity of work, granting workers control over their working environment, and making it possible for their endeavors to be appreciated and appropriately rewarded-I believe that our society stands a far better chance of realizing the full potential of technological advance.<br><br>Beyond technology lies the issue of lifelong change and career development. Just as companies such as Levi Strauss put great stress on the possibility of their employees learning new skills and moving to new roles, our society needs to think hard about the fact that lifetime careers with a single employer are now very much the exception, not the rule. As in the case of information technologies, this fact has two quite different faces. For many people, the prospect of a multiple career path with multiple employers will seem daunting, a prospect to be endured rather than welcomed. That’s the unpleasant face of change. But it is also possible to imagine a future in which individuals not only take on more responsibility for managing their own careers but also obtain more control over the resources needed to do this well.<br><br>This, I believe, is the larger implication behind current policy proposals for more portable pensions and benefits, such as health benefits, individual skill grants, tax-deductible individual training accounts-indeed, even the movement for greater parental choice of children’s schools. All such proposals move in the direction of giving individuals greater control over what they need to manage economic and technological change. Anthony Carnevale, chairman of the National Commission on Employment Policy, argues that new career development and benefit structures, by promoting autonomy and private choice, would bring the world of work into closer alignment with our society’s individualistic and participatory values. Carnevale and others believe that these offerings would offer a true alternative to the “standardized offerings of the welfare state on the one hand and the increasingly rare and uncertain embrace of corporate paternalism on the other.”<br><br>These are certainly not the only aspects of a “New Economic Citizenship.” Nor do I claim that they are the best of all possible proposals. I do believe very strongly, however, that these are the kinds of issues we should be talking about when we debate how to achieve stronger growth. Growth remains the central problem facing the American economy. But the question of how to achieve it cannot be divorced from the question of what it is for, of what kind of economy we want to build, of the values we care most about. In the final analysis, maintaining a healthy growth rate means maintaining a healthy relationship between industry and society-a relationship without which neither can survive, let alone thrive. The creations of modern industrial enterprise are a glorious living monument to society’s powers of cooperation, ingenuity, and imagination. As we stand on the threshold of the new century, we have an extraordinary opportunity to harness those same powers, those same values, to the design of the new world of work. Our nation’s future well-being may well depend on it.<br> <br>Become an MIT Technology Review Insider for in-depth analysis and unparalleled perspective.<br> Subscribe today

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3 30 pm, the central bank, the Ministry of housing, the CBRC jointly issued a notice of the purchase of a home and the corresponding housing loans are not settled in the purchase of a family of two suites, the minimum down payment ratio of not less than 40%. The same day, the Ministry of finance has also introduced a new deal, individuals will purchase more than 2 years (including 2 years) of the ordinary housing sales tax exemption from March 31, 2015 onwards. The first day of the new deal, Guangzhou NetEase real estate reporter visited the first time in Haizhuqu District and Baiyun District, the two regions of a number of hot items. <br> <br> NetEase real estate reported on April 1st 330 mortgage new deal, the introduction of the property market will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of return in 2015. The floor of the new deal, according to incomplete statistics, the country garden, agile, Evergrande have regional companies issued a statement, promised to "limit price", while most maintain a week, it also shows that the industry for the property market trend is more optimistic judgment. <br> <br> insiders said that the mortgage new deal positive beyond imagination, two suites down payment ratio fell to 4 will help improve the digestion of the product, especially large Huxing products. Compared to Whampoa??, Zengcheng and other areas just need to produce products, Haizhu and Baiyun is relatively rich in improved products. <br> <br> however, the reporter visited the two days of these two regional hot sales, found that most of the projects did not receive a higher price adjustment notice, the price remained stable, but the volume of telephone counseling and traffic increased significantly. In addition, a small number of real estate sales in the near future will certainly rise, the proposed phase of the customer as soon as possible for the signing procedures. <br> <br> Haizhu: the main push large Huxing high-end luxury new deal is not <br> <br> reporter visited the different sections of the selling real estate, found that most of the projects are the main push of large area to improve the type of product, the , , group purchase ), Regal Court Palace (,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/sharp-tv-c-227.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy sharp tv from china</a>," Lin<br><br><br> British media said that in 90s, gay men have gay gene argument sensational. But the new study, which was carried out in the next 20 years, supported the claim and added another candidate gene. <br> <br> UK''s Daily Mail website reported that for evolutionary geneticists, the genetic composition of the impact of mating preferences is not new. people have been able to see this in the animal kingdom. There are probably a number of genes that affect human sexuality. <br> <br> reported that people should not be regarded as a "gay gene", but should be regarded as "the male gene". This gene may be very common, because they can make women more early, more frequent mating, and have more children. Similarly, our body without the "daughter gene" will be very strange, if this gene in men will let him have more children earlier mating. <br> <br><br><br> <br> people can track the differences in family members in order to find different genetic variants that cause people to differ. <br> <br> reported that the genetic model shows that genetic variation (known as alleles) affect some common differences between people, such as hair color or sickle cell anemia and other diseases. This kind of character is affected by a lot of genes, the environment also plays a role. <br>According to <br> reports, 1993, American geneticist Dean Hamer · found that some family in the mother''s side appeared several gay men, a gene on chromosome X suggests that the source. He shows that several pairs of open gay brothers have a small area at the top of the X chromosome that is the same, suggesting that there is a gene that makes men naturally inclined to be homosexual. <br> <br> reported that his controversial conclusion. Some people do not want to accept homosexuality at least to a certain extent, from the gene, and that this is the choice of lifestyle". <br> <br> this, gay men disagree. This proves that people are often repeated "born this way," but also brings a terrible possibility: homosexuality can be detected, and therefore subject to discrimination. <br> <br><br><br> <br> according to reports, this year, a large-scale study of gay brothers confirmed the results of the hammer, at the same time to find another "gay gene on chromosome eighth". This caused a new round of intense comments. <br>Did <br> know that there is a lot of noise from the flies to the mammals, and why is the gay gene causing so much noise? Reported that homosexuality is very common in the animal kingdom. For example, some genetic variants affect the sexual orientation of mice and fruit flies, allowing males to pursue males rather than females. <br> <br> <br> <br> was found in the X chromosome, the first "gay gene", this is very interesting 9

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Learn to be wise about this process and you will have a successful soccer season. You plan will change along the way. Because of this,<a href="http://www.nhlhockeyshop.us.com/Detroit-Red-Wings-Brendan-Shanahan-Jersey/">Brendan Shanahan Jersey</a>, you can trust other people in your home business because they want you to succeed.The next things to go on are the wheels as well as the battery. This year really feel exhilarated using the absolutely new game function named Pure Shot, which transforms every shot attempts and make them feel real. Many people who have become dependent on drugs were suffering from severe mood disorders. They could have felt melancholy, sad, or even depressed. This is quite good as the instructor gets the flexibility of organizing his or her class in a way they prefer. Having a tutor who dictates a lot is not a good thing at all. But,<a href="http://www.nhlhockeyshop.us.com/Minnesota-Wild-Christian-Folin-Jersey/">Christian Folin Jersey</a>, like all illegal substances, it is habit forming and in this case,<a href="http://www.nhlhockeyshop.us.com/San-Jose-Sharks-Patrick-Marleau-Jersey/">Patrick Marleau Jersey</a>, too, harmful to the health of the brain. They may also give you some tips on the proper systems of putting them on and removing them. Only fish oil free of harmful pollutants such as mercury and industrial chemicals is completely safe for consumption.<br>

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1878?he resumed with special earnestness the consideration of being detailed for duty in the Signal Service, and, with his father’s approbation,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/tottenham-hotspurs-drakt-barn-c-42_59/#TottenhamHotspursDraktBarn">Tottenham Hotspurs Drakt Barn</a>, made the proper application. He thought the proposed transfer would be of benefit to him in many ways,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/tyskland-drakt-barn-c-42_70/#TysklandDraktBarn">Tyskland Drakt Barn</a>, and if he failed to make it so,<a href="http://www.ishockeytrojorsverige.xyz/montreal-canadiens-dam-c-371_390/">Montreal Canadiens Dam Sverige</a>, he would very quickly be ordered back to his regiment.<br><br>In September he was ordered to St. Louis for the purpose of conducting some recruits westward, and for a short time it was uncertain whether he would have to go to Texas or the Territory of Wyoming, whereby were shown the uncertainties which attend life in the army. He took the recruits to Fort Laramie, and,<a href="http://www.levne-nhl-dresy.xyz/anze-kopitar-dresy-c-59_101/#AnzeKopitarDresy">Anze Kopitar Dresy</a>, on his way,<a href="http://www.idouhanbai.biz/alexis-sanchez-tr?ja-c-171_192/#AlexisSanchezTr?ja">Alexis Sanchez Tr?ja</a>, was in danger of being embroiled with the Cheyenne Indians under Sitting Bull,<a href="http://www.latlex.info/seattle-sounders-fc-drakt-c-34_39/#SeattleSoundersFCDrakt">Seattle Sounders FC Drakt</a>, but returned in safety,<a href="http://www.billige-hockey-drakter.xyz/philadelphia-flyers-drakter-c-22/#PhiladelphiaFlyersDrakter">Philadelphia Flyers Drakter</a>, by way of his old camp at Omaha,<a href="http://www.nba-drakter.xyz/boston-celtics-drakter-c-1_7/#BostonCelticsDrakter">Boston Celtics Drakter</a>, 49 to his company at Fort Leavenworth. During another trip, which he soon after took with his company, he saw in western Kansas many Russian immigrants. They were poor, and had settled at great dGoogle Links: <ul> <li><a href="http://www.hmsljcz.com/Review.asp?NewsID=650" target="_blank">http://www.hmsljcz.com/Review.asp?NewsID=650</a></li> <li><a href="http://je.x0.to/ms.cgi?blogid=1&con=000231&con=231&v=29&post=526&v=00845/" target="_blank">http://je.x0.to/ms.cgi?blogid=1&con=000231&con=231&v=29&post=526&v=00845/</a></li> </ul>

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ake half the load at a time. The Esquimaux dogs can pull a very heavy load, and through bad places,<a href="http://www.ishockeytrojorsverige.xyz/columbus-blue-jackets-barn-c-339_363/">Columbus Blue Jackets Barn Sverige</a>, but the moment the sledge comes to a dead halt they sit on their haunches, 147 turn complacently round,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/spania-drakt-barn-c-42_73/#SpaniaDraktBarn">Spania Drakt Barn</a>, and wait till the sledge is extricated. If not fully started, they will pull at random,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/crystal-palace-dzieci-1617-c-9_33/#CrystalPalaceDzieci16/17">Crystal Palace Dzieci 16/17</a>, or not at all. On these occasions the hard work comes upon the driver and others with the sledge.”<br><br>On the 7th, they joined the other wing of the expedition,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/paulo-dybala-koszulka-c-82_104/#PauloDybalaKoszulka">Paulo Dybala Koszulka</a>, finding them in camp some miles south-west of the gap. The wind had been blowing and snow drifting for some hours, and everything indicated a storm. Lockwood and Frederick pitched tent and went into camp,<a href="http://www.huninfo.info/longchamp-jacquard-torebki-c-58/#LongchampJacquardTorebkitorebki">Longchamp Jacquard Torebki torebki</a>, first bringing up the rest of the load.<br><br>While the storm was still raging, they got off with half the load, leaving the rest making preparations for a move,<a href="http://www.idouhanbai.biz/ssc-napoli-barn-c-97_119/#SSCNapoliBarn">SSC Napoli Barn</a>, and took a course for Cape Sumner,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/la-liga-c-12/#LaLiga">La Liga</a>, whose steep,<a href="http://www.levne-nhl-dresy.xyz/nikita-kucherov-dresy-c-59_94/#NikitaKucherovDresy">Nikita Kucherov Dresy</a>, rocky face loomed up in the distance, terminated by a line of magnificent cliffs, which extended unbroken, except by “the Gap,Google Links: <ul> <li><a href="http://xgyz.zqbe.net/Review.asp?NewsID=178" target="_blank">http://xgyz.zqbe.net/Review.asp?NewsID=178</a></li> <li><a href="http://www.hnmutian.com/shownews.asp?id=90" target="_blank">http://www.hnmutian.com/shownews.asp?id=90</a></li> </ul>

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The decision: Microsoft released Halo 2, the sequel to its highly successful video game Halo, a year later than customers expected. Though the delay disappointed gamers in the short term, it ensured a better product. It also bolstered the hold of the Xbox game console?part of Microsoft’s bid for a place in our living rooms.<br> <br>Halo, the revolutionary video game pitting the “Master Chief” against a coalition of evil aliens, helped spark sales of Microsoft’s Xbox game console when both products debuted in 2001. When the company announced in August 2002 it was creating Halo 2, the game was expected to be on the market by the 2003 holiday season. Instead, it would not be released until the 2004 holidays.<br> <br>Programmers at Bungie Studios, one of Microsoft’s in-house game studios, insisted they needed more time to make the game they envisioned. Halo is a “first-person shooter,” the kind of game that runs the risk of becoming repetitive. Halo avoided that pitfall thanks to a gripping storyline, excellent graphics and sound, and innovative game play. By early 2004, customers were clamoring for Halo 2, and their expectations ran high. “The successor to Halo really had to be amazing,” says Shane Kim, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios. “If we had rushed the game out, we would have had fewer single-player missions, fewer multiplayer maps, and a lot less polish in the graphics and game play.”<br> <br>That argument alone may not have been enough to justify the delayed release. But Microsoft needed Halo 2 to be wildly successful for reasons beyond the revenues it might generate. That’s because the video game market drives the game-console market, whose major players are Sony’s PlayStation, Nintendo’s GameCube, and Xbox. And whereas a third-party game maker such as Electronic Arts will try to sell a high number of games across different platforms, Microsoft uses proprietary games to drive demand for the Xbox. As Kim explains, “The console with the best games will win.”<br> <br>Jay Horwitz, a senior analyst with Jupiter Research, says his company’s data lend support to Microsoft’s approach. “When we ask customers the three most important considerations in the purchase of their next game console,” he says, “availability of the best exclusive games consistently ranks highly.” At the time of Halo 2’s release, Sony was dominating the game-console market with its PlayStation 2, and Microsoft was eager to capitalize on the success of Halo to increase its console market share. A much improved Halo 2 would help in that effort.<br> <br>But the market for game consoles is about much more than games. Microsoft continues to develop its Media Center operating system, which allows a computer to be a TV, DVD player, photo editor, and digital jukebox?and the upcoming release of the Xbox 360 will make connecting to a Media Center PC even easier. As Bill Gates recently told CNET, “We didn’t do Xbox just to do a video game; we did it to be part of our vision of the digital lifestyle.”<br> <br>Of course, Microsoft delayed Halo 2 not just because it felt it had to, but also because it could. Microsoft doesn’t face the same financial pressures that most other game companies do, and its strength allows it to base narrow decisions, such as release dates, on broad strategic goals. “Winning the console market is a marathon for them. It’s not measured on a quarterly basis,” says Jupiter’s Horwitz.<br> <br>That said, Microsoft did see a short-term benefit from delaying Halo 2. When the game shipped,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/sony-ps4-pro-console-p-1724.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy sony ps4 pro online discount store</a>, it was an instant success?in terms of both its own sales and those of the Xbox. According to the NPD Group, Halo and Halo 2 were both among the 10 top-selling video games of 2004, even though Halo 2 was released in November (Halo 2 brought in $125 million the first 24 hours it was released). The new game won dozens of industry awards and helped drive two million people to Microsoft’s online game site. All that helped Microsoft’s Home and Entertainment (read: Xbox) Division close out the year with its first quarterly profit, of $84 million on $1.41 billion in revenue. In the first quarter of this year, however, the division lost $154 million on $593 million in revenue. Things could get back on track later this year, with the Xbox 360 scheduled to be released for the holidays.<br> <br>It’s tricky to draw lessons from Microsoft, which operates in a strategic universe all its own. But the Halo 2 story underlines a big question for any company deciding whether to ship an acceptable product on time or a better product late: is a delay justified by an imperative greater than the short-term sales of the product itself? That question gave Microsoft pause.<br> <br>Bick, now a freelance writer, worked in product management for Microsoft from 1990 to 1995; her husband works for the company now.

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Wireless data transfer may be the hottest trend in networking, but its newest tool is a 30-plus-year-old technology called ultrawideband.<br> <br>Although the military has been developing the radio technology-which spreads signals out over a large swath of the radio spectrum rather than sending them at a single frequency-since its invention in the 1960s, the Federal Communications Commission only approved it for limited commercial use in February.<br> <br>Ultrawideband promises low-power, high-speed data transfer-without the interference problems that plague existing wireless devices, since each transmission is sent in timed, subnanosecond bursts, and receivers ignore all but the in-sync signals. The same physics also gives ultrawideband properties useful for applications like “seeing” through walls and tracking objects in environments with too many obstacles for other radio technologies. A number of companies are gearing up plans for consumer applications.<br> <br>“A lot of the systems that we have built for the government have immediate commercial interest as well,” says Robert Fontana, president of Multispectral Solutions, a Germantown, MD-based ultra-wideband company. One example: a wireless intercom built for navy aircraft could be retooled to deliver in-home audio and video. Multispectral Solutions and its competitors plan to manufacture circuits that will enable devices like TVs and speakers to communicate using ultrawideband; each of the companies says it has development partnerships with unnamed consumer electronics companies.<br> <br>Analysts agree that home networking will initially be the biggest market for ultrawideband. The systems will transfer audio and video from camcorders to televisions and PCs, or from a set-top box in one room to a TV in another; or they’ll transfer audio from a stereo or DVD player to remote speakers. In order to comply with FCC regulations, initial systems will be limited to about a 10-meter range. Ultrawideband systems should offer both reduced interference and higher-bandwidth transmissions than technologies like Bluetooth. The first consumer products incorporating ultrawideband should hit store shelves in late 2003.<br> <br>Consumer applications may quickly move beyond data transfer. “The interesting thing about this technology is that it can be used for different things that you may not necessarily group in one basket,” says Mike Wolf, an analyst at Cahners In-Stat Group. Multispectral Solutions and other companies plan eventually to take advantage of ultrawideband’s non-communications capabilities for security systems and location tracking. Eventually, ultrawideband may be able to accomplish what no other wireless technology has, becoming a dominant force in a whole range of applications.<br> <br>Other Ultrawideband Companies<br> Company ApplicationsXtremeSpectrum (Vienna, VA) Home networking; data transferTime Domain (Huntsville, AL) Home networking; public safetyPulse-Link (San Diego,<a href="http://www.tv-onlinestore.com/cheap-samsung-led-tv-samsung-led-65-inch-tv-c-179_186.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy samsung led 65 inch tv online store</a>, CA) Home networking; location tracking; cellular communicationsther Wire and Location (Nicasio, CA) Location tracking (GPS supplement)

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minute; in fact,<a href="http://www.latlex.info/colombia-landslagsdrakt-c-80_113/#ColombiaLandslagsdrakt">Colombia Landslagsdrakt</a>, the country people no longer look to the sun when they want to set their clocks?they look only to the Comet.’<br><br>Determined to see the changing of the team at the next stage, the old gentleman remarks one of the new horses being led to the coach with a twitch fastened tightly to his nose. ‘Holloa,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/dru?yny-201617-c-1/#Dru?yny2016-17">?Dru?yny 2016-17</a>, Mr. Horsekeeper!’ he says,<a href="http://www.idouhanbai.biz/bastian-schweinsteiger-tr?ja-c-171_208/#BastianSchweinsteigerTr?ja">Bastian Schweinsteiger Tr?ja</a>, ‘you are going to put an unruly horse in.’?‘What! this here ’oss,<a href="http://www.billige-hockey-drakter.xyz/philadelphia-flyers-drakter-c-22/#PhiladelphiaFlyersDrakter">Philadelphia Flyers Drakter</a>,’ growls the man; ‘the quietest hanimal alive,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/mexico-drakt-barn-c-42_66/#MexicoDraktBarn">Mexico Drakt Barn</a>, sir.’ But the good faith of this pronouncement is somewhat discounted by the coachman’s caution, ‘Mind what you are about,<a href="http://www.ishockeytrojorsverige.xyz/vancouver-canucks-barn-c-339_350/">Vancouver Canucks Barn Sverige</a>, Bob; don’t let him touch the roller-bolt.’ Then, ‘Let ’em go,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/philipp-lahm-drakt-c-149_175/#PhilippLahmDrakt">Philipp Lahm Drakt</a>, and take care of yourselves,’ his next remark,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/bvb-borussia-dortmund-dzieci-1617-c-9_29/#BVBBorussiaDortmundDzieci16/17">BVB Borussia Dortmund Dzieci 16/17</a>, seems a little alarming. More alarmingGoogle Links: <ul> <li><a href="http://www.chandranmedia.com/events/?p=12#comment-52120" target="_blank">http://www.chandranmedia.com/events/?p=12#comment-52120</a></li> <li><a href="http://jzrixin.com.cn/shownews.asp?id=51" target="_blank">http://jzrixin.com.cn/shownews.asp?id=51</a></li> </ul>


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