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TianLong all employees travel 3 days in HuiZhou
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    November 17th in 2007, the company organization all the employee arrived the HuiZhou LuoFu Mountain,West Lake,NanKun Mountain etc. for tour holiday.This trip aim at provide a beneficial terrace of exchanges communication for the employee, promote each other of relation and cooperate, raise a team to coagulate dint and stir up morale, the work mindset …… company that creates a delectation always initiates the work method that the Work&Happy combine, paying attention to the health that the efficiency and quality concern employee more in the meantime, is this, will organize the tour holiday,open country to expand a training etc. annually.


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Company: Sensicore<br> <br>HQ: Ann Arbor, MI<br> <br>Founded: 2000 <br> <br>Management: CEO Malcolm Kahn has held senior positions at several companies, including Membrex, a membrane technology company, and Kratos, an analytical instruments company. He also worked at Millipore Corp., a biotech tools company, and spent nine years at Pfizer. Vice President of Research and Development John Czaban has extensive experience in the development of sensor-based medical devices.<br> <br>Investors: In August, the company completed a $12 million Series C round of financing from Ardesta, Firelake Capital, NGEN Partners, Technology Partners, and Topspin Partners.<br> <br>Business Model: Sensicore has developed a ?lab-on-a-chip? sensor that enables fast and inexpensive monitoring and profiling of water quality. The core technology was developed at the University of Michigan and is licensed to Sensicore for commercialization. The company?s first product, WaterPOINT, is a handheld water tester. It was launched earlier this year. According to the company, the device allows field personnel to obtain water test results in just minutes ?C four, to be exact ?C drastically shortening a process that usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, or longer if samples have to be brought back to a lab for analysis. The company also claims that the product, which tests for substances such as chlorine, calcium, ammonium, and carbon dioxide, is easy to use, requires no training, and delivers lab-quality results. Target markets include municipalities and industries. <br> <br>Competitors: Aquapure, Hach Company<br> <br>Dirt: Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink?But not if Sensicore can help it. Since water quality is a global issue and market opportunity, Sensicore??s potential for growth is big ?C and we suspect it has big ambitions. On the other hand, selling to municipalities, which is one of their initial markets, can put a small company at the mercy of fickle government budgets and slow spending cycles.<br> <br>Sensicore falls into a category of eco-friendly companies ?C which have been getting a lot of attention from VCs. These so-called ?green technology,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/asus-laptops-c-256_262.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale asus laptops</a>? startups focus on products and services that aim to improve the environment (such as alternative energy sources). <br> <br>But Sensicore also has designs on markets beyond water quality. For instance, the chemical-sensing technologies at the core of its current product line may eventually be used to measure blood chemistry. <br> <br>Source:<br> <br><br>We Want Our Phone TV??<br><br>The challenges of developing live mobile TV ?C and other alarm:clock news from the land of private venture funding.<br> <br>With the rapid rate of technology innovation in recent years, it??s a bit surprising that one still can??t yet watch live TV on a cell phone or laptop (see article in the November 2004 Technology Review issue). A recent investment by Intel and other major investors in a French semiconductor maker reminded us of the promise of live mobile TV. <br> <br>DiBcom has just raised a large $24.5 million euro round of late-stage capital. The company successfully demonstrated mobile TV back in 2002 and is now moving forward with companies, particularly in Europe and Asia, to bring live mobile TV to market. Intel will introduce mobile TV using DiBcom chips with its Xscale handheld and Centrino notebook platforms. Other uses of the chip will follow in auto and cell-phone TVs. <br> <br>Live mobile TV carries a number of challenges. Video is a battery drain and most portable devices cannot run for long with video siphoning off their power. Not surprisingly, then, chip makers like DiBcom are focused on being frugal in energy use. <br> <br>The other main challenge is that signal processing must be miniaturized. Cell phones must have much of the same signal-processing technology found in larger TVs. Early users of live mobile TV have complained that it??s like watching a slideshow.<br> <br>Finally, market studies do not show pent-up demand for live mobile video. Carriers will have to charge extra for mobile video and many are uncertain that it will pay off. <br> <br>On the chip side, the primary competitors at this stage appear to be Intel/DiBcom and Texas Instruments. TI plans to introduce a chip, called Hollywood, which will display digital TV reception using mobile versions of digital TV broadcast standards. The company expects to launch the chip in 2006.

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Technology Design or Evolution? The two processes for building complex systems are fundamentally different. Steve Jurvetson Notebook DOE''s Blurred Nuclear Vision A consistent strategy is the key to a successful nuclear future. Andrew C. Kadak Review Vinge''s Singular Vision Cyberfiction''s founder returns with a preview of our virtual future. Stewart Brand Review The Terabyte Zone A review of an external drive that can hold one trillion bytes of data -- and how it might change the way we deal with our personal information. Simson Garfinkel From the Labs From the Labs: Biotechnology New publications, experiments, and breakthroughs in biotechnology -- and what they mean. Emily Singer From the Labs From the Labs: Nanotechnology New publications,<a href="http://www.cheap-forsale.com/cheap-audio-cheap-sony-mp3-players-c-318_320.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Discount sony mp3 players store</a>, experiments, and breakthroughs in nanotechnology -- and what they mean. Kevin Bullis From the Labs: Information Technology New publications, experiments, and breakthroughs in information technology -- and what they mean. Kate Greene Homo Conexus A veteran technology commentator attempts to live entirely on Web 2.0 for two weeks. James Fallows Featured Story Seeing Your Pain Learning to consciously alter brain activity through MRI feedback could help control pain and other disorders. Emily Singer Featured Story The Messenger The best scientists, scrutinizing atmosphere, ice, earth, and sea, say global warming is approaching a tipping point. But we still have time to keep it from reaching catastrophic levels. Mark Bowen ?<br>It was bound to happen; then one day it did. I was shuffling along the Infinite Corridor toward Barker Library with a heavy load of overdue books when a freshman suddenly ran up to me. ??I know you!?? she shouted, her finger pointed directly at my face. My mind raced. Warily, I looked at her for signs of what this encounter was about. ??You??re Mr. Magnet! You came to my school when I was a little kid. You chose me to push the button to launch Garfield on the Boomer! It was the most fun I ever had at school,?? she said. ??Are you still doing Mr. Magnet??? <br> HANDS-ON SCIENCE Mr. Magnet helps a young student with a bar magnet. <br>??Yes, I ???? I was speechless.<br> <br>She turned to run off to class. ??Bye, Mr. Magnet! Keep doing what you??re doing!?? she shouted. Giddiness washed over me as memories of 17 years of school visits came flooding back. <br> <br>The MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center has long welcomed school groups for lab tours and lectures. To enrich their experience, I would engage young visitors in demonstrations of magnetic phenomena. In 1992, a teacher accompanying her students asked if I would bring my magnetic bag of tricks to the Fowler Middle School in Maynard, MA. So I loaded a few cardboard boxes stuffed with wire, batteries, and assorted magnets into a van and set off with a grad-student assistant.<br> <br>The response from the kids and teachers was so positive?and MIT was so supportive of the project?that I soon found myself trundling off to as many as three or four schools every week, encouraging kids to do hands-on experiments like deflecting glowing plasmas with a dipole magnet or heating and cooling a nugget of gadolinium to change its magnetic property. Over the years, I went through three trucks, into which I packed almost three tons of equipment?including rolling tables, a sound system, the six-foot, million-volt Van de Graaff generator known as the Lightning Machine, and the adaptation of Doc Edgerton??s sonar apparatus we call the Boomer. <br> <br>After logging 150,000 miles on more than 1,100 school visits, I can recall countless memorable moments. The kindergarten boy who broke the electromagnet??s power button by pushing it too energetically. The scores of times children told me they wanted to be a scientist like Mr. Magnet. The day we hit the launch button on the Boomer to demonstrate how a pancake-shaped electromagnet could catapult Garfield across the school gym and watched as his flight path ended in the ceiling light fixture. But above all, I can recall every detail of the warm spring day I met Mikey.<br> <br>I had finished my show at an elementary school and was bringing my equipment out of the gym to load into the truck. The school bell announced recess; children poured from several doors and fanned out onto the muddy playground, which was tinged with tender sprouts of green in the wake of winter??s receding glaciers. The children carelessly discarded coats, hats, and mittens, their screams and shouts announcing their joy to be outside.<br> <br>Another voice, small and thin, caught my ear; I turned to see a frail young boy with twisted hands and a bright smile, flailing his arms from his wheelchair to get my attention. I drew near. ??What??s your name??? I asked.<br> <br>His reply was a breathy squeak. I looked up at his attendant, who answered for him. ??He can??t talk, really. His name is Mikey. He would be thrilled to hear the horn on your big truck.??<br> <br>I thought for a moment, then asked, ??Could we put Mikey up in the driver??s seat and let him blow the horn himself???<br> <br>??Oh, that would be wonderful! It would make his day,?? she replied.<br> <br>I lifted Mikey and sat him behind the wheel. While his attendant held him steady, I placed his hands on the horn button and told him to press hard. Nothing happened. My heart sank; he didn??t have the strength.<br> <br>??Mikey, you can do it! Press as hard as you can,?? I urged him. He pushed at the button and squirmed, and finally the horn sounded. The children on the playground were silenced; soccer balls dribbled away and stopped; birds took flight from their perches; and Mikey waved his hands and squealed with delight. He had made the horn sound himself, and the world heard it.<br> <br>Paul Thomas, a technical supervisor at MIT??s Plasma Science and Fusion Center, has reached almost half a million students through his Mr. Magnet shows and millions more through television appearances.

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Google became an Internet giant by reinventing how we get around the Web. Now it seems to be trying to reinvent how we get to work, and perhaps moving to compete with Uber.<br><br>Waze, the navigation app that Google bought in 2013 for a reported $1.3 billion, has begun testing a service in Israel that helps you hitch a ride with commuters making roughly the same journey that you are. Neither carpooling nor apps to make it easier are new, but Waze’s popularity, technology, and data suggest it could make a bigger impact on how people get around.<br> <br>Waze is designed to help you out even on familiar routes by warning of traffic problems and suggesting alternative routes. It has millions of users, many of whom rave about how it makes getting around easier. Waze gets its data from people using the app, automatically tracking their location and speed, and asking people to manually report things like crashes or construction work.<br><br>Deals that Waze has struck with cities including Los Angeles, New York,<a href="http://www.cheapsale.eu/games-console-cheap-sony-ps4-c-284_242.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">discount sony ps4 online store</a>, Boston, and Rio di Janeiro hint at how valuable that data is. It sets up two-way trades that swap Waze’s information on road conditions for access to information feeds from police or other city departments on traffic and incidents that affect it.?<br><br>All that data, plus the mapping and other resources of Google, could make Waze’s carpooling dating service very effective. And studies on the latent potential for ridesharing suggest that could have a significant impact on our cities and their traffic.<br><br>A study last year from University of California, Irvine, and the Spanish telecom company Telefonica used phone records and Twitter data to estimate that New York City traffic could be reduced by 20 percent if people were willing to carpool with strangers who lived and worked within a kilometer of their own places of home and work, and would tolerate up to 10 minutes of extra commute time. In Los Angeles the equivalent figure was 13 percent, smaller because of a much lower population density. If people were willing to pick up and drop off passengers along their route, the researchers’ model suggested, New York traffic could be cut by 44 percent, and L.A. traffic by 40 percent.<br><br>Google’s Waze isn’t the only company likely aware of such estimates of the potential of ridesharing. Uber and its competitor Lyft both offer versions of their taxi-style services where you share a ride with other people making a similar trip in return for a discount. If Waze’s carpooling experiment expands, Google will become their direct competitor.<br><br>What sets Waze’s offering apart, other than its data, is a focus on using cars that are already on the road. Uber and Lyft turn car owners into essentially taxi drivers: they hit the road to ferry people around for money. Waze’s carpooling service only lets you collect compensation for fuel and wear and tear to your vehicle (Google gets a small cut). That would make riding via Waze’s service cheaper than Uber or Lyft’s equivalents and should mean less conflict with regulators.<br> <br>Cut off? Read unlimited articles today.<br> Become an Insider <br> Already an Insider? Log in.

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cinema yet provide scheduled, can refer to the recent hit movie <br> 80 The strongest team on the surface, is about to collapse Director: F· Gary · Gray Release: 2017.04.14 Starring: Van · diesel engin · Johnson Charlize · Theron Jason · Michel Statham · Rodriguez Natalie · Emanuel Elsa · Helen Mirren Therese July 4 · · · Gibson Kurt; Russell Jordana · Brewster Lucas Black Chris Christopher Lu · · · Weiyousikete Hai; Eastwood Genre: action / crime / Thriller The Smurfs: looking for the mysterious village 7 4 All over the world, all the way up Director: Kelly · Aspen B-ray Release: 2017.04.21 Starring: Joe · mangniello; Julia · Roberts Mandy · Michel Patinkin · Rodriguez Alicia · camper Genre: animation / adventure / Comedy playfully and Prejudice 7 3 Love your quarrelsome lovers, Director: Li Haishu Release > <br>Hebei University of Engineering open Courses: heart "core" thinking of the journey of this course a total of 5 sets to fifth sets welcome update course introduction the purpose of this course is computational thinking and information literacy training of the audience, let the audience know how to make full use of computer technology, abstraction and formalization of real-world problems,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/lg-mobile-phone-c-313_323.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cheap lg mobile phone</a>, to achieve the human solution the purpose of the. This course focuses on the basic and systematic, the plain language and rich cases in algorithm class problem, system problem solving, data thinking and other aspects are discussed to improve the thinking ability, expand the mind width, to inspire interest in computer science and love. Collection of Chinese University video Open Class approved by the higher education press, TED, BBC, Coursera licensed by the copyright owner. Without written permission, please do not broadcast unless otherwise stated, the other video works using Creative platform Common knowledge sharing attribution noncommercial share alike license, 2.5 Chinese

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myFT Digest Add this topic to your myFT Digest for news straight to your inbox Add to myFT Digest Bordeaux: a wine region refreshed? ‘Despite last year’s drought, the right bank has bounced back with a classical vintage’ Thursday, 13 April, 2017 Recipes: Rowley Leigh’s chocolate pudding, chocolate sauce and custard ‘After a morning in church and a month or two of abstinence, it is just the thing’ Thursday, 13 April, 2017 Manzanilla and Deckman’s in Baja California, Mexico ‘The crisp tostada with sea urchins, scallops and salsa was a fabulous combination’ Thursday, 13 April, 2017 Jonathan Meades on culinary plagiarism The writer has created an ‘anti-cookbook’, with recipes inspired by the ideas of others. Here, he interrogates himself about why all cooking is a form of plagiarism? Friday, 7 April, 2017 Indian wines that have overcome the odds ‘The rise of the Indian middle class has lured about 50 wineries into existence’ Friday, 7 April, 2017 Paris’s specialist p?tisseries P?tissiers are concentrating on single products, making and selling just one delicious temptation Friday, 7 April, 2017 Breddos, London ? inventiveness and mad flavours ‘Amazing food in a city that clings fiercely to a diversity that’s almost unmatched’ Friday, 7 April, 2017 Recipe: Rowley Leigh’s artichoke gratin A simple dish cooked with bread, onions and garlic that has an addictive savoury quality Wednesday, 5 April, 2017 A square meal: how restaurants are courting the Instagram crowd With some 208m posts hashtagged ‘food’ since 2010, there’s a premium on pretty ? and pink Friday, 7 April, 2017 Koks: the restaurant at the edge of the world The bleak, windswept Faroe Islands is an unusual place to run a restaurant ? but one young chef who does has just won a Michelin star Friday, 7 April, 2017 My addresses: poet Adam O’Riordan on Manchester Where to go for jazz, Japanese food or a little midweek glamour Friday, 7 April, 2017 Tina the Cheddar-turning robot ? and a cheese revolution Polly Russell goes in search of exceptional farmhouse cheese makers Friday, 7 April, 2017 How to make hummus Expert tips for creating the chickpea purée that is a popular Mideast dish Thursday, 13 April, 2017 Bordeaux: a wine region refreshed? ‘Despite last year’s drought, the right bank has bounced back with a classical vintage’ Thursday, 13 April, 2017 Manzanilla and Deckman’s in Baja California, Mexico ‘The crisp tostada with sea urchins, scallops and salsa was a fabulous combination’ Thursday, 13 April, 2017 Recipes: Rowley Leigh’s chocolate pudding, chocolate sauce and custard ‘After a morning in church and a month or two of abstinence, it is just the thing’ Thursday, 13 April, 2017 The British distillers making gin big in Japan This small batch spirit brims with zesty, exotic flavours Wednesday, 12 April, 2017 Jonathan Meades on culinary plagiarism The writer has created an ‘anti-cookbook’, with recipes inspired by the ideas of others. Here, he interrogates himself about why all cooking is a form of plagiarism? Friday, 7 April, 2017 My addresses: poet Adam O’Riordan on Manchester Where to go for jazz, Japanese food or a little midweek glamour Friday, 7 April, 2017 Indian wines that have overcome the odds ‘The rise of the Indian middle class has lured about 50 wineries into existence’ Friday, 7 April, 2017 Breddos, London ? inventiveness and mad flavours ‘Amazing food in a city that clings fiercely to a diversity that’s almost unmatched’ Friday, 7 April, 2017 Paris’s specialist p?tisseries P?tissiers are concentrating on single products, making and selling just one delicious temptation Friday, 7 April, 2017 Tina the Cheddar-turning robot ? and a cheese revolution Polly Russell goes in search of exceptional farmhouse cheese makers Friday, 7 April, 2017 Koks: the restaurant at the edge of the world The bleak, windswept Faroe Islands is an unusual place to run a restaurant ? but one young chef who does has just won a Michelin star Friday, 7 April, 2017 Deliveroo expands with standalone takeaway kitchens Rollout targets cities including London, Singapore and Dubai to beat growing competition Wednesday, 5 April, 2017 Recipe: Rowley Leigh’s artichoke gratin A simple dish cooked with bread, onions and garlic that has an addictive savoury quality Wednesday, 5 April, 2017 Amateur experts and the art of dubious influence The internet has fuelled our respect for confident dilettantes of all types Monday,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-no-2-c-5.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken no.2</a>, 3 April, 2017 Five recommended Tokyo restaurants The world’s travelling elite on where to eat in the Japanese capital Monday, 3 April, 2017 Five Milan restaurants where style is on the menu Innovative design is a vital ingredient at these dining establishments Friday, 31 March,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken dual colour</a>, 2017 My addresses: chef Claude Bosi on Lyon Where to go for the best quenelles, tripe and regional produce Friday,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-kids-c-16.html">Cheap kanken kids</a>, 31 March, 2017 Mere, Fitzrovia: the Galettis’ new venture ‘Well-chosen dishes and wines conspire to underline the collective experience behind Mere’ Friday, 31 March, 2017 Recipe: Honey & Co’s tahini and white chocolate cake It’s a seemingly simple sponge, but the taste is nutty and fudgy, sweet with a savoury touch Wednesday, 29 March, 2017 The first full vertical tasting of Pol Roger’s Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill This prestige pouring of the maison’s premier champagne drew collectors from across Europe Monday, 27 March, 2017 How to chop an onion Tim Hayward on a sharp knife and chef’s method to perfect dicing Monday, 27 March, 2017 My addresses: gallery director Iwona Blazwick on London Where go from the office after a hard Friday or for a pleasurable evening walk Friday, 24 March, 2017 Majestic Montalcino: Tuscany’s grandest wine zone ‘Brunello is serious Italian wine for the cellar at prices a little friendlier than those of Barolo’ Friday, 24 March, 2017 Andrew Edmunds, London: unpretentious and authentic ‘For many of us this place defines Soho. Not an iota of its original character has been lost and the food remains timeless too’ Friday, 24 March, 2017 More from the FT Group Markets data delayed by at least 15 minutes. ? THE FINANCIAL TIMES LTD 2017. FT and ‘Financial Times’ are trademarks of The Financial Times Ltd. The Financial Times and its journalism are subject to a self-regulation regime under the FT Editorial Code of Practice . Close

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Guo Xiaodong''s private travel 2014-12-24 18:00 artwork comment (0) <br> share: <br> easy letter (0) tags: Guo Xiaodong Travel <br> Sheldon is speaking about travel he will be off the reel, he is a love to travel,<a href="http://www.wholesalecheap.eu/wholesale-sony-tv-c-190.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap sony tv for sale</a>, at the beginning of December, he accepted an exclusive interview with the NetEase of tourism in Beijing a cafe, his bones is definitely a fan art children''s uncle, he love lazy walk, don''t love have something very nervous, he go abroad to work as much as possible to bring his wife and son, because he felt he did not accompany his son very sorry for him. Love and hate him, he is a good uncle. <br> Guo Xiaodong''s private travel atlas has been finished browsing Browse again comment (0) <br> share: <br> easy letter (0) recommended content

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MELBOURNE: Four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel won the Australian Grand Prix for Ferrari on Sunday to dash Mercedes'' hopes of extending their dominance into a fourth successive season of Formula One,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-mini-c-4.html">Wholesale backpack</a>.<br><br>German Vettel cruised to his 43rd race victory with a 9.9 second gap to Mercedes'' runner-up Lewis Hamilton, with the Briton''s new team mate,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-kids-c-16.html">Buy kanken kids online</a>, Valtteri Bottas, finishing third.<br><br>(Reporting by Ian Ransom,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-kids-c-16.html">Buy kanken kids online</a>; Editing by Peter Rutherford)

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(original title: brain cell reprogramming for Parkinson''s disease) <br> <br><br> <br> researchers use specific molecular combinations to treat Parkinson''s disease. Source: imgarcade<br>A research report published online this week <br> journal "nature - Biotechnology" said,<a href="http://www.discount-onlinestore.com/samsung-phones-galaxy-s5-c-310_246.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Discount galaxy s5</a>, with a specific molecular combination of non neuronal brain cells can produce similar dopamine neurons; dopamine neurons is a loss in Parkinson''s disease cell type. The researchers demonstrated this new reprogramming method in human cells and mouse models of Parkinson''s disease. <br>Progressive death of <br> specific neurons that secrete dopamine is a clear feature of Parkinson''s disease. Despite the presence of a variety of treatments, including the use of dopamine chemical precursors as drugs, none of these treatments can change the course of the disease. For decades, researchers have been trying to develop a course of changes in the treatment of dopamine neurons or their precursors in the laboratory and transplant them into the patient''s brain. <br> <br><br> <br> Stockholm Mocha Rawlins College Ernest Arenas and colleagues reported a different cell replacement therapy, this therapy does not require cell transplantation. Through a series of tests on dopamine neurons known identity plays an important role in the gene, they found four genes, these genes and some small molecules that can be reprogrammed in the brain astrocytes is similar to dopamine neurons. <br>In order to study the therapeutic potential of <br> strategy, Arenas research group used the toxin to kill dopaminergic neurons in mice, and then use a gene expression in astrocytes in the system of the four kinds of gene delivery to the brain in mice. Some astrocytes were successfully reprogrammed to acquire the characteristics of dopamine neurons and to correct some of the behavioral symptoms associated with loss of dopamine neurons. The authors point out that a large number of studies should be carried out before considering human trials for this treatment strategy. (Zhang Zhang) <br> <br><br> this article source: Science Network Editor: Guo Hao _NT5629

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Video<br> <br> 7 years ago<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Prescription: Networking<br> <br> <br> <br>Boston Medical Center is one of a relative few of U.S. hospitals that have managed to break down bureaucratic barriers to exchange electronic medical records with community health centers having different owners—a first step toward statewide and nationwide exchanges to improve health-care quality and reduce waste. Meg Aranow, the hospital’s chief information officer, and Andrew Ulrich,<a href="http://www.cheap-forsale.com/cheap-projectors-cheap-epson-projectors-c-324_327.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap epson projectors for sale</a>, an emergency department physician, describe the rationale for and emerging uses of this electronic-records network now serving many of Boston’s inner-city patients.<br><br> <br> <br>David Talbot

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Join the Guardian’s political editor Anushka Asthana in conversation with Sayeeda Warsi, the child of Pakistani immigrants who became the UK''s first Muslim Cabinet minister. <br>As an outsider turned insider, Sayeeda holds a unique position in British society to tackle concepts such as cultural difference, terrorism and surveillance, religious freedom and the meaning of “British values”. <br>Sayeeda Warsi’s book, The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Britain, tracks the changes in British attitudes and policy towards Islam and the challenges for British Muslims. She will discuss some of the biggest issues of our time. Has the government’s counter-terrorism strategy been effective or counterproductive? How has the war on terror affected Britain’s Muslim communities? What do Muslims, politicians and all of us need to do to ensure a harmonious future? Join us for an insightful discussion on how we all need to dismantle the idea that Muslims are “the enemy within”. <br>Appointed a life peer at the age of 36, Sayeeda was chairman of the Conservative party,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">kanken laptop for sale</a>, served in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as minister for faith and communities. In the summer of 2014,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-kids-c-16.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken kids for sale</a>, she resigned from government, citing its “morally indefensible” policy on Gaza. While she initially supported Britain’s exit from the European Union, she changed sides just days before the referendum, referring to the “hate and xenophobia” of the Leave campaign. <br>Running time: 90 minutes, no interval.<br>Wheelchair users and visitors who require an assistant may bring a companion free of charge. To book a free companion ticket please email guardianlive,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/re-kanken-mini-c-7.html">Buy re kanken mini online</a>.events@theguardian.com

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this.p=b:2, am:0; · ua:113, ub:''/photo/9C7mOq75GYh4f2aWJMvisg==/174514485561947748.jpg''praised this.p=b:2, us:'', friendstatus:''none'', followstatus:''unFollow'', ''she, hmcon:''1'', aShowT:''0'', guideId:4; integral $data.totalScore$data.nextGradeNeedScore all > > this.p=b:2, n:5, r:''c='', mset:''000'', mcon:'''', srk:-100; $xescape:x.id, x.moveFrom$xtimeif x.commentCount> 0$x.commentCount /if reply no mood essay records! > this.p=b:2; m:0; more good blog > > this.p=b:2, cn:12, ct:12; see more visitors > > this.p=b:2, cn:15; view all the message > > this.p=b:2, nv:false, cn:5, ct:5; <br><br> mentions Qiu Jirong, most people''s first impression is "Wukong", in his words to explain - on the one hand, because he is very similar to Wukong,<a href="http://www.cheapsale.eu/apple-ipod-cheap-ipod-touch-c-152_151.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy ipod touch wholesale</a>, on the other hand, because China has a monkey culture. I am in the interpretation of the role of Wukong, the feeling is lonely, sad. He is not understood, but Tang Xuanzang took advantage of his loneliness, he also has the corresponding strength and confidence." <br> <br> at first, Qiu Jirong is "lonely" no one understands his behavior, of course, he is the same as Wukong, the same strength and confidence. So, to some extent, Qiu Jirong is not a traditional sense of "good boy"". "Sun Wukong and I most like the place is also tenacity child, not an obedient person. When I was young, what adults say I will do the opposite, I think, what I want to do that? Now, after I experienced so much pain, so choose the back view there is a certain reason, is worth it, no past treason and hard work, I will not today. Like Sun Wukong, there was no fight, never to come back." <br> <br> by the end of this year or early next year, Qiu Jirong plans to launch the drama "Wukong". This mentioned wrote, directed and starred in the film debut, Qiu Jirong looks conceal excitement. For such an art to young artists in terms of excellence, fling caution to the winds, the audience can offer the good work is the most important thing to him now. <br>Love is the "Audi <br> silier" <br> <br> in his teens, a second generation Audi A6 broke into his heart. "At that time, I was surprised to see Audi A6, it''s like I fell in love with Michael, like a dark gray, especially old, let me fall in love at first sight. From then on, I buried the concept of "four circles" in my heart." Because of family reasons, Qiu Jirong childhood contact with a lot of luxury cars, but only to see Audi, will be born to give birth to how the car can be so good, , the idea, in his words is: style suddenly raised. "I am a silier person, when I found a good thing when will a lifetime love it." Time flow, and now Qiu Jirong began to emerge in the entertainment industry, they can not wait to have a Audi A7. <br> <br> to join the Audi innovative characters in Qiu Jirong seems to be a matter of honor, that this is a fate is doomed, he enjoyed the invitation, because like the car, but also very much like Audi. For a brand fans, love is a kind of comprehensive emotion, not only from the appearance, interior and manipulation, but also need to fit the spirit and philosophy. When invited by Audi to join the creative people, I think it is not necessary to make judgments and choices, I am honored to be able to join the team." <br>Each member of the <br> Audi innovation characters in organizations is the leader of the most innovative Chinese present in every industry, is a leading pioneer in the development of the times in the perspective of globalization, resources and platform, Audi is also facing the future strategy of the 9 companions

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Ein neuer Patch für "Far Cry 2" behebt einige Bugs des Ego-Shooters,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">Wholesale backpack</a>.<br>Far Cry 2 - PatchFotostrecke: Coole Bilder aus Far Cry 2<br><br>Das kumulative Update für "Far Cry 2" merzt viele Fehler aus dem Hauptspiel und den Folge-Versionen 1.01 und 1.02 aus,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">Buy kanken laptop online</a>, die das Game teilweise unspielbar gemacht haben.<br><br>Fazit: Mit dem Patch bringen Sie "Far Cry 2" auf den aktuellsten Stand. Wer noch nicht ganz die Flinte ins Korn geworfen hat,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-kids-c-16.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken kids</a>, kann einen neuen Versuch starten.

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REUTERS: When women smoke during pregnancy or have underweight babies their children have a greater risk of developing a type of retina damage, a Danish study suggests.<br><br>Researchers focused on the thickness of what’s known as the retinal nerve fiber layer, made of fibers in the optic nerve that transmit visual information from the eye to the brain. When the retinal nerve fiber layer is too thin, people may have an increased risk of vision impairment and glaucoma,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-classic-c-1.html">kanken classic for sale</a>, an eye disease that can lead to blindness.<br><br>Previous studies have linked maternal smoking to underweight babies, researchers note in JAMA Ophthalmology. Because low birth weight is also associated with having a thinner retinal nerve fiber layer, smoking could have a direct and indirect effect on the optic nerve and its connections to the retina, researchers note.<br><br>In the current study, researchers examined data from eye exams on 1,323 children at age 11 or 12 and found both smoking and low birth weight independently associated with thinner retinal nerve fiber.<br><br>“Smoking for a relatively short time interval during pregnancy can have lifelong consequences to the exposed fetus,” said Dr. Christopher Kai-Shun Leung, a researcher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and author of an editorial accompanying the study.<br><br>In the study, 80 percent of the mothers didn’t smoke during pregnancy. Another 2 percent of mothers stopped smoking during pregnancy and about 18 percent continued to smoke throughout pregnancy.<br><br>Roughly 4 percent of their babies were born at a low birth weight.<br><br>Eye exams for all of the kids found they had an average retinal nerve fiber thickness of 104 micrometers.<br><br>Children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy had retinal nerve fiber that was typically 5.7 micrometers thinner than in kids whose mothers didn’t smoke at all while pregnant.<br><br>There wasn’t a difference between children of nonsmoking mothers and kids born to women who stopped smoking during pregnancy,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-mini-c-4.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken mini</a>.<br><br>In low birth weight children, average retinal nerve fiber was 3.5 micrometers thinner than with kids born at a normal weight.<br><br>The study wasn’t a controlled experiment designed to prove that either smoking or low birth weight cause eye damage.<br><br>Another limitation of the study is the lack of data on socioeconomic status of the mothers, which can influence tobacco use and the risk of pregnancy complications, the authors note. Researchers also lacked data on alcohol use during pregnancy, a habit that often accompanies smoking and that can independently impact fetal development.<br><br>For women who did smoke during pregnancy, researchers didn’t know how many cigarettes they smoked or how often they smoked.<br><br>Lead study author Hakan Ashina of Righospitalet in Copenhagen didn’t respond to emails seeking comment.<br><br>The differences in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness found in the study aren’t big enough to produce detectable eye problems,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken dual colour</a>, Leung said by email.<br><br>“However, a thinner retinal nerve fiber layer has been connected to a higher risk of development of glaucoma,” Leung added. “Monitoring the retinal nerve fiber layer in children with history of maternal smoking and/or low birth weight would be important.”

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NetEase home special planning: report in the peek transformation <br> <br>2015 listed in the first half of the household enterprises who make the most money? <br> href= "" rel= transformation <br> furniture industry; Sibutramine, Yihua, Meike, Xilinmen Gexianshentong <br> <br><br> <br> main floor; nature, Del, Dekor competing cross <br> <br><br><br> <br> lead: 2015 semi annual disclosure of listed companies has been basically completed, the drying out of the home business in the mid-term exam transcripts, not very eye-catching. <br> <br> by the economic downturn and the real estate industry is relatively weak cycle, in recent years, the situation is not good home industry,<a href="http://www.tv-onlinestore.com/cheap-sharp-tv-sharp-65-inch-tv-c-227_234.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy sharp 65 inch tv online store</a>, competition has intensified. In the background is not optimistic, the majority of domestic enterprises are trying to seek transformation. So, home enterprises will go? Its transformation and deployment, from the first half of the performance and important layout, you can glimpse one or two. <br> <br> NetEase Home Furnishing original report: 2015 in February, Holike successfully landed the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the second listed custom Home Furnishing enterprises, Sophia had only in the capital market also customized Home Furnishing industry is broken. <br>Sophia <br> has been listed since 2011, in the capital market seems all-powerful, soaring performance. The same as the custom, Holike and Sophia have similar ineffable, transfer both in the semi annual report of the whole house custom strategy will bring development prospects how? <br> <br> Holike channel expansion look after the amount of the price rose <br>After <br> listing, Holike to hand over the first interim report card shows that the first half of 2015, Holike operating income 421 million yuan, an increase of 17.57% over the same period last year, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit in 49 million 540 thousand and 100<br><br>0 you choose the 0 area before the number 0 area, a total of 0, a total of 0 yuan empty pick you choose 0 above the 0 area before the number (0 Danma, 0 yards, 0 drag) zone number (0 Danma, 0 yards, drag) a total of 0, a total of 0 yuan above the empty number selection format: 01020304 05:01 0201020304 05:01 02031) each for a betting number; 2) each row has at least 5 area before the number and 2 zone number, each ball must be two digits, between the area before the number and area number to or a "separate; 3) between the area before the number or the zone number with a space interval in the input box you can fill in the selected number or copy from the text below; empty top pick users betting area selection number of the current missing Lotto 16094 lottery Lotto 16094 period: 01141617... Head: Prize in the 7 note 765... 16095th NetEase Lotto lottery expert kill... [left wood] 19095th big lottery trend: after... Play Lotto the super lotto game rules super lotto game in Super Lotto lottery center awards rules to help novice graphic telephone commission process to indent the color? How to win the prize? What is the number? What is the cost? How to start to buy? How to buy? How to extract the prize money? Payment problems encountered how to do? Novice problem Q& A? Lottery game Daquan

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Septic tank inspections are always a good idea if there hasn''t been on in the recent past.Moreover, I was motivated for additional details on purchase engulf spray everywhere in the going to be the Internet because I liked going to be the deceiving appearance about a lipstick pepper spray. By distributing the great deal of your routine, you will create a properly rounded figure.New York State University (PSU) is a public state urban university situated in heart of New York,<a href="http://www.nflmall.us.com/Detroit-lions-quandre-diggs-jersey/">Detroit Lions Quandre Diggs Jersey</a>, New York, U. LUIS CARLOS SABBAGH SANVICENTE, A LA CLINICA REINA SOFIA Y A COLSANITASHoy,<a href="http://www.nflmall.us.com/Jacksonville-jaguars-chad-henne-jersey/">Jacksonville Jaguars Chad Henne Jersey</a>, 3 de Agosto de 2007, se cumplen 5 ( cinco ) meses del nefasto d?a en que le practicaron una ECOENDOSCOPIA a mi esposa HELENA URDANETA DE GOMEZ.Stay far,<a href="http://www.nflmall.us.com/Philadelphia-eagles-jason-peters-jersey/">Jason Peters Jersey</a>, far away from individuals that hand out negativity. Jonathan, who is Canadian, and I met in the UK, where we lived for two years. This has been built with many features that make it quite unique and tempts you to own one as soon as possible. You should be able to know more about those you considered for the job by gathering some information about their work. This is one job you''ll want to leave in the capable hands of professionals who have the tools they''ll need to get it done. "There''s plenty of time to work out a deal if they want to.George Fox is the most aged Christian university of New York.<br>

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Scientists from the German Space Agency?say they have mapped incidents of extremely large waves, known as rogue waves, using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data, and will soon publish a massive wave atlas for the first time. Such waves can mysteriously surge 100 feet (or about the height of a 12-story building) and sink massive cargo ships in their wake. <br> <br> Tracking monster waves: Scientists from the German Space Agency use satellite data indicating average wave heights to calculate where rogue waves could occur. <br>The scientific community has been slow to validate the existence of rogue waves, which are loosely defined as having an individual crest height that is more than twice the average height of surrounding waves. Besides sailors’ eyewitness accounts and discernible ship damage, evidence of abnormally large waves, which are extremely rare, has been limited to only a few rare photos, ocean oil-platform readings, and very occasional buoy data readings. <br> Multimedia <br>Difficulties in detecting the phenomenon are posed by the limited areas that traditional wave-height-measuring systems cover. There are a relatively small number of buoys or oil platforms collecting such data, and they are rarely deployed in remote oceans and seas where rogue waves are thought to be more likely to appear. During the very rare circumstances when high waves do surge against buoys or oil platforms, wave-height sensors are often damaged. Buoys that can withstand the impact without being destroyed are often incapable of measuring freak waves that are twice the average crest heights. Measurements of rogue waves, instead, are often indicated as mistaken readings. <br><br>Now, with two years of data from European Space Agency?(ESA) satellites in tow, German Space Agency scientists say they are able to offer a rogue-wave map by taking advantage of the satellites’ global coverage. The researchers used data from two ESA satellites that orbited the earth 12 times a day and took SAR images every 200 kilometers for two years. SAR is a remote sensing radar system with which images are created by tracking how emitted radio waves bounce off the earth’s surface. <br><br>Using data from more than one million images, the German Space Agency scientists then calculated ocean surface heights with equations and models they created. The researchers pinpointed rogue waves up to 30 meters tall in the North Atlantic Ocean near Rockall (an island off the southwest coast of Greenland), in the North Pacific, in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Australia, and near the Cape Horn.<br><br>Unlike spectral data emitted by satellites, which enable only average wave sizes to be determined, the German Space Agency research group’s SAR data calculations are more precise, the researchers say. They have been able to determine individual wave heights around the world for the first time, says Susanne Lehner, who was involved in the research. <br><br>“Spectral analyses only give an average over an area,” Lehner says. “We derived the surface areas, the wave heights from top to bottom, and crest heights of individual waves.”<br><br>By using the German Space Agency’s rogue-wave atlas pinpointing where the monster waves have appeared in the past, real-time weather forecasts could, in theory, help prevent many accidents and deaths on the open ocean by indicating when and where dangerously high rogue waves might occur. Indeed, ship sinkings and ensuing deaths caused by the phenomenon are probably more numerous than officially recorded, Lehner says, given the large number of vessels that simply disappear without a trace every year.<br><br>A rogue wave, for example, likely sunk the German München cargo ship in the Atlantic in 1978. Scattered remains of the München’s wreckage indicate the force of the wave that brought it down. The Bremen, a luxury ocean liner, is thought to have encountered a 30-meter wave in the South Atlantic in 2001; it was measured by the height of the impact against the ship’s bridge. The Bremen’s electronic controls and engines were momentarily shut down after the wave hit, which caused the ship to veer sideways against incoming waves. Had the ship’s engines not been started shortly thereafter, the ship’s captains reported, the ship would have almost surely gone down. <br><br>The researchers say this map of rogue waves won’t change that much over time, which makes it all the more useful. Now that they’ve located where these huge monster waves have appeared, the researchers know where they are likely to occur again. With their real-time weather data and average-wave-height forecasts, the rogue-wave maps could help save lives. If forecasts showed that, for example, average wave heights were going to be 10 meters or more at a particular coordinate where rogue waves have been known to occur, the appropriate authorities could be alerted.<br><br>Some scientists remain cautiously skeptical, however. “Using SAR data to find wind and wave-height measurements is a good idea, and perhaps the only way you can get a global view of these parameters,” says Kristian Dysthe, a mathematician with the University of Bergen,<a href="http://www.cheapsale.eu/cameras-cheap-nikon-lenses-c-265_269.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap nikon lenses</a>, in Norway, who was not involved in the research project. “But uncertainties remain about the [equations] used.”<br><br>The ultimate test to determine the accuracy of the German Space Agency’s individual wave maps will depend on buoys and other moorings with sensors that can check and calibrate the results. That’s why William W. Drennan, of the University of Miami, hopes to place buoys in the Southern Hemisphere off the coast of Australia, where, he says, “the waves tend to be the highest.” The moorings will be sturdy enough to withstand the impact of waves up to 30 meters or more, Drennan says.<br><br>“I don’t think [the German Space Agency’s] data is incorrect, but you can’t corroborate their measurements of individual waves with data now, because you would have really had to have been there at the right time and place,” Drennan says. “But if you are in the right place long enough, like in the southern ocean, you can do that.” <br><br>But where do rogue waves come from? Answering this question is one of the goals that the German Space Agency team shares with researchers at institutes and universities around the world. At present, several theories exist. Crossing seas and waves from different storms, currents and topographies, and what Lehner calls the “nonlinear interaction of different individual waves” are all thought to come into play. <br><br>In the meantime, the German Space Agency researchers say they will soon have more ESA satellite data available to add to their wave-atlas map. Images taken by ESA satellites from 2003 to 2007 could be available to complement their wave-measurement database within two years.<br> <br>Tech Obsessive?<br>Become an Insider to get the story behind the story ? and before anyone else.<br> Subscribe today<br>Chips inside today’s computers process data with ferocious speed. But a computer’s performance is limited by how fast data travels between, say, the memory and logic chips. Buses, the devices that move data between computers’ components, are notorious bottlenecks. But their reputation could be on the mend, thanks to a consortium of chip and computer-equipment makers created to commercialize a lightning-fast bus technology from Advanced Micro Devices.<br> <br>The bus, which AMD calls HyperTransport, enables data transfer rates of up to 12.8 gigabytes per second, about 50 times faster than the current standard. While it’s hard to quantify the resulting improvement in computer performance, Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at the Linley Group in Mountain View, CA, says that such faster buses are critical to reaping the benefits of the next generation of superfast microprocessors. Today’s buses are like a one-lane bridge: if data is going out of a chip, nothing can come in. AMD’s new buses provide both an inbound and an outbound link. “You wind up with a mini-network of chips on the motherboard. It allows you to send stuff incredibly fast,” says David Rich, general manager of API NetWorks, a consortium member based in Concord, MA.<br> <br>In addition to its blazing speed, HyperTransport has lower power requirements than today’s buses, making it a natural for personal digital assistants and laptops. But the technology’s first applications will be in high-performance computing. Graphics-chip maker and consortium member NVidia, for example, incorporated the bus into its chips for Microsoft’s Xbox, a graphics-intensive video game system set to ship this month in the United States. Cisco Systems, also in the consortium, expects to ship network routers using the buses within a year. At least when it comes to computers, you won’t have to wait for the bus anymore.

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Top 100 Spiele-Downloads der WocheKategorien im ?berblickInternet, Online & WebFoto & GrafikDesktop & ModdingAudio & VideoBrennen & DVDSpieleTuning & SystemSicherheit & HilfeOffice & GeldPortable & MobileLinuxMacOSOster-SpecialDateiendungenHobby & UnterhaltungBeta-Downloads3D, Drucken & VorlagenAPK Android Apps - CHIP ExklusivWindows 8 AppsWindows 10 AppsDownload-Tag ChartsFilter:AllesFreewareKostenpflichtigRang NameDownloads 1. =<br>Steam<br>Deutsch<br>Steam bringt Gamern brandaktuelle Infos zu Neuerscheinungen und Updates und ermglicht den Download von Spielen ber ...<br> 2. =<br>Cheat Engine 6.6<br>Englisch<br>Mit "Cheat Engine" knnen Sie ein Spiel so manipulieren, dass es einfacher oder schwerer wird.<br> 3. =<br>TeamSpeak 3 (32 Bit) 3.1.4<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der kostenlosen TeamSpeak-Software in der Version 3 kommunizieren Sie whrend Online-Spielen mit Ihren Mitspieler...<br> 4. =<br>Clash Royale fr PC 1.8.1<br>Deutsch<br>Das Erfolgs-Spiel "Clash Royale" aus dem Hause Supercell ist jetzt auch auf dem PC spielbar.<br> 5. =<br>TeamSpeak 3 (64 Bit) 3.1.4<br>Deutsch<br>Die 64 Bit-Version der kostenlosen Sprachkonferenz-Software TeamSpeak 3 (TS 3) steht in einer neuen Version zum Downl...<br> 6. =<br>Minecraft 1.11.2<br>Deutsch<br>Der Spiele-Hit Minecraft steht ab sofort in der Version 1.11.2 zum Download bereit.<br> 7. =<br>Origin (EA Download Manager) 10.4.6<br>Deutsch<br>Mit dem EA-Dienst Origin lassen sich Games von Electronic Arts und deren Partnern online kaufen. Community-Funktionen...<br> 8. =<br>MotioninJoy 0.7.1001<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der Freeware MotioninJoy knnen Sie Playstation-Controller auch an einem Windows-Computer nutzen.<br> 9. =<br>Uplay PC 31.0<br>Deutsch<br>Mit Uplay PC bietet Ubisoft eine Konkurrenz-Plattform zu Steam an.<br> 10. =<br>Realtek HD Audio-Treiber (inoffizielle WHQL-Treiber)<br>Englisch<br>Mit dem hier angebotenen "Realtek HD Audio Treiber"-Paket holen Sie sich die neuesten Treiberdateien und den Realtek ...<br> 11. +1<br>Nvidia GeForce Experience<br>Deutsch<br>Fr Gamer, die eine GeForce-Grafikkarte besitzen, ist das Tool "Nvidia GeForce Experience" mittlerweile kaum mehr weg...<br> 12. -1<br>TrackMania Nations Forever 2.11.26<br>Deutsch<br>Die 2008-Version von "TrackMania Nations" bietet kostenlose Multiplayer-Rennaction auf 65 neuen Strecken. <br> 13. =<br>VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2<br>Englisch<br>Gameboy Emulator und GBA Emulator, der kostenlos zum Download bereit steht: VisualBoyAdvance.<br> 14. =<br>Yandere Simulator Dev April 10th<br>Englisch<br>Hitman auf Japanisch: Im Indie-Game "Yandere Simulator", das sich noch in der Entwicklung befindet, steuern Sie ein A...<br> 15. =<br>Battle.net-Software 1.12.4<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der kostenlosen Battle.net-Software (ehemals "Battle.net App") von Blizzard kaufen, installieren, verwalten und s...<br> 16. =<br>FunnyVoice 1.4<br>Deutsch<br>FunnyVoice ist ein kostenloser Stimmenverzerrer, mit dem Sie Ihre Stimme verndern knnen.<br> 17. =<br>Demo - Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.26.2.4<br>Englisch<br>In der Demo von "Euro Truck Simulator 2" (ETS2) steuern Sie riesige LKW ber Autobahnen.<br> 18. =<br>GTA 5 fr PC <br>Deutsch<br>Jetzt GTA V zocken: Den neuesten Teil der Open-Wold-Shooter Reihe knnen Sie jetzt auf dem PC spielen.<br> 19. =<br>Slither (Slither.io) <br>Englisch<br>Slither.io holt Snake in den Browser: Das schtig machende Online-Spiel Slither hat das Zeug dazu, das neue Agario zu...<br> 20. =<br>Project64 v2.3.2<br>Deutsch<br>Mit dem Nintendo 64 Emulator Project64 erleben Sie die guten, alten Nintendo 64 Spiele noch einmal auf Ihrem PC.<br> 21. +1<br>Slender: The Eight Pages 0.9.7<br>Englisch<br>Slender - "The Eight Pages" - ist ein kostenloser Horror-Schocker fr Hartgesottene, der richtig Angst macht. Sie sin...<br> 22. +1<br>Better DS3 v1.5.3<br>Englisch<br>Playstation Controller am PC nutzen: die Freeware "Better DS3" macht es mglich.<br> 23. +2<br>Vollversion: Command & Conquer - Alarmstufe Rot 1.0<br>Englisch<br>"Command & Conquer - Alarmstufe Rot" gibt es hier kostenlos als Download.<br> 24. =<br>League of Legends 7.7<br>Deutsch<br>"League of Legends" ist ein uerst beliebtes Free-to-play-MOBA, das weltweit seine Anhnger hat.<br> 25. -4<br>Vollversion: StarCraft Anthology 1.18 PTR<br>Deutsch<br>Als Vorgeschmack zur neuen Remaster-Version hat Blizzard das Strategie-Spiel StarCraft samt dem Add-on "Brood War" ko...<br> 26. =<br>Black Mesa <br>Englisch<br>Das lang erwartete Half-Life 1-Remake "Black Mesa" steht nun kostenlos zum Download bereit.<br> 27. =<br>123 Free Solitaire 10.3<br>Englisch<br>"123 Free Solitaire" ist eine gute und kostenlose Umsetzung des beliebten Bro-Kartenspiels mit insgesamt zwlf Varia...<br> 28. +2<br>Nvidia PhysX System Software 9.17.0329<br>Deutsch<br>Die "Nvidia PhysX System Software" aktualisiert die PhysX Laufzeit-Versionen aus den aktuellen Nvidia-Grafikkartentre...<br> 29. -1<br>OptiFine HD 1.10.2 HD U C3<br>Englisch<br>Die Grafik und Performance von Minecraft tunen Sie mit der Mod "OptiFine HD".<br> 30. -1<br>Hearthstone Deck Tracker<br>Englisch<br>Der kostenlose "Hearthstone Deck Tracker" untersttzt Sie beim Spielen von Blizzards Kartenspiel Hearthstone und ka...<br> 31. =<br>Logitech Gaming Software 8.91.48<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der "Logitech Gaming Software" personalisieren Sie Maus, Keyboard und Headsets von Logitech, die speziell fr Spi...<br> 32. +1<br>FlightGear 2017.1.3<br>Englisch<br>FlightGear ist ein sehr realistischer Gratis-Flugsimulator fr Ihren PC.<br> 33. -1<br>Notruf 112 <br>Deutsch<br>Laden Sie sich hier die offizelle Demo-Version der Feuerwehr-Simulation "Notruf 112".<br> 34. +2<br>Minecraft Forge 1.10.2 - Universal<br>Englisch<br>"Minecraft Forge" ist eine praktische Minecraft-Mod, mit der Sie tausende andere Mods problemlos installieren knnen.<br> 35. +5<br>Age of Empires 2 HD <br>Deutsch<br>Schner, schlauer, besser: Age of Empires kommt als HD-Remake zurck auf Ihren Rechner. Wer den Kult-Strategie-Hit li...<br> 36. +1<br>DS3 Tool 0.7.1001<br>Deutsch<br>"DS3 Tool" ermglicht es Ihnen, Playstation Controller auch am PC zu verwenden.<br> 37. -2<br>Grand Theft Auto IV San Andreas Beta 3<br>Englisch<br>"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" gilt als einer der besten GTA-Teile aller Zeiten. Mit dem kostenlosen Mod "Grand Thef...<br> 38. -4<br>Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 2 <br>Englisch<br>Der zweite Teil der beliebten GTA-Serie aus dem Jahre 1999 wird vom Hersteller Rockstar kostenlos zum Download angebo...<br> 39. -1<br>iDeaS<br>Englisch<br>iDeaS ist ein Nintendo DS Emulator fr Windows, mit dem Sie die Konsolen-Games auf einem groen Bildschirm spielen k...<br> 40. +1<br>Microsoft 3D Pinball <br>Englisch<br>Jetzt knnen Sie das Kult-Flipper-Spiel "Microsoft 3D Pinball" aus Windows XP auch kostenlos auf Windows Vista, 7 und...<br> 41. -2<br>Minecraft Server 1.11.2<br>Deutsch<br>Mit dem Tool "Minecraft Server" knnen Sie eigene Multiplayer-Karten erstellen, auf denen sich mehrere Spieler gleich...<br> 42. +4<br>Windows 7 Spiele fr Windows 8 und 10 v2.1398<br>Deutsch<br>Die beliebten Windows Spiele wie Minesweeper, Solitr & Co. hat Microsoft in Windows 8 und Windows 10 entfernt. Mit u...<br> 43. =<br>ArtMoney Special Edition v7.45.1<br>Englisch<br>Mit ArtMoney knnen Sie sich als Computerspiel-Hacker versuchen.<br> 44. =<br>GameRanger 31.1.2016<br>Englisch<br>Mit GameRanger knnen Sie alte Spiele-Klassiker wieder online spielen.<br> 45. +3<br>Curse 1.0.1<br>Englisch<br>"Half Life 2" in Ägypten? Im kostenlosen Mod "Curse" gehen Sie auf Mumienjagd.<br> 46. +3<br>3D-Modellbahn Studio<br>Deutsch<br>Fr Modellbau-Liebhaber: Mit dem kostenlosen "3D-Modellbahn Studio" planen Sie Ihre eigene Eisenbahn-Landschaft bis i...<br> 47. =<br>Vollversion: Assassin''s Creed 3 <br>Deutsch<br>Im Rahmen der Aktion UBI30 erhalten Sie momentan die Vollversion des Action-Adventure-Krachers "Assassin''s Creed 3" k...<br> 48. +2<br>Minecraft Modinstaller 5.0.7<br>Deutsch<br>Mit dem kostenlosen "Minecraft Modinstaller" installieren Sie kinderleicht ber 100 Mods fr Minecraft.<br> 49. -7<br>OpenTTD (64 Bit) 1.7.0<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der 64 Bit-Version von OpenTTD erhalten Sie einen tollen Nachbau der Wirtschafts-Simulation "Transport Tycoon Del...<br> 50,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken dual colour</a>. -5<br> SweetFX (ReShade) 2.0<br>Englisch<br>Mit ReShade und SweetFX pimpen Sie viele Spiele in Sachen Grafik noch einmal richtig auf.<br> 51. =<br>Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs fr Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10 (64 Bit) R2.81<br>Englisch<br>Kostenlos zum Download: das Treiberpaket fr Realtek-HD-Soundchips unter Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 und Windows 10 (...<br> 52. =<br>JoyToKey 5.9<br>Englisch<br>Browser-Games bequemer bedienen: Statt mit der Tastatur steuern Sie Spiele per Joystick oder Gamepad, das Tool JoyToK...<br> 53. =<br>Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 25.02.16<br>Deutsch<br>"Counter Strike Global Offensive", die Neuauflage des bekannten Taktik-Shooters, setzt auf neue Spielmodi und ein aus...<br> 54. +1<br>Demo: Bus-Simulator 2012 <br>Deutsch<br>Im "Bus Simulator" steuern Sie Ihre Fahrgste durch den belebten Straenverkehr einer Grostadt.<br> 55. -1<br>BeamNG Drive Early Access<br>Englisch<br>Die "BeamNG Drive - Demo" gibt Ihnen wortwrtlich einen Crashcurs in Sachen Soft-Body-Physik.<br> 56. +1<br>Dolphin 5.0<br>Englisch<br>Dolphin ist ein kostenloser Emulator fr GameCube- und Wii-Spiele.<br> 57. +5<br>Moorhuhn Remake 1.0<br>Deutsch<br>"Moorhuhn Remake" bringt Ihnen das Kultspiel kostenlos zum Spielen zurck auf Ihren PC. Holen Sie sich den Mohrhuhn D...<br> 58. -2<br>Demo: Minecraft - PC Gamer Edition 1.5<br>Englisch<br>Lego fr Groe: Zu Minecraft gibt es jetzt eine exklusive kostenlose Demo, die ohne Einschrnkungen 90 Minuten spielb...<br> 59. -1<br>Xpadder 2013.07.18<br>Deutsch<br>Mit Xpadder spielen Sie auch PC-Spiele und Browser-Games mit dem Gamepad, die eigentlich nur ber die Tastatur gesteu...<br> 60. +1<br>pSX 1.13<br>Englisch<br>Der Emulator pSX bringt Kult-Games der PlayStation 1 auf Ihren Rechner und macht sie wieder spielbar.<br> 61. -1<br>Asphalt 8: Airborne - Windows 8 / 10 App<br>Deutsch<br>Der Fun-Racer "Asphalt 8: Airborne" kann auf Windows-8/10-Rechnern gratis gespielt werden. Hier geht''s zum Download.<br> 62. +3<br>Freeware Schach 3.49<br>Deutsch<br>Der kostenlose PC-Spiel "Freeware Schach" ist einfach zu bedienen und garantiert lang anhaltenden Spielspa.<br> 63. =<br>GTA San Andreas - Multi Theft Auto 1.5.1<br>Englisch<br>"Multi Theft Auto" (MTA) ist ein Multiplayer-Mod fr "GTA San Andreas".<br> 64. =<br>PunkBuster 3.8<br>Englisch<br>Dank PunkBuster sperren Sie Schummler bei Ihren Online-Partien bekannter Shooter-Spiele einfach aus.<br> 65. -6<br>Prop Hunt 2.0.0<br>Englisch<br>Die Erweiterung "Prop Hunt" fr "Garry''s Mod" erweitert das Add-on um den Spielmodus Hide''n''Seek.<br> 66. =<br>Nexus Mod Manager 0.55.8<br>Englisch<br>Mit dem "Nexus Mod Manager": downloaden und installieren Sie Spiele-Mods schnell und einfach.<br> 67. =<br>Landwirtschafts-Simulator 17 <br>Deutsch<br>Auch im neuen "Landwirtschaft-Simulator 17" gilt es, auf etlichen Hektar Land virtuell die Felder zu bestellen.<br> 68. +6<br>Microsoft Flight - Vollversion <br>Deutsch<br>Die neueste Ausgabe des Flugsimulators "Microsoft Flight" kann vllig kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.<br> 69. -1<br>Battlefield 2 v0.8.3<br>Englisch<br>Mit dem so genannten "Revive Launcher" spielen Sie den Shooter-Klassiker "Battlefield 2" komplett kostenlos auf gut b,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">kanken maxi for sale</a>...<br> 70. =<br>Facebook Gameroom<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der hauseigenen Spieleplattform "Facebook Gameroom" knnen Sie die Spiele des sozialen Netzwerkes auch starten, o...<br> 71. +1<br>Vollversion: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun 1.0<br>Englisch<br>In dem kostenlosen Strategie-Game "Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun" inklusive des Add-ons "Firestorm" erleben Sie den ...<br> 72. +12<br>Free Solitaire 5.0<br>Englisch<br>Free Solitaire bietet zehn attraktive Spielvarianten von Solitaire zum Nulltarif.<br> 73. +3<br>Command & Conquer - Alarmstufe Rot 2 + Yuris Rache <br>Deutsch<br>"Command & Conquer - Alarmstufe Rot 2" gibt es im Rahmen der Ultimate Collection bei Origin zum Download.<br> 74. +1<br>Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 1.0<br>Englisch<br>Der erste Teil der beliebten GTA-Serie wird jetzt kostenlos zum Download angeboten.<br> 75. -2<br>TIPP10 v2.1.0<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der Freeware "TIPP10" erlernen Sie das Zehnfinger-System in 20 Lektionen.<br> 76. -7<br>0 A.D. Alpha 21<br>Englisch<br>Mit der Testversion von "0 A.D." bekommen Sie ein cooles Echtzeit-Strategiespiel gratis zum Download.<br> 77. +5<br>Mahjongg Freeware <br>Deutsch<br>Mahjong kostenlos spielen: "Mahjongg Freeware" ist eine gelungene Gratis-Umsetzung von Mahjong - hier in der Solitair...<br> 78. -1<br>Overwatch <br>Deutsch<br>Im Helden-Shooter Overwatch aus dem Hause Blizzard, treten Sie in spannenden Multiplayer-Matches mit Ihrem Lieblings-...<br> 79. +1<br>Minecraft fr Windows 10 v1.0<br>Deutsch<br>Der Open-World-Dauerkracher Minecraft kommt nun endlich auch fr Windows 10 final.<br> 80. +3<br>Microsoft Solitaire Collection - Windows 8 / 10 App 3.11<br>Deutsch<br>Microsoft stellt eine komplette Sammlung von Solitr-Spielen als Metro-App online. Genieen Sie die "Microsoft Solita...<br> 81. +5<br>Maniac Mansion Deluxe 1.4<br>Deutsch<br>Kostenloses Remake des LucasArts Klassikers "Maniac Mansion".<br> 82. -3<br>Razer Synapse<br>Deutsch<br>Über den Cloud-Service "Razer Synapse" synchronisieren Sie die Einstellungen Ihrer Razer-Hardware.<br> 83. +10<br>Sven XXX <br>Deutsch<br>Die Oster-Edition des Kultspiels um Sven Bømwøllen.<br> 84. +1<br>Minecraft Mods - Pack 1.8<br>Deutsch<br>Mit unserem kostenlosen Pack mit den besten Minecraft Mods mbeln Sie die Kltzchenwelt so richtig auf.<br> 85. -6<br>Roblox 1.6.3<br>Englisch<br>Bei dem kostenlosen Spiel Roblox handelt es sich rein optisch um eine Mischung aus Lego und Minecraft. Doch hat das G...<br> 86. +1<br>Pokémon Go Map 0.3.4<br>Englisch<br>Keine Lust auf blindes Suchen? Mit der "Pokémon Go Map" sehen Sie live, welche der kleinen Monster in der Nhe sind.<br> 87. +4<br>ANNO 1701 - Patch 1.04<br>Deutsch<br>Ein neuer Patch fr das Kultspiel "ANNO 1701" steht nun zum Download bereit.<br> 88. +3<br>Agario (Agar.io) <br>Englisch<br>Extrem schtig machend: Agario (auch bekannt unter dem Namen "Mitosis: The Game") hat das Zeug dazu, das neue "Flappy...<br> 89. -1<br>World of Tanks 9.17<br>Englisch<br>"World of Tanks" ist ein spektakulrer Free2Play Multiplayer-Shooter, in welchem Sie sich hinter das Steuer eines Pan...<br> 90. -19<br>PC Building Simulator Pre-Alpha #19.03.17<br>Englisch<br>Der "PC Building Simulator" lsst Sie virtuell einen Computer zusammenbauen. Derzeit befindet sich das kostenlose Spi...<br> 91. +6<br>Vollversion - Syberia II <br>Deutsch<br>Im Rahmen seiner Auf''s-Haus-Aktionen bietet der Publisher EA das Adventure "Syberia II" fr kurze Zeit kostenlos zum ...<br> 92. +2<br>Call of Duty - Black Ops 3 <br>Deutsch<br>"Call of Duty: Black Ops 3" ist der neueste Teil der beliebten Shooter-Reihe und spielt in einer Zukunft, in der die ...<br> 93. -15<br>GTA 5 Mod - Script Hook V / Native Trainer 1,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">Buy kanken laptop online</a>.0.791.2<br>Englisch<br>Die Spielwelt in GTA 5 nach Belieben verndern - "Script Hook V" macht''s mglich.<br> 94. +2<br>Minecraft Resource-Pack Bundle (Texture-Pack) <br>Deutsch<br>Von einfach bis realistisch: Diese kostenlosen Minecraft Resource-Packs verpassen dem Kltzchenspiel einen neuen Anst...<br> 95. -5<br>Need for Speed - Most Wanted (2012) <br>Deutsch<br>Laden Sie jetzt "Need for Speed - Most Wanted" aus dem Jahre 2012.<br> 96. +5<br>Demo: FIFA 17 <br>Deutsch<br>Endlich da: Die kostenlose Demo-Version zu Fifa 17 fr Windows. Jetzt laden und ein Match spielen.<br> 97. +1<br>Day of the Tentacle <br>Deutsch<br>"Day of the Tentacle" ist zurck. Erleben Sie gratis eines der groen LucasArts-Adventures noch einmal.<br> 98. -6<br>I Wanna Be The Guy 1.0<br>Englisch<br>"I Wanna Be The Guy" ist ein extrem schweres Jump&Run-Spiel im 8-Bit-Stil.<br> 99. -4<br>Demo: Die Sims 4 - Erstelle einen Sim <br>Deutsch<br>Mit der "Die Sims 4 - Erstelle einen Sim"-Demo knnen Sie schon vor Release von "Die Sims 4" kostenlos eigene Charakt...<br> 100. +2<br>Steam Mover 0.1<br>Englisch<br>Das Gratis-Tool "Steam Mover" verschiebt Ihre Steam-Spiele an einen beliebigen Speicherort oder temporr auf eine SSD.<br>12345678910 >

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Top 100 Portable & Mobile-Downloads der WocheKategorien im ?berblickInternet, Online & WebFoto & GrafikDesktop & ModdingAudio & VideoBrennen & DVDSpieleTuning & SystemSicherheit & HilfeOffice & GeldPortable & MobileLinuxMacOSOster-SpecialDateiendungenHobby & UnterhaltungBeta-Downloads3D, Drucken & VorlagenAPK Android Apps - CHIP ExklusivWindows 8 AppsWindows 10 AppsDownload-Tag ChartsFilter:AllesFreewareKostenpflichtigRang NameDownloads 1. =<br>Tor-Browser-Paket 6.5.1<br>Deutsch<br>Das Tor-Browser-Paket ermglicht anonymeres Surfen im Internet mit dem Open-Source-Browser Firefox,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-big-c-3.html">Buy kanken big online</a>.<br> 2. =<br>CCleaner Portable 5.28<br>Deutsch<br>CCleaner ist eine kostenlose System-Optimierungs-Software und in dieser Portable-Version unterwegs auch von USB-Stick...<br> 3. =<br>Nano SIM Schablone - PDF Vorlage 3.0<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der Nano SIM Schablone knnen Sie Ihre (Micro-)SIM-Karte fr ihr iPhone oder Android-Smartphone zuschneiden.<br> 4. =<br>CopyTrans Manager 1.114<br>Deutsch<br>"CopyTrans Manager" ist eine gelungene, kostenlose iTunes-Alternative fr Nutzer von iPod, iPhone und iPad. <br> 5. =<br>HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.2.3<br>Englisch<br>Mit der Freeware "USB Disk Storage Format Tool" formatieren und reparieren Sie jeden USB-Stick mit dem gewnschten Da...<br> 6. =<br>Unlocker 1.9.0<br>Englisch<br>Die Freeware Unlocker lscht ohne Gnade selbst gesperrte Dateien. Wir bieten Ihnen die portable Version an, die nicht...<br> 7. =<br>ISO to USB 1.4<br>Englisch<br>Das kleine Freeware-Tool "ISO to USB" brennt Ihre CD- und DVD-Abbilder auf USB-Sticks.<br> 8. =<br>Rufus 2.14<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der Freeware Rufus formatieren Sie im Handumdrehen USB-Sticks und machen diese bootfhig.<br> 9. =<br>CrystalDiskInfo Portable 7.0.5<br>Deutsch<br>Ntzliches Monitoring-Tool: "CrystalDiskInfo Portable" liest die SMART-Werte Ihrer Festplatte aus und informiert Sie,...<br> 10. +1<br>micro SIM Schablone - PDF Vorlage 3.0<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der kostenlosen PDF Vorlage "micro SIM Schablone" stutzen Sie groe SIM-Karten auf das heutzutage bliche Ma.<br> 11. -1<br>Universal USB Installer<br>Englisch<br>Mit dem kostenlosen "Universal USB Installer" erzeugen Sie bootfhige USB-Sticks. Zustzlich gibt es jede Menge ausw...<br> 12. =<br>WinToUSB 3.5 Rev.2<br>Deutsch<br>In wenigen Schritten erstellen Sie mit WinToUSB ein voll funktionsfhiges Windows-Betriebssystem, das vom USB-Stick s...<br> 13. +1<br>CDex Portable 1.83<br>Deutsch<br>"CDex Portable" ist ein kleiner, aber effektiver CD-Ripper und MP3-Encoder zum Mitnehmen auf dem USB-Stick.<br> 14. -1<br>Rufus Portable 2.14<br>Deutsch<br>USB Stick formatieren und bootfhig machen: "Rufus Portable" ist dafr das geeignete Tool.<br> 15. +1<br>SharePod 3.9.9<br>Englisch<br>SharePod ist eine Freeware, um Musik vom iPod oder iPhone zurck auf den Rechner zu spielen. <br> 16. -1<br>Firefox Portable 52.0.2 Final<br>Deutsch<br>Deutsche Version 52.0.2, die fr den portablen Einsatz optimierte Firefox-Version.<br> 17. +1<br>Google Chrome Portable 57.0 Final<br>Deutsch<br>Ideal zum Ausprobieren: Die portable Version 57 des Google-Browsers Chrome, die nicht installiert werden muss.<br> 18. -1<br>PDFsam Basic 3.3.0<br>Deutsch<br>Die Freeware "PDFsam" (ehemals "PDF Split and Merge") kann einzelne PDFs zusammenfgen und trennen.<br> 19. =<br>WinScan2PDF 3.41<br>Deutsch<br>Mit dem kostenlosen Programm WinScan2PDF scannen Sie im Handumdrehen Dokumente ein und speichern diese als PDF-Datei ab.<br> 20. =<br>ClipGrab 3.6.4<br>Deutsch<br>Mit dem Tool ClipGrab laden Sie kinderleicht Videos von Portalen wie YouTube und Vimeo herunter.<br> 21. +1<br>TreeSize Free Portable 4.01<br>Deutsch<br>Die portable Version der Freeware TreeSize zeigt Ihnen, wo ihr wertvoller Festplatten-Platz geblieben ist.<br> 22. -1<br>CrystalDiskMark Portable 5.2.1<br>Deutsch<br>"CrystalDiskMark Portable" ist ein Gratis-Tool, das nicht installiert werden muss, um die Lese- und Schreibgeschwindi...<br> 23. =<br>Thunderbird Portable 52.0<br>Deutsch<br>Der kostenlose Mail-Client "Mozilla Thunderbird" ist in dieser Portable-Version speziell fr den mobilen Einsatz opti...<br> 24. +1<br>VLC media player Portable 2.2.4<br>Deutsch<br>Der fr den mobilen Einsatz optimierte "VLC media player" spielt nahezu alle Audio- und Video-Dateien ab.<br> 25. -1<br>iOS 10.3.2 Beta 2<br>Deutsch<br>Mit iOS 10.3 kommt ein iOS-Update fr iPhone, iPad und iPod touch, das einige Details verbessert und Fehler der erste...<br> 26. =<br>Yumi<br>Englisch<br>Mit dem Gratis-Tool Yumi erzeugen Sie einen bootfhigen USB-Stick mit mehreren Betriebssystemen. Beim Systemstart kn...<br> 27. +1<br>OpenOffice Portable 4.1.3<br>Deutsch<br>Jetzt ist endlich auch die portable Variante von OpenOffice in einer neuen Final-Version erschienen.<br> 28. +1<br>4K YouTube to MP3 Portable<br>Deutsch<br>Der "4K YouTube to MP3"-Downloader ldt in der portablen Version ohne Installation Musik aus Portalen wie YouTube her...<br> 29. -2<br>iTube 2.1<br>Englisch<br>Die Freeware iTube ldt Videos von der Website YouTube.com, konvertiert sie und kopiert die fertige Datei anschlieen...<br> 30. =<br>TeamViewer Portable 12,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken maxi</a>.0 Final<br>Deutsch<br>Mit der portablen Version von TeamViewer steuern Sie den Rechner eines Partners direkt ber das Internet - jetzt auch...<br> 31. =<br>HWiNFO32 Portable v5.50<br>Englisch<br>Das kleine Tool HWiNFO32 informiert Sie ber die Hardware-Komponenten Ihres PCs und diagnostiziert eventuell vorhande...<br> 32. =<br>Skype Portable<br>Deutsch<br>Mit "Portable Skype" nehmen Sie das Internet-Telefon mit auf Reisen. Komfortabel auf dem USB-Stick und ohne Installat...<br> 33. =<br>GIMP Portable 2.8.20<br>Deutsch<br>Die Gratis-Bildbearbeitung GIMP in einer Portable-Version zum Mitnehmen auf einem USB-Stick.<br> 34. =<br>CDBurnerXP Portable<br>Deutsch<br>Den erstklassigen Freeware-Brenner CDBurnerXP gibt es jetzt auch in einer portablen Version - zum Mitnehmen auf dem U...<br> 35. +1<br>AnyTrans 5.5.2<br>Deutsch<br>Das Sychronisierungs-Tool AnyTrans lsst Sie Dateien zwischen iOS-Gerten und Ihrem PC austauschen.<br> 36. -1<br>CPU-Z Portable 1.78.3<br>Englisch<br>Ohne Installation startklar: Die portable Version von CPU-Z zeigt umfangreiche Infos zu Prozessor, Cache, Mainboard u...<br> 37. +5<br>Freeware Schach 3.49<br>Deutsch<br>Der kostenlose PC-Spiel "Freeware Schach" ist einfach zu bedienen und garantiert lang anhaltenden Spielspa.<br> 38. -1<br>Darknet Browser 6.5.1<br>Deutsch<br>Ganz simpel Seiten im Darknet ansurfen: der im Tor-Netzwerk laufende "Darknet Browser" macht es mglich.<br> 39. -1<br>7-Zip Portable 16.04<br>Deutsch<br>"7-Zip Portable" ist eine gute Packer-Freeware fr unterwegs.<br> 40. -1<br>Notepad++ Portable 7.3.3<br>Deutsch<br>"Notepad++ Portable" ist ein komfortabler Texteditor, der berall hin mitgenommen werden kann. <br> 41. =<br>PrivaZer 3.0.19<br>Deutsch<br>PrivaZer rumt Ihren Rechner auf und sorgt mit dem Lschen verschiedener Daten fr den Schutz Ihrer Privatspre.<br> 42. -2<br>PDF-XChange Viewer Portable 2.5.320<br>Deutsch<br>Mit "PDF-XChange Viewer Portable" haben Sie den derzeit besten PDF-Reader immer dabei.<br> 43. =<br>Revo Uninstaller Portable 2.0.2<br>Deutsch<br>Schlank und gut: der "Revo Uninstaller Portable" entfernt installierte Programme, ohne selbst installiert werden zu m...<br> 44. +2<br>jDownloader Portable 0.9421<br>Deutsch<br>"JDownloader portable" ist die tragbare Variante des beliebten Downloadmanagers, die sich ohne Installationsaufwand e...<br> 45. =<br>evasi0n 7 (evasion) - iOS 7 Jailbreak 1.0.8<br>Deutsch<br>Mit evasi0n7 (evasion7) steht ab jetzt ein Jailbreak fr iPhone, iPad und iPod touch mit iOS 7.0.x zum Download bereit.<br> 46. -2<br>Paint.NET Portable 3.36<br>Deutsch<br>"Paint.NET Portable" ist eine der besten Gratis-Alternativen zu teuren Bildbearbeitungs-Programmen. 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As one of the Guardian’s first female foreign correspondents, she reported on events that shaped the world in the late 20th century, from Watergate to the Gdansk shipyard strikes and the collapse of the Soviet Union.<br> <br>Today, Hella Pick remains an extraordinary physical presence. Now in her 80s, she speaks with just a hint of Vienna, the city in which she was born, and cuts a commanding figure; her trademark dress sense and self-possession belied by a dry and mischievous sense of humour.<br> <br>Pick spent 40 years at the Guardian ? her first front page lead came in 1961, when, as a freelancer, she beat the paper’s diplomatic correspondent Richard Scott, grandson of former editor CP Scott, to the inaugural conference of non-aligned nations in Belgrade. By the time she left, the role of female journalists was radically transformed. Now, she notes there are “many very, very able women reporters doing every imaginable job”.<br> <br>“What struck me throughout the Iran /Iraq war ? indeed through all [the recent] wars ? is the number of women reporters who are in the frontline working with incredible courage,” she says.<br> <br> <br>Most of what I know about journalism I learned from Alistair Cooke<br> <br> <br>She could have been on the frontline herself. Scott became a friend, and on his return to London recommended her to the then editor of the Guardian, Alastair Hetherington. He offered Pick a gig: to go and cover the UN general assembly in New York ? “an extraordinary opportunity for a young greenhorn,” as she wrote when he died. <br> <br>While Pick was in New York,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Buy kanken dual colour online</a>, Hetherington phoned, asking her to go and cover Vietnam, she recalls. “I protested fiercely and said: ‘I am not a war correspondent. And I am a coward, I could not do it’ … I could never have done what so many of these women are doing now. I would never, ever have the guts to do it. I am not proud of myself. I would fight any political battles but I couldn’t get involved in physical warfare.”<br> <br>After a trip to the Congo to write freelance features for the Guardian, Pick was given a staff job,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken laptop for sale</a>, and Hetherington sent her back to New York to work alongside Alistair Cooke. “Most of what I know about journalism I learned from Alistair,” she says. “He became a very good friend and always supported me.” The job brought an early test of her diplomatic skills. Cooke and the Guardian’s Washington correspondent weren’t speaking to each other. “I was the sort of go-between,” she explains. “Every morning each would tell me what they were covering and I would pass it on to Manchester. It was sort of crazy.”<br> <br>When the Washington correspondent abruptly left, Pick was sent in as a temporary replacement. But there was a problem. “He really did take every single piece of paper, every file,” she says. “I came into an empty office, totally inexperienced in the ways of Washington. And so I phoned Alistair, and said ‘help!’. He came to Washington, threw a big party, introduced me to everybody who mattered. And life continued.”<br> <br>Friendship is important to Pick, never more so than when she was making her way through the largely male dominated landscape of journalists at home and abroad. Another legendary correspondent, Clare Hollingworth,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-no-2-c-5.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken no.2</a>, the Guardian’s first female defence correspondent, also became a close friend.<br> <br>“As all have said, Clare was really happiest sitting on a tank. But it was really much later, when she was in Hong Kong and I [arrived] as diplomatic correspondent that Clare absolutely took me under her wing. Of course she was the absolute queen of the press club and to be seen in her company was a terrific thing.”<br> <br>Pick also remembers the help and guidance of Mary Stott, the Guardian’s legendary women’s editor. “[She] made me write a lot for her pages. She was wonderful to me. There was an ongoing debate as to whether Mary’s section should be called the women’s page; it changed names any number of times. As long as Mary Stott was around, the character of the pages remained the same whatever they were called. She was a great editor.”<br> <br> <br> <br> Facebook <br> Twitter <br> Pinterest <br> Hella Pick says there are now ‘many very, very able women reporters are doing every imaginable job’. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian <br>During a career that included seven years in the US, five in Geneva as European correspondent, and time as diplomatic editor and east-west affairs editor, Pick met many of the key figures: the Kennedys, two UN secretary-generals ? U Thant and Boutros Boutros-Ghali ? and Kwame Nkrumah, who led Ghana to independence. Heading back to America in 1972, she covered the Watergate scandal ? taking particular enjoyment from beating the wire services to get news of Richard Nixon’s resignation into the Guardian in London.<br> <br>As a Jewish refugee, who arrived on the kindertransport in 1939 at the age of seven, Pick also found resolution of a personal conflict through her career. She was raised in the Lake District by her mother, who arrived in Britain a few months after she did, and for many years she would not speak German. As an uprooted child she wanted to fit in.<br> <br>“Later, unlike many refugees, I never had any problem visiting Austria, partly because my mother never had any problems. She never dismissed all of Austria as being antisemitic. For a long time my feelings about Germany were more complex,” she says.<br> <br>It was an encounter with the former German chancellor Willy Brandt at an event organised by the Guardian that changed Pick’s outlook. Peter Preston, the Guardian’s then editor, had asked her to get a reaction from Brandt about a news story. “[Brandt] said: ‘Come back to my hotel room and we can talk.’ I went back and we sat down and he asked about my background and we talked and we talked and we talked.<br> <br>“I didn’t get out until three in the morning and everyone on the Guardian thought: ‘She must have gone to bed with him.’<br> <br>“Well, she didn’t go to bed with him but she became completely reconciled to Germany because she had got to know Willy Brandt. And he remained a good friend until the day he died and we were always in touch. And that really, really made me understand that there are good people in Germany .” <br> <br>In the Guardian archive, one can find the memoir Pick contributed, which includes a note that she left “circa 1997”. It’s hard to pin her departure to a single date because in her last couple of years she alternated between six months at the paper and six months writing a book. “I faded out,” she says.<br> <br>She has, however, never stopped working. Her books include a biography of the Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal and Guilty Victim: Austria from the Holocaust to Haider. In 2000, she was made a CBE. She has since used her contacts and expertise to work on media projects and organising conferences at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a “think and action tank” set up by another close friend, the publisher George Weidenfeld.<br> <br>When asked to name the best years of a distinguished career, she will not be drawn, saying it is “impossible”, but she admits: “I think I probably enjoyed America the most.”<br> <br>“I had the incredible advantage of working for the Guardian, which at that time, was read by very few of the decision makers.” She laughs: “That meant they couldn’t spend much time criticising what you had written. They just knew you wrote for a high quality paper and therefore deserved their attention.”

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The walls weep. The flowers bleed. The lake is made of tears. Bluebeard’s Castle (1911), Bartók’s one-act opera for two singers and large orchestra, lasts an hour and haunts you afresh with each encounter. It may be a grownup fairy story, steeped in Freud and Kafka, exploring that customary split ? not so easy in our own times ? between masculinity and femininity. Yet the drama works on a literal level too, fantasy castle with its seven locked doors aside. Two people want to make a life together but cannot negotiate the sorrows, the enigmas of the past. Scottish Opera evidently revels in this early 20th-century melancholic terrain. Their recent Pelléas et Mélisande (1902) was outstanding. So, too, is this new Bluebeard, conducted by Sian Edwards with thrilling soloists, and part of a novel double bill, of which more shortly. Directed by Matthew Lenton, artistic director of the Scottish independent theatre company Vanishing Point, the updated staging reveals Bluebeard’s bloodied secrets by simple and arresting devices. The shattering, climactic fifth door, that sweet and monumental C major blaze, was both a musical and visual coup.<br> <br>The castle is a stylish modern apartment, surrounded by blackness. Kai Fischer (set, lighting and projection designer) has observed Bartók’s directions closely. Blood-red for the armoury, flickering from a laptop screen in a shadowy corner, for the treasury a light-show of golden rain and so on.<br> <br> <br>Bartók’s brilliant scoring was heard in every detail, expertly played by the 90-strong orchestra<br> <br> <br>Bluebeard, played with impassive, thuggish authority by the bass-baritone Robert Hayward, is a vest-wearing tycoon, probably grown rich on the darknet.<br> <br>A fine actor, Hayward brings out the full lyricism of Bartók’s score, the more pitiful for the torment and mystery of the action. So often the music for Bluebeard himself, in a work fluid in structure and harmonic method, breaks into near folk ballad, which runs tantalisingly for a few phrases then stops. Hayward, even-toned and ardent, makes the beauty of these moments sing out.<br> <br>As his new wife, Judith,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Cheap kanken dual colour</a>, Karen Cargill is warm, fearless, finally broken but not submissive. This Scottish mezzo-soprano, radiant-voiced and imaginatively expressive, never disappoints. Repeatedly, Judith breaks the one rule her husband has imposed: ask no questions. And why shouldn’t she,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken maxi for sale</a>, you ask yourself, while urging her to stop for her own safety.<br> <br>Without overdoing it, Hayward and Cargill ? who make light of their daunting Hungarian syllables ? shift the drama towards a more contemporary sensibility. They show their own awareness of a universal situation. Judith, instead of being submissive, is heard weeping as she realises her fate. He, instead of watching coldly, clutches his head in despair, realising he has destroyed what he loves. Both are locked in their own solitude.<br> <br>Edwards reined in and unleashed the huge forces to exhilarating effect. The mad, screeching xylophones, the bat-like woodwind flutters, the twinkling celesta and triangle: Bartók’s brilliant scoring was heard in every detail, expertly played by the 90-strong orchestra. The deafening blast of an eight-strong offstage band of trumpets and trombones, standing in boxes either side of the Festival theatre stage, was electrifying.<br> <br> <br> <br> Facebook <br> Twitter <br> Pinterest <br> Elicia Daly and Robert Jack in The 8th Door Photograph: Mihaela Bodlovic <br>As a companion piece and prelude to Bluebeard’s Castle ? more often done as a concert piece because of its length and scale ? Scottish Opera commissioned a new work from the young Aberdonian Lliam Paterson (b1991), composer in residence since 2014. His cantata,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">kanken laptop for sale</a>, The 8th Door, makes a potent, if not quite balanced, double bill. Working closely with Lenton, Paterson has used Hungarian poems, translated by the Scottish poet Edwin Morgan, to make a mind drama between two lovers.<br> <br>The piece is for two actors, voiceless on stage, and six singers (young, excellent), in the pit. I enjoyed it musically ? Paterson makes bold use of the orchestra, within a mainly tonal framework ? but found the impossibility of knowing who was singing a distraction. Yet it caught the Bluebeard mood, and perhaps by rethinking the staging, would prove to have more substance. It was well worth doing.<br> <br>Paterson is writing a new opera ? BambinO, for babies, directed by Improbable’s Phelim McDermott for Scottish Opera’s strong and varied 2017/18 season. Despite depleted resources and attendant doldrums, this company is on the up. With Stuart Stratford at the musical helm, we can ? and do ? look forward to a link with Opera Holland Park (Jonathan Dove’s Flight and a new Ariadne Auf Naxos), Russian rarities and Mark-Anthony Turnage’s Greek. Not forgetting Pagliacci (The Clowns) performed in a circus top ? where else? Amazing no one’s thought of it before.

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The chronic organ shortage in this country is a well-known scourge, so any good idea for recruiting more organ donors is always welcome. Bravo, then, to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and its voucher plan for kidney donors. It basically lets an individual donate a kidney to a stranger now and get a certificate for a future kidney transplant for a loved one.<br> <br>Continue Reading Below<br> <br>This idea was the brainchild of retired judge Howard Broadman, who feared he would be too old to donate a kidney when his grandson, Quinn, needed one in a few years. The concept has since been adopted at other medical centers and has been formalized under the umbrella of the private National Kidney Registry’s advanced donation program.<br> <br>The registry tries to leverage the impact of these donations by placing the donor within a chain of transplants. So-called never-ending altruistic donor chains are created using a complex algorithm involving detailed biological data. Donors like Judge Broadman can kick off such a chain by donating to a stranger waiting for a transplant. That stranger, who already has a willing but incompatible donor in the wings, asks that donor to give to another person waiting for a transplant, and so on. Each living donor in this system gives to a stranger,<a href="http://www.discount-onlinestore.com/projectors-epson-projectors-c-324_327.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Discount epson projectors</a>, and the chain of donors is kept going as long as possible.<br> <br>Another way to generate more kidney donors,<a href="http://www.cheap-forsale.com/cheap-video-games-cheap-xbox-one-c-284_287.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap xbox one for sale</a>, I believe, would be to offer a different kind of voucher. It would be for prospective donors who ultimately decline to give a kidney to a friend or even a distant relative because they want to be able to assist a closer member of their family or inner circle should the need arise. I call this the peace-of-mind voucher. It is already legal under the federal Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network for a living donor to get priority for a kidney under the rare but not unheard of chance that he or she develops kidney failure down the line. Why not expand this option to all living donors?<br> <br>I wish such a program had been in place when I needed a kidney back in 2006. I discovered my kidneys were failing after a routine blood test came back with off-the-chart results. I actually felt fine at the time because, unbeknownst to me, my kidney function had been insidiously deteriorating over a long period of time. As a physician, I knew I had to find a donor ? or spend years tethered to life-sapping dialysis.<br> <br>But finding a living donor was a hellish experience. A number of people told me they wanted to help but were reluctant to do so because they worried their child might need a kidney in the future. Although this concern is understandable, it is surely overblown. Unless an individual has diabetes, chronic hypertension, collagen vascular disease (such as lupus), or polycystic kidney disease, the odds of an otherwise healthy person developing renal failure over a lifetime are slim. Even so, it’s easy to understand a parent’s reluctance. After 18 months ? thankfully, I was able to stave off dialysis until the very last minute ? I was rescued by a fond acquaintance turned dear, dear friend who heard through the grapevine that I needed a kidney.<br> <br>Continue Reading Below<br> <br>If the federal organ transplant network, which operates under the Department of Health and Human Services, were to provide peace-of-mind vouchers for living donors, specified family or friends of those donors could redeem them at any transplant center. (Selling the voucher would, of course, be against the law). Unlike the UCLA program, where the certificate is earmarked by the donor for a specific person at high risk for a transplant in the future, peace-of-mind vouchers aren’t likely to ever be redeemed because healthy people don’t usually develop kidney failure.<br> <br>No voucher program will erase the organ backlog ? there are now more than 100,000 people waiting for kidneys. Last year, less than one-fifth of those on the waiting list received a transplant ? the average wait is almost four years, with some people waiting much longer. Every day, 12 people on the national waiting list die; they simply couldn’t survive the wait. But “paying an organ forward” in the service of a loved one known to need a kidney in the future is an excellent option for interested prospective donors and will surely save a number of lives. It is hard to know how many prospective donors would take advantage of peace-of-mind vouchers, but it seems worth implementing them on a pilot basis.<br> <br>Here’s an even bolder idea for increasing the supply of kidneys: give prospective donors an incentive to serve as the kick-off donor in a chain. This approach would create never-ending compensated donor chains. Benefits to such donors could be tax credits, contributions to retirement plans, a contribution to a charity designated by the donor, and other options. To avoid situations with outsize appeal to poor individuals who might impulsively rush to donate and later regret it,<a href="http://www.cheapsale.eu/audio-c-318.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">discount audio online store</a>, no one would receive an outright lump sum of cash.<br> <br>A bill currently in Congress ? the Organ Donor Clarification Act introduced in May by Representative Matt Cartwright (D-Pa.) ? would let researchers study the potential effects of various incentives. The bill aims to clarify that pilot studies would not violate Section 301 of the 1984 National Organ Transplant Act, which bans the commercialization and private sale of organs.<br> <br>Incentives have enormous potential. The White House recently offered social media and cutting-edge medical technology as ideas for reducing the wait list. Technology could some day make organ donation obsolete, but until we can make kidneys or kidney stand-ins in a lab, such as with 3-D printed kidneys, implantable microdialysis machines, genetically modified transplantable pig kidneys, and the like, we must rely on organs from humans. Kidneys from deceased donors certainly help. But those from living donors are in far greater supply and generally function longer in recipients.<br> <br>It’s imperative that we take advantage of every new idea. Vouchers don’t require an act of Congress and are an obvious next step for increasing the supply of much-needed kidneys.

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The Twitter account of U.S. Central Command was apparently hacked and taken over by ISIS sympathizers.?<br> <br> The hackers then started tweeting the names and addresses of U,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-apple-iphone-6s-c-144.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy apple iphone 6s online shopping</a>.S. military commanders and threatening U.S. soldiers and their families.<br> <br> Jennifer Griffin reported from the Pentagon this afternoon on the developing situation. The Twitter page @Centcom?included a picture and background showing an "I love you ISIS" graphic with the word CyberCaliphate. ??<br> <br> The Centcom?Twitter page has since been suspended, but its YouTube channel was reportedly hacked as well, and is now also down.<br> <br> The tweets began to spread throughout social media right as President Obama delivered remarks on cybersecurity.?<br> <br> "If we''re going to be connected, then we need to be protected." ?President Obama #Cybersecurity<br> <br> ? Barack Obama (@BarackObama) January 12, 2015<br> <br> "I''m announcing new steps to protect the identities and privacy of the American people." ?President Obama #Cybersecurity<br> <br> ? Barack Obama (@BarackObama) January 12, 2015<br> <br> In the middle of Obama''s speech on cybersecurity, ISIS has hacked CENTCOM. pic.twitter.com/f3SRcTrm1K<br> <br> ? Jimmy (@JimmyPrinceton) January 12,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/-pcs-c-254_253.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">pcs online store</a>, 2015<br> <br> One tweet stated "ISIS is already here, we are in your PCs,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/mobile-phone-c-313.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy mobile phone from china</a>, in each military base" and another read, "AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK!"<br> <br> Another threatened, "We won''t stop! We know everything about you, your wives and children!" while purporting to include personal information of service members.<br> <br> Central Command officials say they are "aware" of the issue and are "addressing" it.<br> <br> Hear more on this story on Fox News Channel as information comes in.

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Kamera gnstig kaufen: Zehn starke Foto-Schnppchen Nicht nur gnstig, sondern gut Von Moritz Wanke,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken maxi</a>, 21.03.2017 Kamera-Tipp: Geld sparen mit dem Vorg?nger-Modell Play Video <br> Gnstig bedeutet nicht unbedingt billig. Wer eine Kamera gnstig kaufen will, sollte sich unsere zehn starken Foto-Schnppchen ansehen: Wir haben jeweils fnf Kompakt- sowie Systemkameras zusammengetragen, die sowohl beim Preis als auch bei der Leistung voll berzeugen.<br><br> <br> Der ideale Zeitpunkt ist gekommen,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Cheap kanken maxi for sale</a>, eine Kamera gnstig zu kaufen: Hndler machen Platz fr neue Modelle und verramschen den Vorreiter zum Sonderpreis. Teils knnen Sie ber 500 Euro gegenber dem Ursprungspreis sparen. 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The 24th installment in the James Bond empire is due to hit screens in the U.K. on October 26 and in the U.S. on November 6. Daniel Craig makes his fourth appearance as Bond?in?Spectre. A new trailer for the film posted on YouTube Tuesday promises a return of the age-old formula of guns, girls, bad guys and, of course: Bond, James Bond.<br><br>Spectre is the name of a “sinister organization” Bond discovers while in Rome on a mission that also takes him to Mexico City. While Bond and M16 are challenged by a new head of the Centre for National Security, “Bond covertly enlists Moneypenny and Q to help him seek out Madeleine Swann, the daughter of his old nemesis Mr. White, who may hold the clue to untangling the web of Spectre. As the daughter of an assassin, she understands Bond in a way most others cannot,” the 007 website explains. “As Bond ventures towards the heart of Spectre, he learns of a chilling connection between himself and the enemy he seeks.”<br><br>The movie features Ralph Fiennes as M,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/mobile-phone-c-313.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy mobile phone from china</a>, Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra, “the beautiful and forbidden widow of an infamous criminal,” Léa Seydoux as Swann,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-cameras-cheap-canon-lenses-c-265_267.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy canon lenses online shopping</a>, Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny, Jesper Christensen as Mr. White, Ben Whishaw as Q and Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser, “the enemy he seeks.”<br><br>“Is this really what you want? Living in the shadows, hunting, being hunted, always alone?” asks Swann, a glamorous blonde seen sitting across from a bow-tied Bond, amidst a montage of car chases and gunfights. <br><br>“I don’t stop to think about it,” Bond replies as the sound of screeching tires and ominous music pauses momentarily. <br><br><br><br>Whether that’s a promise for continued adventures for next films remains to be seen,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/acer-laptops-c-256_258.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cheap acer laptops</a>, but by November, fans will have two dozen Bond movies to gorge themselves on, and they can now watch a teaser for the latest addition. As of Wednesday morning, the two-and-a-half-minute Spectre trailer had racked up more than half a million views.

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21st Century Business Herald reported in September 13th 21 href= "#LT4001" rel= "nofollow" > FAW car first half of the year accounts receivable reached 240 million yuan, surged to 9 times the previous year. Net cash flow from operating activities was -1.8 billion yuan, showing a decrease in product sales due. The carrying amount of monetary funds 190 million yuan, short-term loans up to $2 billion 500 million. <br><br><br> non deduction net profit loss 826 million yuan, down 675%, after the surrender of the worst since the listing of the semi annual report, FAW car or arm. <br><br>21 Century Business Herald reporter was informed that the FAW department will integrate its related assets. <br><br> according to sources close to the FAW, the integration of specific path will be the first to China auto Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "FAW shares") under the red flag as the main division of FAW shares established branch (hereinafter referred to as the "red flag company"). FAW car all the red flag assets will be stripped to FAW shares. <br><br> in fact, since March this year, since the establishment of the FAW shares red division, the market for the integration of red flag assets are expected. In the FAW shares, the red flag division and FAW car for flat level units. <br><br> "the current production of all the red car assets in FAW car." September 12th, FAW car securities office staff told reporters. <br><br> aforementioned sources pointed out that the red flag car production lines under construction, weak sales, a serious loss in the FAW car system. If able to peel, for the FAW car 2016 annual results will boost. <br><br> integration is expected <br><br> in the first Chinese Automobile Group Company (hereinafter referred to as "FAW") after the arrival of the new leadership, the red flag asset integration is expected to have been more intense. <br><br> in addition to the establishment of FAW car in March with the level of the red flag division, in April, FAW and FAW Group signed a trademark license contract supplementary agreement. According to the supplemental agreement,<a href="http://www.bulkwholesale.eu/wholesale-apple-iphone-7-plus-256gb-c-279_307.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap iphone 7 plus 256gb</a>, since 1997 by the FAW car exclusive use of the trademark rights of the red flag, changed to share with the FAW Group and the third party. <br><br> according to the original contract, FAW Group licensed FAW car enjoy the red flag trademark exclusive right to use, FAW car sales by the use of trademark products 1000 yuan per unit price standard gauge of 5

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Nothing in our system currently matches this topic,<a href="http://www.tvshop.us/samsung-4k-uhd-tv-samsung-4k-uhd-60-inch-tv-c-165_172.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap samsung 4k uhd 60 inch tv for sale</a>. Please make another selection. by ! article.published Sponsored by<br>Nothing in our system currently matches this topic. Please make another selection. by ! article.published Sponsored by

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2017 Financial Results On May 3,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-big-c-3.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken big</a>, 2017 Business Wire 07:00 AM Michaels and Pinterest Partner to Bring Popular DIY Trends to Life Business Wire 07:00 AM WildHorse Resource Development Corporation Announces First Quarter 2017 Earnings Conference Call Business Wire 07:00 AM Garmin? hosts developers at first-ever Connect IQ? Developer Summit & Announces integration with SmartThings Business Wire 07:00 AM Sage Therapeutics to Present at American

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JAKARTA: Luar Batang is one of the Indonesian capital''s oldest neighbourhoods, founded in the 17th century to collect tolls from ships sailing in from the Java Sea when the city was the centre of the Dutch East Indies spice trade.<br><br>Now, it is being demolished and many of its residents are being evicted to make way for a giant seawall meant to keep Jakarta from sinking under rising sea levels. That has made it ground zero for the election of the city''s governor, dubbed one of the most divisive election campaigns Indonesia has ever seen.<br><br>The incumbent governor, Basuki "Ahok" Purnama, was cruising towards a decisive election victory last September when he allegedly criticised a verse from the Koran that warns Muslims against allying with Christians and Jews.<br><br>Hardline Islamist groups responded with mass protests demanding that Purnama, an ethnic Chinese and Christian,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-big-c-3.html">Cheap kanken big for sale</a>, be prosecuted. Police eventually did charge him with blasphemy.<br><br>It was Purnama who ordered the evictions from Luar Batang''s slums to make way for one of his many infrastructure projects aimed at modernising this clogged and chaotic city.<br><br>Many of those who filled the streets of Jakarta to protest against him late last year were among the displaced, and violence broke out in Luar Batang after one of those demonstrations.<br><br>Luar Batang residents had just about given up their fight against evictions when the controversy over the Koran comments erupted, said one woman who did not want to be named, sitting outside a small shack amid the rubble.<br><br>"We see it as a gift from God," she said, describing the slur as a means to bring down Purnama.<br><br>NECK AND NECK RACE<br><br>Opinion surveys show Purnama running neck and neck with his challenger Anies Baswedan, who, like some 85 percent of Jakartans, is a Muslim.<br><br>Purnama, 50, inherited the governorship after Joko Widodo was elected president in 2014. His brash talking style, a contrast with the soft-spoken Javanese politicians who dominate the ruling class, has grated on some voters.<br><br>Purnama won the first round of voting in February in a three-way race with 43 percent of the ballots to set up Wednesday''s second round with Basedan, who won 40 percent.<br><br>The campaign has been "the dirtiest, most polarising and most divisive the nation has ever seen," the Jakarta Post said in an editorial on Tuesday.<br><br>Calling the capital "the barometer of Indonesia''s political pulse", the daily said the election would have a bearing on the next presidential election in 2019.<br><br>Police on Monday blocked plans by hardline Islamist groups to guard polling booths,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Buy kanken dual colour online</a>, citing the risk of clashes after a campaign fraught with religious tensions, and said around 66,000 police and military personnel will be deployed on voting day.<br><br>''VOTER FRAUD''<br><br>Prabowo Subianto, head of the Gerindra Party that Baswedan represents, said in a video message recorded over the weekend that "religious people need a leader who respects their beliefs". Prabowo lost the 2014 election to President Widodo.<br><br>Purnama faces up to five years in jail if convicted of blasphemy. His trial will resume on Thursday,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/rekanken-classic-c-6.html">Cheap Fjallraven re-kanken classic for sale</a>, when prosecutors will submit their sentence request.<br><br>Prabowo said he was concerned about potential voter fraud.<br><br>"Cheating is a common enemy to us. We don''t want to cheat," he said. "However, we will not hold back if we are cheated."<br><br>Hardline Islamic cleric Habib Rizieq, who helped organise the anti-Purnama demonstrations during the campaign, last week urged Muslims to travel to Jakarta and be ready to "finish" their opponents.<br><br>"This is not a battle between Anies and Ahok. This is a battle between ... defenders of Islam and those who blaspheme against Islam," Rizieq said at an event in the city of Surabaya.<br><br>"Those who can come to Jakarta better have the guts to do so and prepare a will for your family," he added, as the crowd roared in response.<br><br>At Luar Batang, where Prabowo''s party has set up tents for those evicted from their homes, the woman at the street cafe said people are tired of politicians'' false promises and warned that frustration could boil over if Purnama wins the vote.<br><br>"If (Purnama) is elected again something extraordinary will happen," she said.<br><br>(Editing by Bill Tarrant)

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Donald Trump took to Twitter last night and this morning to bash the mainstream media, singling out CNN''s Don Lemon specifically, and continued to go after former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.?<br> <br>Tweeting at 3:20am ET, Trump said any story about him that cites anonymous sources is not truthful.<br> <br>Wow, did you see how badly @CNN (Clinton News Network) is doing in the ratings. With people like @donlemon, who could expect any more?<br> <br>? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2016<br> <br>Anytime you see a story about me or my campaign saying "sources said," DO NOT believe it. There are no sources,<a href="http://www.cheap-bulk.com/games-console-cheap-sony-ps4-games-c-284_330.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Bulk sony ps4 games for sale</a>, they are just made up lies!<br> <br>? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2016<br> <br><br>Read Full Article <br>At Monday''s debate, Hillary Clinton brought up the 1996 Venezuelan beauty queen, who accuses Trump of calling her "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping."<br> <br>Machado said earlier this week that Trump is "not a good person" and that she developed an eating disorder because she was pushed to lose weight after becoming Miss Universe.<br> <br>Trump immediately fired back, saying Machado gained "massive" amounts of weight after the pageant. He said that the company wanted to fire her, but that he "saved her job."<br> <br>He also brought up reports that Machado?threatened to kill a Venezuelan judge in the late 90s. Trump then ripped Clinton on Twitter today for focusing attention on Machado.<br> <br>Wow, Crooked Hillary was duped and used by my worst Miss U. Hillary floated her as an "angel" without checking her past,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-apple-iphone-6s-c-144.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy apple iphone 6s online shopping</a>, which is terrible!<br> <br>? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2016<br> <br>Using Alicia M in the debate as a paragon of virtue just shows that Crooked Hillary suffers from BAD JUDGEMENT! Hillary was set up by a con.<br> <br>? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2016<br> <br>Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?<br> <br>? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2016<br> <br>On America''s Newsroom this morning,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/vizio-tvs-c-218.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale vizio tvs</a>, Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt?said that these statements play well with Trump''s supporters, but those voters aren''t enough to win him the election.?<br> <br>"What matters for Trump ... is the next five percent that he needs. He needs these voters. He''s off message," said Stirewalt, adding that it "doesn''t matter" whether Trump is right about Machado''s character.?<br> <br>He said Trump is focusing on what the Clinton campaign wants to talk about: his track record of derogatory comments toward women.?<br> <br>"The way that you win in politics is by controlling the message, not being controlled by it," said Stirewalt.<br> <br>Watch the segment above and let us know your thoughts. Plus don''t miss Perino & Stirewalt: I''ll Tell You What, Sunday at 5:00pm ET?on Fox News Channel as Dana and Chris assess the debate fallout and look ahead to next week.<br> <br>UPDATE, 2:45pm ET: Trump has since tweeted about his previous 3am tweeting.?<br> <br>For those few people knocking me for tweeting at three o''clock in the morning, at least you know I will be there, awake, to answer the call!<br> <br>? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2016<br> <br>Meantime, Clinton hit back after Trump went after Machado.?<br> <br>What kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories?<br> <br>? Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 30, 2016<br> <br>This is...unhinged, even for Trump. A few notes. https://t.co/WURWs6aJ5f<br> <br>? Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 30, 2016<br> <br>When something gets under Donald''s thin skin, he lashes out and can''t let go. This is dangerous for a president.<br> <br>? Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) September 30, 2016<br> <br>Judge Jeanine: Trump Must ''Prosecute'' Hillary at the Next Debate<br> <br>Gutfeld: Trump Missed Repeated ‘Golden Opportunity’ to Stump Hillary<br> <br>Mark Cuban: Trump ‘Never Took Control’, Always ‘Counter-Punching’<br> <br>Professor Predicting Trump Win, But Could Debate Change That?

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Being overweight at 18 to 20 years old may signal that a man is headed for severe liver disease decades later, according to a large, long-term study from Sweden.<br> <br> <br>Researchers followed more than 44,000 men conscripted for military service in 1969 and 1970, and found those who were overweight as young men were 64 percent more likely to have serious liver problems and liver-related deaths in the next 40 years compared to normal weight counterparts.<br> <br> <br>"Most likely, these teens already had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) at the start of the study, or developed it down the road," said lead author Dr. Hannes Hagstrom of the Center for Digestive Diseases at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. "We know that some persons with NAFLD do develop severe liver disease."<br> <br> <br>The researchers used national records on 44,248 Swedish men conscripted for military service, which requires a full physical exam, and tracked their health outcomes in medical registries up to 2009.<br> <br> <br>By that time, 393 men had been diagnosed with severe liver disease, including reduced liver function, cirrhosis or liver-related death. Those who were overweight as teens were at the greatest risk, even after the analysis accounted for alcohol and tobacco use, according to the report in Journal of Hepatology.<br> <br> <br>About 7 percent of the men had been overweight in their youth, meaning they had a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 29.9. BMI is a measure of weight relative to height, and the range between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal. BMI of 30 or above is considered obese.<br> <br> <br>The highest risk for severe liver disease later on in life was alcohol consumption of more than 3.5 bottles of wine per week, Hagstr''m noted.<br> <br> <br>"However, it is already known that alcohol causes liver disease," he told Reuters Health by email. "What''s new here is that being overweight/obese was associated with an increased risk independent of how much alcohol these young men were drinking.<br> <br> <br>"Other significant risk factors were smoking, use of narcotics, self-rated health,<a href="http://www.cheap-forsale.com/cheap-apple-watch-c-136.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Discount apple watch store</a>, cardiovascular fitness and high blood pressure," Hagstrom said.<br> <br> <br>The results would likely have been similar for women but that''s not necessarily clear in this study,<a href="http://www.wholesalecheap.eu/wholesale-acer-laptops-c-256_258.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap acer laptops for sale</a>, he said.<br> <br> <br>A similar study of men conscripted into military service in Sweden, published in the European Heart Journal, found that young men at the high end of the normal BMI range may have a higher risk of heart failure later in life compared to their peers at the low end of normal BMI.<br> <br> <br>"Those in high normal range don''t need to be concerned because (heart failure) is still very rare," said lead author Dr. Annika Rosengren,<a href="http://www.wholesalecheap.eu/wholesale-apple-iphone-7-plus-128gb-c-279_306.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">iPhone 7 plus 128gb online store</a>, professor of medicine at the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg. "The absolute risk is still very low."<br> More on this... <br> <br>But in Sweden, heart failure is becoming more common among people younger than 45, and may continue to do so as overweight also increases, she told Reuters Health. Younger people with heart failure are frequently misdiagnosed as having asthma, since both can cause shortness of breath, she said.<br> <br> <br>"There''s already an incentive to try to decrease the obesity epidemic, this is just another reason for doing it," she said.

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To get a sense of the auto industry’s progress in fuel efficiency, look no further than the 2002 Chevy Blazer. The model with automatic transmission, six cylinders, and four-wheel drive gets 18 miles per gallon (mpg), two miles less than a comparably equipped Blazer did in 1985. Indeed, in those 17 years the average fuel economy of the entire fleet of U.S. cars and light trucks declined from 26 mpg to 24 mpg-in part because of the rising proportion of gas-guzzling sport-utility vehicles (SUVs). Yet in March, when auto industry lobbyists claimed that building more fuel-efficient cars would be “too difficult,” the U.S. Senate once again killed legislation that would raise the country’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards. It was a familiar dance; Congress has not raised the standards even once during those same 17 years.<br><br> It’s not that automotive technologies haven’t improved; it’s that the improvements have been geared toward delivering power, not efficiency. Since 1981 the auto industry has hiked horsepower 84 percent, allowing vehicles to accelerate faster even though they have gotten heavier, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “That’s what consumers want,” says Fritz Indra, executive director of advanced engineering for General Motors’ Powertrain division. “Each year Americans want a little more space inside, a little more power.” <br> <br>But is it really too difficult to build a reasonably priced SUV that can get 40 mpg and still provide the performance, comfort, and reduced emissions consumers expect? The surprising fact is that an assortment of fuel efficiency technologies exist in industry and university labs. Even more startling is that many of these technologies are based on the conventional internal-combustion engine. They don’t require complex electric-gas hybrid drive trains like those under the hoods of the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight (see Visualize). Nor are they based on anything as exotic as fuel cells. If the automotive industry put some corporate horsepower behind moving these technologies into production-and that’s a big if, given the lack of U.S. regulations and consumer demand-the gas-saving technologies could start hitting showrooms within five years. Indeed, if it chose to, Detroit could manufacture a 40-mpg SUV by the end of the decade. <br> <br> This story is part of our November 2002 Issue See the rest of the issue<br> Subscribe <br>The gains would come largely from emerging technologies such as improved control systems that minimize energy losses in the engine and transmission, as well as efficient electrical components-from water pumps to engine valves-that could replace belt-driven mechanical systems. Existing technologies, such as advanced transmissions and fuel injection systems, could also play key roles if they were adopted more widely. <br><br>Indeed, if all new cars and light trucks adopted available and emerging gas-saving technologies, the average fuel economy of U.S. cars would surge to 46 mpg, up from today’s 27 mpg. And SUVs could average 40 mpg, up from today’s 21 mpg, according to a recent study prepared in part by John DeCicco, a senior fellow at Environmental Defense, a New York Citybased environmental group. (The study was coauthored by Feng An, a modeling expert at Argonne National Laboratory, and Marc H. Ross, a physicist and automotive-policy expert at the University of Michigan.) Two-thirds of the benefit would come from improving the power train, and the rest would come from cutting weight and reducing aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance. And even though retail prices of vehicles would rise some $1,<a href="http://www.discount-onlinestore.com/apple-iphone-se-iphone-se-16gb-c-145_308.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Discount iphone se 16gb</a>,000 to $2,000, depending on the model, consumers would save that much at the gas pump within five years. “The industry doesn’t lack the technology, it lacks the priority,” DeCicco says. <br><br>Such improvements in gas mileage would have a huge impact on U.S. oil dependence and the environment. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, if the U.S. fleet’s fuel use improved to 40 mpg, the nation would save two million barrels of oil a day-75 percent of all the oil the United States imports from the Middle East. And it could mean a 30 percent decrease in greenhouse gases, chiefly carbon dioxide.<br><br>Automakers-while not debating the essential truth of such numbers-say that reliable, affordable versions of these new components and software controls are harder to implement than it may seem. But the manufacturers, while characteristically tight-lipped about production plans, have created advanced prototypes of these technologies and even installed early units in some vehicles. Because many of these technologies are readily available and based on the internal-combustion engine, they could have tremendous impact in the next several years. “There’s a lot of potential here,” says John Heywood, director of the Sloan Automotive Laboratory at MIT. “It’s our best hope for continuing to reduce emissions and fuel consumption of our ever growing vehicle fleet.” <br> <br>Fast Starts <br><br>Greater fuel efficiency starts with some seemingly simple ideas, for example, shutting down the engine to eliminate wasteful idling whenever the car is not moving. But for an engine to shut down at every red traffic light, the vehicle would need a high-power device able to restart the engine immediately-far faster than a traditional starter motor-when the driver taps the gas. Sounds straightforward. But early versions were generally too slow or too noisy to keep drivers happy.<br><br> That’s changing. Several auto suppliers have built prototypes of integrated starter-generators, which replace both the starter motor and the alternator, that are fast enough to crank the engine in less than half a second (see “An End to Idling,” below). “The big issue is reducing cost,” says Thomas Keim, an MIT electrical engineer who directs an MIT-industry consortium on advanced automotive electronics. <br><br><br>Illustration by John MacNeil<br><br>Most designs use induction motors, which must be controlled by expensive electronics that can rapidly switch between the starter-generator’s dual roles of starting the engine and acting as the alternator to generate electricity. But the MIT consortium has developed a starter-generator with a simpler version of the electronics, which could reduce the cost by 20 percent. “In the automotive world, a technology that is 20 percent cheaper tends to drive the more expensive choice out of the market,” Keim says. Ford has built a prototype of the consortium’s design and has completed initial tests. But there’s another roadblock: the difficulty of generating enough power to keep such devices humming. Rapid cranking takes lots of power. Like most other experimental starter-generators, the MIT device, built in anticipation of a future where cars employ a higher voltage standard, operates at 42 volts. Trouble is, virtually all of today’s cars still use a 12-volt system. (Exceptions include gas-electric hybrids and a 42-volt luxury Toyota sedan sold only in Japan.) Tethering a starter-generator to a 12-volt system is theoretically possible, but the starter-generator is just one of a growing number of advanced automotive electrical components on industry drawing boards. Taken together they exceed the system’s limits. Some industry experts say the voltage shift will take years: replacing an entire electrical system-which in a new car generally costs as much as the engine and transmission combined-is an expensive and complex task. But even without a complete replacement, a stopgap approach could provide a voltage boost. Manufacturers are crafting ways to install 42-volt systems beside existing 12-volt systems. The existing low-power system would remain in place, continuing to provide electricity to familiar light-duty equipment such as lights, radios, power seats, and window motors. The new high-power system would serve only heavy-duty equipment such as starter-generators and electric compressors. The dual system “would obviously add cost,” says Xingyi Xu, an engineer at Ford Research Laboratory in Dearborn, MI. Automakers would need to see considerable gains in fuel economy and consumer conveniences, he says, so “at the present time it is difficult to make that justification.” Even if justifiable, such systems would take at least five years to reach market, Xu says. But because they can provide the power needed to transform the average car from a mechanical into a more efficient electromechanical machine, 42-volt systems represent an enabling technology.<br> <br>Souped Up Software <br><br>New equipment such as powerful starter-generators would raise fuel efficiency. Yet a vehicle could achieve even greater gains if the entire power train were controlled electronically. <br><br> Each component could be adjusted continuously to consume the least power necessary as driving conditions change and-equally important-could be controlled in an integrated way for systemwide savings. “Fuel efficiency would be even greater than the sum of the components,” says Frank Lohrenz, an electrical engineer at Siemens VDO Automotive in Regensburg, Germany. <br><br>The savings could be significant. Integrated software-control systems could provide a 10 percent fuel-efficiency boost (see “The Networked Car,” TR September 2002). Siemens’ software, for example, optimizes the delivery of torque-the turning force of the power train. To do this, the system electronically registers how far and how fast the driver pushes the gas pedal. Then through electronic control of such basic mechanical components as the engine, transmission, and a future starter-generator, it delivers the requested torque. The Siemens’ technology takes into account 20 parameters-including vehicle speed, engine rotation speed, and transmission gear-before deciding how best to deliver torque from the combined efforts of engine throttling, transmission gear ratio, and starter-generator activation.<br><br>Engineers have traditionally considered each component as a stand-alone unit, but there is plenty of interest in integrated control because it’s cheap: integrated control depends largely on software, and thus, its 10 percent fuel-efficiency boost comes at relatively low cost. “If a manufacturer sells one million cars,” Lohrenz says, “the cost could be less than $5 per vehicle.”<br> <br>Digital Engine <br><br>The most radical advance for improving gas mileage would come about by remaking the engine itself. This means rethinking the century-old mechanics that open and close the engine valves, which let a fuel-and-air mixture into combustion chambers and release exhaust gases. For decades, a camshaft has performed this job. A spinning shaft, it moves levers that open and close valves approximately 100 times per second in a fixed pattern.<br><br> The camshaft technology works well, but it wastes fuel. The traditional configuration provides no way to change patterns in order to deliver, for example, lots of power for accelerating onto a highway and to cut back on unneeded power-saving fuel-at highway cruising speeds. In recent years, though, engineers have added mechanical equipment to the camshaft, allowing some enhanced valve control. This control includes, for example, the ability to open valves only partway when little power is needed. Honda and BMW have developed and installed such “variable valve” systems in many production cars, improving fuel economy by 5 to 10 percent. <br><br>But the ultimate move toward optimization throws the camshaft away. Instead, electromechanical actuators would provide software-driven control for each valve (see “The Camless Engine,” below). By providing full control over the timing, lift, and duration of each valve motion, such a camless engine optimizes power delivery with the least possible fuel at every engine-rotation speed. The payoff is huge: a camless engine could improve fuel economy by 10 to 18 percent while also increasing engine torque by 15 to 20 percent at low speeds for faster acceleration. <br><br><br>Illustration by John MacNeil<br><br>The problem is that to prevent excessive wear and minimize engine noise and vibration, valves must decelerate before landing. A camshaft, though relatively inefficient, does this quite well, thanks to its ovoid shape, which produces a corresponding acceleration and deceleration in the valve motion. Actuators are different; they slam up and down, on and off. The way to make actuators as gentle as camshafts involves a combination of hardware and software, and many companies are working on the problem. Anna Stefanopoulou, a mechanical engineer at the University of Michigan, has already designed several promising software schemes. Within the past year Stefanopoulou’s team has optimized several algorithms and is now testing ways to use feedback from the valves to achieve high-speed motion with gentle landings. Meanwhile, to aid in this soft landing, Mohammad Haghgooie, a physicist with Ford Motor, is testing springs and pneumatic and hydraulic dampers to lessen the impact of valves without slowing them down. If successful, these improvements in electromechanical valve software and hardware could bring a camless engine to market in 2008, Haghgooie says. <br> <br>Brake for Progress <br><br>Not all of the advanced fuel-efficiency technologies are still in the emerging stage. Even without camless engines and sophisticated software, assorted technologies for achieving better fuel efficiency are available. The list includes the “continuously variable transmission.” Unlike today’s automatic transmissions, which generally have four fixed gear ratios that clunk into place once engine rotation speed increases to a certain level, a continuously variable transmission delivers any of an infinite range of gear ratios on the fly. A Dutch company patented the technology decades ago; now the patents are expiring, and the transmission is already being installed in some models in the United States. The payoff can be big: in the 2002 Saturn VUE, the continuously variable transmission boosts fuel economy 7 to 11 percent, according to General Motors.<br><br> Improvements in fuel injection are also on the shelf, thanks to a recent advance known as “gasoline direct injection.” By replacing the traditional indirect-injection engine with this technology, the 2002 Volkswagen Polo has improved fuel economy for city driving by 13 percent. The benefit comes from exploiting the dynamics of how fuel and air mix. In the traditional indirect injection setup, gas and air are mixed outside the cylinder and then injected. With direct injection, fuel and air begin mixing only when they are inside the cylinder, enabling the engine to use an ultralean fuel mixture during steady, low-power driving. <br><br>All in all, there is no shortage of technology available and almost ready for the auto industry to adopt. And yet, SUVs still get an average of only 21 mpg. Asked why, General Motors’ Indra cites familiar industry arguments: innovations are too expensive; new components add weight, negating benefits. He says also that weight reduction-which, according to the DiCicco study, accounts for nearly one-third of the formula for boosting mileage-cuts into safety. That’s the argument the industry used as part of its lobbying blitz to kill tougher fuel-efficiency legislation last March. <br><br>Roland Hwang, a vehicles expert at the National Resources Defense Council, an environmental group based in New York City, says that argument is “irresponsible.” He claims the auto makers are fueling consumers’ fears about safety only to persuade them to buy bigger vehicles, which, he says, yield the highest profits. He notes that federal and insurance industry tests show that the safety record of SUVs is about the same as that for other cars. Even Honda America’s manager of environmental and energy analyses, John German, agrees that “if all vehicles weighed 100 pounds less, there would be no impact on safety.”<br><br>The larger point is simply that with no mandate from Washington or the public, the auto industry has little motivation to change. Doug Patton, a senior vice president at Denso International America in Southfield, MI, puts the subject into perspective: “What is the customer demanding? What is the government requiring? That’s how we look at it.” <br><br>To researchers, this is discouraging talk. MIT’s Heywood says most of these technologies have been in development for years. If the automakers wanted to, he says, they could readily make them inexpensive and reliable. “The car companies don’t give their engineers enough credit for being able to solve practical problems,” Heywood says. “Until management says, Okay, let’s really go for it,’ the technology doesn’t get past an advanced development prototype.” Giving such orders, he adds, “won’t happen until management thinks it has evidence that the technology will make the product sell in the marketplace or will create a new marketplace.” <br><br>Even if tough new efficiency laws are passed, others note, recent history suggests the auto industry won’t accede without a fight. “Industry leaders fought catalytic converters. They fought seat belts. They said air bags would bankrupt the industry. But once the requirements are passed they find a way,” Hwang notes. <br><br>For now, the auto industry is still content to fill showrooms with perennial gas hogs. But more efficient technologies-and the software to control them-are waiting for that final push into mass production.<br> <br>Become an MIT Technology Review Insider for in-depth analysis and unparalleled perspective.<br> Subscribe today

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“I’m very impressed with the advances that are being made in the research and treatment of cancer and the development of drugs and various antiagents to treat it,” says Bud Brylawski, who recently established the E. Fulton Brylawski Fund, a gift annuity that will provide unrestricted funds to MIT’s Center for Cancer Research. “I think we’re making real progress in combating this disease.”<br> <br> E. Fulton (Bud) Brylawski <br>Brylawski established a gift annuity, he says, because “I liked the idea of being able to give away so much of my estate while receiving income for life. The annuity also allows me to get a tax deduction and to participate in the giving process while still alive.”<br><br>Brylawski earned a bachelor’s from MIT in electrical engineering as a member of the navy V-12 program in 1946. After earning degrees from Harvard Business School and Yale Law School, he joined his father’s law firm in Washington, DC, which specialized in copyright, trademark, and entertainment law. He continued there until 1999, when he retired. Over the years, Brylawski has served on numerous boards and committees related to the law and written more than a dozen law review articles. He also held numerous civic positions and was involved in several professional organizations,<a href="http://www.cheap-store.eu/cheap-sony-tv-c-190.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">sony tv for sale</a>, including the Copyright Society of America and the advisory committee to the U.S. Register of Copyrights.<br><br>As a young man, Brylawski won several amateur golf championships. He still enjoys the sport. He and his wife, Barbara, have been married for 10 years. <br><br>“I expect the Institute’s new cancer center to play an important role in winning the fight against cancer,” he says. “I am pleased to make a gift to further that purpose.”<br><br>For giving information, contact Judy Sager: <br><br>(617) 253-6463; jsager@mit.edu. <br><br>Or visit giving.mit.edu.<br> <br>Become an MIT Technology Review Insider for in-depth analysis and unparalleled perspective.<br> Subscribe today<br>Instructions<br> <br> <br> <br> ZOOM IN by clicking on the page. A slider will appear, allowing you to adjust your zoom level. Return to the original size by clicking on the page again.<br> <br> <br> <br> MOVE the page around when zoomed in by dragging it.<br> <br> <br> <br> ADJUST the zoom using the slider on the top right.<br> <br> <br> <br> ZOOM OUT by clicking on the zoomed-in page.<br> <br> <br> <br> SEARCH by entering text in the search field and click on "In This Issue" or "All Issues" to search the current issue or the archive of back issues<br> respectively.<br> .<br> <br> <br><br> <br> <br> PRINT by clicking on thumbnails to select pages, and then press the<br> print button.<br> <br> <br> <br> SHARE this publication and page.<br> <br><br> <br> <br> ROTATE PAGE allows you to turn pages 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.Click on the page to return to the original orientation. To zoom in on a rotated page, return the page to its original orientation, zoom in, and<br> then rotate it again.<br> <br> <br> <br> CONTENTS displays a table of sections with thumbnails and descriptions.<br> <br> <br> <br> ALL PAGES displays thumbnails of every page in the issue. Click on<br> a page to jump.<br> <br> <br> <br> BROWSE ISSUES allows you to browse through every available issue.

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NetEase sports April 11th report: <br>Near the end of the <br>2016-17 regular season, NBA officially announced the latest one week team list, the top three teams did not change, Jinzhou is still , San "href= Austria" rel= "nofollow" > Spurs team and the Houston " rocket team. Toronto Toronto team has risen to fourth place,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinebuy.com/wholesale-apple-iphone-wholesale-iphone-6-c-141_143.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">iphone 6 for sale cheap</a>, the defending champion Cleveland Cleveland is down one, they have dropped to ninth place. Broolyn basket nets rely on recent good performance rose to twenty-second. <br> <br><br> <br> last week, the most eye-catching team: Eagle (3 - 0) - in the two team''s game against the best, hawks 3 wins, they clinched a playoff spot in this way, which includes a victory against Cleveland unbelievable reversal. <br> <br>''s worst team last week: Dallas (0 wins and 4 losses) - the Mavericks returned to their place at the start of the season. <br> <br> this week, the largest increase in the ranks of the team: hawks and nets (+5), <br> (+4) <br> this week ranked the largest decline in the team: -2 (5) (-4), <br> <br>1. warriors 66 wins and 14 losses (1) brackets for last week''s ranking, the same below <br> <br> warriors Durant on Sunday to return, they should be at jazz game for Durant and curry together, this will be the first time they played together since February. The warriors have been in the playoffs for the third consecutive season with the best record in the league, with a score of about $4

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The next page ranking first 2015 Spring car design graduation exhibition nickname: 10 purple crystal supercar MSO original custom Karen P1 nickname: 3 Wang Sicong looked to Xiamen new play nickname: the nouveau riche hematemesis 15 Langfang Comic Con see funny Cosplay nickname: 15 world wonderful car market point classic nickname: 15 wild pink --1960 nickname: 15 Pontiac vintage car Shanghai Automobile Museum classic grandpa car nickname: the 15 Harbin international auto show Chery automobile company. The nickname: 15 American Uncle play what car vintage car nickname: 4 Party Hecui summer pool long hair beauty Harbin Yuyang Park photo shoot nickname: 17 Middle East summer targeting nouveau riche the city of London was a luxury car occupied 13 nicknames: North of Guangzhou Yunnan private nouveau riche silence ho show nickname: 16 Overseas riders visit private garage car more staggering: nickname nickname beautiful 16 flaming lips shot on the show: 16 Changchun Jay Chou preferred vintage car not the old man of God coming daddy car inventory nickname: 16 Changchun auto show to see the pavilion series beauty nickname: 16 Changchun auto show car group NetEase beautiful season second nickname 16: marriage car support surface star romantic wedding revealed nickname: 16 original pure wild beautiful curve of the production version of the Beast nickname: 16 Blue exquisite beauty of Guangzhou multi riders shooting 25 runners nickname: silent 2015 ring Qinghai Lake electric vehicle challenge 75 Lamborghini SUV nickname: the value of up to 1 million 330 thousand yuan a nickname: 21 so many foreign nouveau riche throw a brick hit ten people are eight Hao nickname: Mercedes Benz racing 23 roaring Beast / double cross Nickname: 21 Argentina''s wealthy experience made in Italy what kind of car? Nickname: 10 is really a different time now can overload play so artistic nickname: 40 blue dream super car designer alien nickname: rebellious Bigfoot 7 Ford Excursion car: 15 not to show my nickname spell 2015 leg deep Hong Kong and Macao auto show leggy goddess nickname: 8 party and overseas real nouveau riche the supercar nickname: the return of the king 9 party review 2015 Chinese rally first stop Han Han won the nickname: 30 dream car GT6 Peugeot concept car racing game to enjoy the nickname: 10 fevered Batman movie car! The nickname: 6 world police PK it really was lost to the state nickname: butterfly doors 52 minimum reproduction autopilot future nickname: 9 do not be familiar with the appearance of it Confused 2016 new hornet nickname: new BMW 3 CSL Hommage concept car nickname: the United States and the United States do not look at their own beauty in Guangzhou,<a href="http://www.bulkwholesale.eu/wholesale-apple-ipad-air-2-c-311_149.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">ipad air for sale cheap</a>, Beijing, the United States and the United States to shoot the 798 beauty nickname:

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Women receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer are more likely to keep most of their hair with the help of devices that cool the scalp, according to two new studies. <br> <br> <br>The devices work like refrigerators by sending fluid into a special helmet to cool the scalp before, during and after chemotherapy treatments. Cooling likely protects the hair by constricting blood vessels in the scalp and reducing chemical activity. <br> <br> <br>"I think it''s a very exciting tool, because hair loss is such a horrible manifestation of chemotherapy," said Dr. Harold Burstein, a breast cancer specialist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and an associate professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston. <br> More on this... <br> <br>"Whether you''re a mom with young children, a teacher in a classroom or a corporate lawyer, the visible part of the chemo experience has really been that hair loss," he told Reuters Health. <br> <br> <br>Cooling caps are relatively new to the United States but are established in other countries, according to one of the new studies published in JAMA. <br> <br> <br>Barriers to their use in the U.S,<a href="http://www.cheap-store.eu/cheap-iphone-5s-c-142.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy iphone 5s online</a>. included a lack of approval from the Food and Drug Administration and questions about their safety and effectiveness. <br> <br> <br>For the new studies, one team of researchers led by Dr. Hope Rugo of the University of California, San Francisco Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center and another team led by Dr. Julie Nangia of the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston tested the effectiveness of two different cooling caps. <br> <br> <br>Rugo''s team tested a device known as DigniCap on 122 women being treated for stage one or two breast cancer at five medical centers. <br> <br> <br>The women wore the cap for 30 minutes before their chemotherapy treatment, during the treatment and for 90 to 120 minutes after it ended. Scalp temperature was maintained at 3 degrees Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit) during treatment. <br> <br> <br>Pictures were taken of participants'' scalps and hair over the course of their treatments. The women measured their hair loss based on those pictures. <br> <br> <br>Four weeks after their last chemotherapy treatment, about 66 percent of the women estimated they''d lost less than half of their hair. <br> <br> <br>The study''s results also suggest women using the cooling caps had better quality of life. A handful of women using the cap reported mild headaches and only three dropped out due to feeling cold. <br> <br> <br>Nangia''s team reported on 142 women at seven medical centers who were randomly assigned to the Orbis Paxman Hair Loss Prevention System or no scalp cooling while receiving chemotherapy for stage one or two breast cancer. <br> <br> <br>As in Rugo''s study, the scalp cooling device was worn before, during and after treatment. Hair loss was assessed by a healthcare worker. <br> <br> <br>After four chemotherapy treatments, about 51 percent of women using the cooling device still retained at least half their hair, compared to none of the women who hadn''t used a cooling cap. <br> <br> <br>Unlike Rugo''s study, Nangia''s team included women who received anthracycline-based chemotherapy, in which hair loss is less likely to be inhibited by cooling caps. About 16 percent of women receiving that type of chemotherapy while using cooling caps kept at least half of their hair. <br> <br> <br>Nangia told Reuters Health that differences in results at the different medical centers were likely due to improper fitting of the caps to participants'' heads. Cap placement got better as the study progressed, however. <br> <br> <br>Also, she cautioned, there will always be some hair loss even with the cooling caps. <br> <br> <br>"I would say that most women would have some thinning of up to 30 percent of their hair," said Nangia. <br> <br> <br>Rugo said women receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer can inquire about cooling caps, but only one device - the DigniCap - is cleared by the FDA to be marketed in the U.S. <br> <br> <br>"I think the biggest issue for patients is the cost and the fact that you are cold,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-samsung-mobile-phones-c-310.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap samsung mobile phones for sale</a>," she told Reuters Health. <br> <br> <br>The cooling cap is currently not covered by insurance and patients would likely need to pay around $1,000 to $2,000 per session, said Rugo. <br> <br> <br>SOURCE: http://bit.ly/2lcXitI, http://bit.ly/2lcNsb6, http://bit.ly/2ld5fiA and http://bit.ly/2ld8I0x JAMA,<a href="http://www.wholesalebuyonline.com/wholesale-apple-laptops-wholesale-imac-c-312_44.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy imac online</a>, online February 14, 2017.

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g dry summers. The stories of ‘Haunted Eastbury’ and of the headless coachman and his four-in-hand are dying out,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/athletic-bilbao-1617-c-1_66/#AthleticBilbao16/17">Athletic Bilbao 16/17</a>, but the panelled room in which Doggett,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/atletico-madrid-dzieci-1617-c-9_28/#AtleticoMadridDzieci16/17">Atletico Madrid Dzieci 16/17</a>, Earl Temple’s fraudulent steward,<a href="http://www.latlex.info/northern-irland-landslagsdrakt-c-80_96/#NorthernIrlandLandslagsdrakt">Northern Irland Landslagsdrakt</a>, shot himself is still to be seen.{256} Doggett had embezzled money,<a href="http://www.ishockeytrojorsverige.xyz/chicago-blackhawks-dam-c-371_376/">Chicago Blackhawks Dam Sverige</a>, and when discovered found this the only way out of his trouble.<br><br>When the church of Tarrant Gunville, just outside the Park gates,<a href="http://www.locnuoc.info/longchamp-stampa-p?sar-c-12/#longchampStampap?sar">longchamp Stampa p?sar</a>, was rebuilt in 1845 the workmen found his body,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/usa-landslagsdrakt-c-80_106/#UsaLandslagsdrakt">Usa Landslagsdrakt</a>, the legs tied together with a yellow silk ribbon which was as bright and fresh as the day it was tied.<br>Chapter 36<br>Returning to the road at Tarrant Hinton,<a href="http://www.idouhanbai.biz/as-roma-barn-c-97_109/#ASRomaBarn">AS Roma Barn</a>, a steep hill leads up to the wild downs again,<a href="http://www.ishockeytrojorsverige.xyz/ottawa-senators-dam-c-371_385/">Ottawa Senators Dam Sverige</a>, with a corresponding descent in three miles into the village of Pimperne whose chief part is situated in the same maGoogle Links: <ul> <li><a href="http://www.hmsljcz.com/Review.asp?NewsID=656" target="_blank">http://www.hmsljcz.com/Review.asp?NewsID=656</a></li> <li><a href="http://zxddmm1.gotoip3.com/bbs/ShowPost.asp?ThreadID=597" target="_blank">http://zxddmm1.gotoip3.com/bbs/ShowPost.asp?ThreadID=597</a></li> </ul>

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It’s been a while since the rumors flew that the next iPhone would have Near Field Communication built in. The technology allows you to touch a phone to a receiver/transmitter, and the two have secure electronic intercourse and a millisecond later out pops a transaction. That’s the idea, anyway.<br> Apple’s payment-capable Passbook app and rumored NFC integration does not a digital wallet make <br>NFC is used in Google’s Wallet,<a href="http://www.bulkwholesale.eu/wholesale-video-games-c-284.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">wholesale video games</a>, which has yet to gain traction in part because it’s compatible with exactly one credit card. Many pundits are excited about the prospect of an iPhone with NFC technology combined with the already-announced Passbook app that will be part of iOS 6, Apple’s next operating system for the iPhone and related devices. Passbook will store documents on the phone, but can also be used for transactions like buying a coffee at Starbucks. The mechanism of exchange in that case is a QR code, however.<br> <br>NFC has been in phones since 2006, so why aren’t we all using digital wallets by now? As futurist Scott Smith points out on Twitter, one of the problems is that “banks and operators would want a pound of digital flesh somewhere.” Indeed, even as operators like Square and Stripe try to make an end-run around banks, they remain inherently dependent on them. It’s a safe bet that Visa and Mastercard aren’t about to cede an inch of the incredibly lucrative trade in usurious rates on easy credit they’ve built up over the years.<br> <br>NFC payments are common in Japan and Korea, but in both countries, monopolies in banking and cell carriers were instrumental in making it happen, says Smith.<br> <br>So what’s Apple planning to do with NFC in its phones? The technology could be used for file transfers, for one. (Before they switched strategies, the founders of business card app CardCloud planned to use NFC to allow transfers of digital cards.) Beyond that, the use cases just aren’t that compelling. A recent, breathless Businessweek piece on NFC outlined applications like scanning your spice cabinet for recipe ideas and using the technology to exchange information at large events. There are plenty of interesting edge cases for the technology, but it’s hard to see any of them being compelling enough for an Apple announcement.<br> <br>There’s also, of course, the possibility that Apple will allow payments via NFC in the iPhone 5 after all. But it remains to be seen whether the number of payment options will increase. The company is notoriously finnicky about empowering players in the value chain other than itself. Absent a sea change in banks’ apparent reluctance to make NFC a real standard, it’s hard to imagine adoption of “digital wallets” hitting an inflection point in the US any time soon.

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Instructions<br> <br> <br> <br> ZOOM IN by clicking on the page. A slider will appear, allowing you to adjust your zoom level. Return to the original size by clicking on the page again.<br> <br> <br> <br> MOVE the page around when zoomed in by dragging it.<br> <br> <br> <br> ADJUST the zoom using the slider on the top right.<br> <br> <br> <br> ZOOM OUT by clicking on the zoomed-in page.<br> <br> <br> <br> SEARCH by entering text in the search field and click on "In This Issue" or "All Issues" to search the current issue or the archive of back issues<br> respectively.<br> .<br> <br> <br><br> <br> <br> PRINT by clicking on thumbnails to select pages, and then press the<br> print button.<br> <br> <br> <br> SHARE this publication and page.<br> <br><br> <br> <br> ROTATE PAGE allows you to turn pages 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.Click on the page to return to the original orientation. To zoom in on a rotated page,<a href="http://www.cheap-buyonline.com/cheap-laptops-c-256.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">laptops for sale</a>, return the page to its original orientation, zoom in, and<br> then rotate it again.<br> <br> <br> <br> CONTENTS displays a table of sections with thumbnails and descriptions.<br> <br> <br> <br> ALL PAGES displays thumbnails of every page in the issue. Click on<br> a page to jump.<br> <br> <br> <br> BROWSE ISSUES allows you to browse through every available issue.

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Let a key statistic tell the story: digital business accounts for nearly one-quarter of the world’s economy today, according to Accenture. And that share is expected to keep growing. Most businesses now understand that the success of their digital endeavors—from personalized customer interactions to new services enabled by the Internet of Things—starts with the success of the digital experience they deliver to their customers.<br> Executive Brief: Closing the Customer-Experience Gap with Digital-Performance Management <br>On the surface, digital transactions are designed to look simple: one click and your ride is on its way. This is the perceived customer experience. That click, touch, or swipe, however, kicks off a dynamic ecosystem of thousands, if not millions, of technology interdependencies that span servers and systems across geographies. Think of this as the delivered customer experience.<br> <br>In actuality, the true “customer experience” isn’t one or the other, but both together. <br> <br>The problem is that most businesses aren’t capable of merging these views. “They’re reacting either to customer feedback or to IT health systems information,” says Ryan Bateman, director of digital performance and marketing at Dynatrace. “Very few can integrate the two to understand the entire impact on customers.”<br> <br>Traditionally, perceived and delivered experiences are monitored and measured by completely separate camps—development, operations, and business—using completely separate tools. On the business side, data includes the “voice of the customer” (that is, customer expectations, preferences, and other feedback), social sentiment, Web analytics, mobile analytics, and behavioral analytics data. Top concerns revolve around customer conversion, cart abandonment, page visits, online revenue trends, and related areas.<br> <br>Meanwhile, IT (operations and developers or DevOps) concentrates on system health, mean time to repair, load time, latency, and related issues. The top concerns for this group include system and application performance, scalability, quality of service, efficiency, and other system health metrics.<br> <br>Consequently, no one sees the whole picture.<br> <br>Q & A: What is Digital-Performance Management?<br> <br>Read the full interview transcript.<br> Dissecting Digital-Performance Management <br>To get a full view of the customer experience, businesses need to develop new capabilities and processes focused on digital-performance management (DPM). This emerging approach, which evolved to address gaps in the customer-experience and application-performance management (APM) industries, better links IT and the business by integrating the perceived and delivered customer experiences. Rather than having players use their own separate data, DPM enables everyone—whether in social media, marketing, customer analytics, IT operations, or development—to work from the same data set captured during the customer visit. Depending on what they consider most important, the business and IT can each explore the data from different angles as well as different levels of abstraction and drill-downs.<br> <br>Because DPM integrates IT system performance with digital business performance, all stakeholders can begin speaking the same language—and working toward the same goals. They can begin collaborating on customer-experience optimization, making better decisions,<a href="http://www.wholesalebuyonline.com/wholesale-apple-watch-c-136.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale apple watch</a>, and responding in real time to issues. “The customer experience is the intersection point that all these audiences have in common,” says Bateman.<br> <br>DPM processes and technologies help businesses to:<br> <br>Because DPM is an emerging capability, businesses will certainly face some challenges as they implement it. First, they need to understand that DPM is a practice, not a software solution or a tool. “Similar to the way DevOps and Agile revolutions have taken hold, DPM requires both process and cultural change across different groups that historically worked in silos,” Bateman says. A successful DPM initiative, then, requires high-level support from the organization’s C-suite—whether that comes from the chief digital officer, chief customer officer, chief marketing officer, or chief information officer—as well as solid change-management processes.<br> Infographic (page 1 of 2) Infographic (page 2 of 2) <br>The bottom line: Businesses can no longer afford to maintain a fractured view of the digital customer experience. “More and more, the customer experience is becoming the yardstick for measuring business success,” Bateman says. “As you see an increase in the quality of the customer experience, there’s a direct correlation with revenue, lower cost of customer support, and higher efficiency in IT.”<br> <br>Put another way: Smart companies now understand that today, digital performance and business performance are one and the same.<br> <br>To learn more about DPM, see our exclusive resource package, including our downloadable executive brief, “Closing the Customer-Experience Gap with Digital-Performance Management,” and the accompanying video and infographic. Or visit .

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tween the British possessions and the United States, from Lake Superior west to the Cascade Range. This expedition was in the field for three years or more. Papers reporting its progress were published by Parliament in 1859,<a href="http://www.latlex.info/slovakia-landslagsdrakt-c-80_85/#SlovakiaLandslagsdrakt">Slovakia Landslagsdrakt</a>, and finally,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/fernando-torres-drakt-c-149_153/#FernandoTorresDrakt">Fernando Torres Drakt</a>, about 1863, the British Government published Palliser’s detailed journal,<a href="http://www.levne-nhl-dresy.xyz/shayne-gostisbehere-dresy-c-59_91/#ShayneGostisbehereDresy">Shayne Gostisbehere Dresy</a>, containing reports on the geography,<a href="http://www.ishockeytrojorsverige.xyz/los-angeles-kings-barn-c-339_360/">Los Angeles Kings Barn Sverige</a>, agricultural resources,<a href="http://www.fotbalove-dresy-levne.xyz/ajax-fotbalové-dres-c-91_106/#AjaxFotbalovéDres">Ajax Fotbalové Dres</a>, and commercial possibilities of far western America. Later Palliser was a magistrate for County Waterford and, for a time, served as high sheriff of that county.<br><br>THE COUNCIL AT FORT BENTON<br>William T. Hamilton, who died in 1908, was perhaps the very last survivor of that old-time race of trappers whose courage, skill,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/liverpool-1617-c-1_8/#Liverpool16/17">Liverpool 16/17</a>, and endurance led to the discovery, exploration,<a href="http://www.i-nazca.info/longchamp-backpack-c-9/#LongchampBackpack">Longchamp Backpack</a>, and settlement of that vast territory which we now call the Empire of the West. He left St. Louis in 1842 with a company of free trappers led by Bill Williams?famous in those days?and for many years thereafter led the wild, adventurous,<a href="http://www.idouhanbai.biz/manchester-united-c-1_144/#ManchesterUnited">Manchester United</a>, and independent life of the mountain man. WiGoogle Links: <ul> <li><a href="http://www.nj-bridge.com/ad/Review.asp?NewsID=479" target="_blank">http://www.nj-bridge.com/ad/Review.asp?NewsID=479</a></li> <li><a href="http://www.lbjxx.net/blog/?uid-7-action-viewspace-itemid-12543" target="_blank">http://www.lbjxx.net/blog/?uid-7-action-viewspace-itemid-12543</a></li> </ul>

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ed in upon each other in a very remarkable manner,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/ac-milan-dzieci-1617-c-9_34/#ACMilanDzieci16/17">AC Milan Dzieci 16/17</a>. The spectacle was viewed with wonder and amazement.<br><br>On the 26th,<a href="http://www.taniekoszulkipilkarskieskleppolska.pl/aston-villa-1617-c-1_64/#AstonVilla16/17">Aston Villa 16/17</a>, the twilight at noonday was quite bright. The moon also lent her aid; but low spirits and a sense of oppression and homesickness prevailed, all induced,<a href="http://www.fotbalove-dresy-levne.xyz/chelsea-fotbalové-dres-c-91_117/#ChelseaFotbalovéDres">Chelsea Fotbalové Dres</a>, doubtless,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/as-roma-drakt-c-25_28/#AsRomaDrakt">As Roma Drakt</a>, by want of exercise,<a href="http://www.huninfo.info/michael-kors-akcesoria-c-8/#MichaelKorsAkcesoriatorebki">Michael Kors Akcesoria torebki</a>, and loneliness.<br><br>“Another twenty-four hours,” wrote Lockwood, on the 6th of February, “of this interminable night 128 nearly gone! Thank God! Sometimes it seems as if this life must hold on forever, but tempus fugit up here as well as elsewhere. The days and weeks seem weeks and months in passing, and yet,<a href="http://www.latlex.info/arjen-robben-drakt-c-149_178/#ArjenRobbenDrakt">Arjen Robben Drakt</a>, in the retrospect, time seems to have passed quickly,<a href="http://www.billige-fotballdrakter.xyz/cesc-fabregas-drakt-c-149_189/#CescFabregasDrakt">Cesc Fabregas Drakt</a>, because there is so little in the past to mark its progress, I suppose.”<br><br>Lockwood could not realize the extreme cold, and seldom wore his gloves when going out for a few minutes. Though he put on a thick dog-skin coat and seal-skin over-all when taking his daily walk,<a href="http://www.ishockeytrojorsverige.xyz/arizona-coyotes-barn-c-339_369/">Arizona Coyotes Barn Sverige</a>, he really did not regard so much clothing necesGoogle Links: <ul> <li><a href="http://zxddmm1.gotoip3.com/bbs/ShowPost.asp?ThreadID=504" target="_blank">http://zxddmm1.gotoip3.com/bbs/ShowPost.asp?ThreadID=504</a></li> <li><a href="http://xgyz.zqbe.net/Review.asp?NewsID=178" target="_blank">http://xgyz.zqbe.net/Review.asp?NewsID=178</a></li> </ul>


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