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    November 24th in 2007, the company front door was completion of work.At 8:45 A.M., The company president Mr Lee,company general manager Mr Lu,YongNing develop area Mr Xie director and company employees open a rites.Spacious brand-new front door, mean for TianLong more the breadth leaps higherly;Include the design principle of the modernization, represent for TianLong the person is continuously creative to satisfy the customer need.


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Application of NetEase NetEase NetEase _ news Aries Horoscope sign sign > today is: wealth comes from: "promise technology Ziwei star network" 0 fortune noisy Zhou Yun 4.1-4.7 Susan Miller witch week 3.30-4.5 week 3.25-3.31 2015 witch 12 constellation love affair Duan Gaoming horoscope for April sign sign sign which is early on not to live,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/intel-cpu-c-249.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">intel cpu for sale</a>? Sign test most comfortable Companion: you have several flower peach test: how long are you going to capture different test: what is your greatest weakness: test your marriage is the importance of what star Nicky Wu Liu Shishi on the stage name analytic constellation matching the most idol main angle characteristics of the constellation Cancer men: the master batch of fine slag fighters married men

   评论人:Tlxc4yc20  评论时间:2017/8/1
NetEase sports April 21st report: <br> <br> Super League sixth round against Tianjin Guoan at home court the right to health, the results in fortieth minutes, sun peripheral volley, this is his last 3 games of the second ball. <br> <br><br> <br> in the fourth round of the League Yanbian flight Seventy-eighth minutes, Pato inverted triangle transfer, sun outflanking left Tui goal right on the corner broke, it was the first goal of the season in the sun, and the sun can again after a lapse of 560 days in the super goal. <br> <br> today, the fortieth minute of the match, the sun can win the left corner opportunity, Pato''s left corner to the forbidden area, Yang Zhi fists to hit the ball outside the area, the sun can grab in front foot grabbed defensive player ball, slightly adjusted periphery the right foot hit curve ball, the ball crossed the defensive player directly enters the goal right corner, Yang Zhi determine the right direction but that the tricky ball helpless. <br> <br> sun scored second goals a season, the goal to work directly All seats are occupied. mute. It can be said that the sun can be a super goal is very exciting, the former national foot has gradually recovered the best state. In addition, the ball and he had in the 2015 Asian Cup in Uzbekistan when the goal is exactly the same, when he is in this position today,<a href="http://www.cheap-store.eu/cheap-laptops-cheap-asus-laptops-c-256_262.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap asus laptops</a>, right foot curve ball hit the ball straight into the goal, right corner. <br> <br><br><br> <br>''s past heats against South Korea and the Iran team, coach Lippi has not been able to recruit the sun into the national team. At that time, the sun is indeed poor state, but with the recent 3 games scored 2 goals, sun has become the right thigh. Although Lippi was not in the stands watching tonight, but he will understand the dynamic game, when he learned that the sun state, can be recruited into the sun again to the national team. <br> <br><br><br><br> (original title: Analysys: news client quality is higher than the overall level of mobile Internet users) <br> <br> lead: what kind of people like to use news information applications? What career people use more? What is the user distribution area? To the news client user portrait for your decryption: <br> <br><br> <br> recently Chinese Internet market leading data analysis firms Analysys Analysys released "news client user portrait Research Report 2016 (on)" report, analysis report, news APP high end users. <br> <br><br> <br>Analysys Analysys monitoring data show that the application of news and information more male users, users are mainly young people, people over the age of 41 have a relatively wide coverage; and mobile Internet users distribution comparison, news and information users in first-tier cities and prefecture level city of users is relatively high coverage, higher education, and College above accounted for nearly 4; from the occupation of income distribution, the freedom of news and information in the occupation user / owner dominates, the user base is relatively high income, a high income characteristics. <br> <br><br><br> <br><br><br> <br><br><br> <br><br><br> <br><br><br> <br><br><br> <br> <br> data source: monitoring data in 2015 (the sails Analysys NetEase news in key areas of user data for the February 2016 data), Analysys monitoring statistics for users only a data independent of APP, not including the user data generated outside the APP calling behavior, as of the first quarter of 2016 with the monitoring results of Analysys sails 750 million the cumulative installed coverage, 150 million monthly active mobile end users based on. <br> <br> view original report click here <br> <br><br> this article source: NetEase attitude marketing. Editor in chief: Lu Dandan _BJS2794

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In 01 the giant baby giant baby Wu Zhihong 02 III ten peach (Yang Mi starred in TV series 02) III. ten peach (starring Yang Mi drama) in Tang Dynasty and the seven childe 03 human history: from animal to human history: 03 from God to God [Israel] animal authors Larry · Hector 04 forensic Qin Ming series (5 Volumes) 04 forensic Qin Ming series (all 5) Qin Ming trisomy 05 complete trisomy 05 complete works of Liu Cixin 06 classic history of the history of CITIC China (5 Volumes) 06 CITIC classic history history Chinese (5 Volumes) Yang long; Ma Yong; Xi Hua; Luo Fen Mei 07 survival and fate 07 [Su] survival and the fate of Vasily · Grossman 08 "at the helm" 08 "at the helm" dragon trilogy Trilogy Zaiyu 09 from scratch in marketing (8 volumes) 09 from zero marketing (8 volumes) [US] soup Tim · rise Hopki 10: the rise of western human community history of 10 western history: the human community [US] William · Macneil (William H.McNeill) to see more > forensic Qin Ming series (5 Volumes) 01 forensic Qin Ming series (all 5) Qin Ming 02 giant baby''s 02 giant baby Wu Zhihong''s 03 human history: from animal to human history: 03 from God to God [Israel] animal authors · trisomy 04 complete trisomy 04 Hera and Liu Cixin complete ten 05 III peach (Yang Mi starred in TV series ten) in 05 peach flowers III (Yang Mi starred in TV Series) seven 06 son of the Ming Dynasty Tang the thing (seven volumes) 06 Ming Dynasty those things (all seven) when the moon 07 ferry 07 [British] Claire ferryman · Mike Holmes 08 perfect relationship secret 0 8 perfect relationship secret Yang Bingyang 09 of the nine and 09 general Ghoul Ghoul nine general and 10 World tyrants singing romantic romantic history history of 10 die die ears to see more > such as Yi Chuan Temple complete (Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo starred in TV series such as the original 01) after complete (Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo Yi Chuan drama starring the original) Liu Lianzi recorded 02 complete 02 hairpin hairpin -- complete side light cold 03 five customers (7 volumes) 03 five customers (7 volumes) Zhang Haifan 04 to you,<a href="http://www.cheaponlinestore.eu/cheap-iphone-6-plus-c-291.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap iphone 6 plus</a>, I am willing to love the whole world 04 to you, I am willing to love the whole world Tang three 05 less: 05 Red Red Art: Art Leslie Cheung Leslie Cheung Cui Scarlett 06 female is not strong is not large (Oriental TV drama original novel) and 06 female (not large not strong Oriental TV drama the original novel) 66 07 song of joy The second season (with the same title hit the original TV Series) 07 happy song in the second quarter of the same name;

   评论人:dlsie4qm62  评论时间:2017/7/31
Using Facebook is a trade. You get a way to socialize over the Internet, and the company gets to rent out your eyeballs to advertisers.<br> <br>But today Facebook signaled that it thinks millions of people are cheating on that deal by using ad-blocking browser extensions,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/apple-iphone-6s-for-sale-c-144.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cheap apple iphone 6s</a>. The social network says that it will start tweaking its site in a way that allows its ads to evade ad blockers.<br> <br>Things could now get interesting, since the developers of ad blockers will set out to evade Facebook’s blocker blockade to keep their many users happy. Ad industry estimates suggest that between 45 and 70 million people in the U.S. use an ad blocker on a desktop computer. Adblock Plus, the most popular blocker, reports more than 100 million active users and even takes money from Google and others to let certain ads through.<br> <br>Adblock Plus and its competitors are already in an arms race with companies attempting to neutralize them. But those solutions aren’t 100 percent effective. Facebook should be able to make more powerfully block-resistant ads. It has more resources at its disposal than conventional media companies do, and more control over the way it serves up ads.<br> <br>The design of ad blockers exploits the fact that when you visit a Web page, any ads are usually loaded from Web domains other than the one providing the main content. (This is because publishers usually outsource hosting and display of ads.) Tools like Adblock Plus and uBlock work by using a blacklist to block out domains known to host ad content, so ads never load.<br> <br>Facebook appears to be saying that it can neutralize the blacklists that power ad blockers. If the company serves up ad content and content such as your friends’ photos from the same sources, then the ad blockers simply won’t work.<br> <br>Ad blockers won’t necessarily be shut out for good, though. Facebook clearly labels ads using slugs such as “Sponsored” so as not to confuse its users. That provides clues in the makeup of a Web page that an ad blocker could be designed to interpret. Facebook has fired a powerful opening shot in its war on ad blockers, but it probably won’t be the last.<br> <br>(Read more: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, “The Ad Blocking Kingpin Reshaping the Web as He Prefers It,” “Are Ad Blockers Needed to Stay Safe Online?”)<br>Nothing in our system currently matches this topic. Please make another selection. by date ! Sponsored by

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Ji''an Ji''an in Jiangxi Province, the middle reaches of Ganjiang river. From the point of view, is the middle section of Luoxiao mountains, Hunan, Jiangxi Province South choke throat channels, is extremely advantageous. The territory runs from north to south of the Beijing Kowloon Railway, 105 State Road and State Road 319 and three South Road, is a natural link connecting Beijing,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/mini-pcs-c-254_252.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">mini pcs online store</a>, Southern China, Fujian, Southwest China, Hong Kong and Macao; on traceability of Ganjiang River Communication Fujian and Guangdong, under the Pan Yangtze River and Poyang Lake connected along the lower reaches of the Yangtze River is developed provinces, occupies a special position in Jiangxi province geography. Congratulations on your vote! Thank you for participating in the selection of the 2012 casual City, in order to be able to participate in the voting, we set up a data cache of 10 minutes, your score will be updated in the next 10 minutes. If you are willing to participate in the activities of the draw link can leave your personal information. Please fill in this form for the first time. Your personal information is only used for the contact and verification after winning, we will keep your personal information confidential, please rest assured. We are sorry to inform you that you have just failed to vote. According to the regulations, each user (to judge IP) can only give the same city a day, you are welcome to continue to support the city tomorrow. Thank you again for participating in the 2012 China leisure city. You are welcome to continue to score for other cities (back home), you can also go to micro-blog to express your views on the city (to participate in the topic). Share to:

   评论人:dieo3321fg  评论时间:2017/7/31
[To check out a six-minute video featuring two eminent researchers and Technology Review’s editor in chief discussing the hows and whys of embryonic stem-cell research ? with spectacular color graphics and images ? click here. Note: You can pause the video at any time.]<br><br>Embryonic stem (ES) cell research, we hope, will be moving from the laboratory to the clinic in the coming years. The promise of this technology ? and the associated scientific challenge ? is enormous (see “Stem Cells Reborn”). Worldwide, 17 million people die every year from cardiovascular disease, more than 200 million suffer from diabetes, and millions more fall ill from a wide range of other disorders that may one day be treatable with stem cell thera-pies. <br> <br>It’s possible that, in addition to generating an unlimited supply of functional replacement cells, ES cell progeny could be used to reconstitute more complex tissues, including blood vessels, bone, and even entire organs such as kidneys or hearts. But even if stem cell researchers learn to generate these various tissues, doctors still will not be able to transplant them into patients without either the risk of immune rejection or the use of immunosuppressive drugs that can lead to a wide variety of serious and potentially life-threatening complications.<br> <br> This story is part of our May/June 2006 Issue See the rest of the issue<br> Subscribe <br>Somatic-cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) ? also known as therapeutic cloning ? could potentially prevent the immune responses associated with the transplantation of ES cell-derived tissues. Unfortunately,<a href="http://www.tv-onlinestore.com/cheap-sharp-tv-sharp-70-inch-tv-c-227_235.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy sharp 70 inch tv online store</a>, however, using SCNT to treat everyone with cardiovascular disease and diabetes alone would require several billion (yes billion!) human eggs, and at present, it is proving problematic for researchers to obtain even a limited supply of human eggs for research purposes. Of course, aside from the problem of egg supply, there’s also the debate over the ethics of creating ? and destroying ? hundreds of millions of human embryos to generate patient-specific stem cell lines.<br><br>Fortunately, there’s a new area of stem cell research that aims to bypass the need for human eggs and even the creation of embryos. Scientists hope to reprogram patients’ cells in the laboratory so that they enter a stem cell-like state where they have the potential to turn into some (multi-potential) or all (pluripotential) of the 200-plus cell types in the body. <br><br>Such advances will hopefully allow us to produce youthful cells and tissues that are genetically compatible with patients. These cellular?reprogramming technologies could become the treatment of choice for chronic diseases. In the same way that the ooplasm of an egg is capable of reverting the nucleus of any cell back to an embryonic state, the cytoplasm of other cell types (such as blood cells) may be capable of reprogramming another cell type (such as a skin cell). This technology has the potential to transform mature body cells extracted from a patient into pluripotent stem cells, while sidestepping the ethical debate associated with both egg cells and embryos.<br><br>Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether this goal can be achieved in a few years, or whether it will take decades. To begin with, more research is needed to explain how the egg ooplasm is able to take a fully differentiated nucleus backward in time and turn it into a totipotent cell that has the capacity to generate an entire organism. <br><br>There is also tantalizing evidence that ES cells can be used instead of eggs to reprogram somatic cells. Does the magic lie in the cytoplasm or the ES cell nucleus? While you are reading this, dozens of groups worldwide are actively trying to answer this and other questions associated with cellular reprogramming. With a little luck, one of them might get stem cell research out of its ethical bind. <br><br>Robert Lanza is vice president of medical and scientific development at Advanced Cell Technology.<br><br> <br>Become an MIT Technology Review Insider for in-depth analysis and unparalleled perspective.<br> Subscribe today

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Source: “CMOS Integrated Silicon Nanophotonics: Enabling Technology for Exascale Computational Systems”<br>William Green et al.<br>SEMICON,<a href="http://www.cheaponlinestore.eu/cheap-apple-laptops-c-312.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy apple laptops online store</a>, December 1-3, 2010, Tokyo, Japan<br> Dual use: This chip contains optical and electrical circuits. Combining the two could move data faster. <br>Results: IBM researchers used standard fabrication methods to create a silicon chip that incorporates silicon photonics alongside conventional electronic transistors. These optical components can pipe data into the chip as a light signal, convert it into an electrical signal that can be processed by conventional components, and then convert it back into light to be sent out of the chip.<br> <br>Why it matters: The speed of supercomputers is constrained not by processing power but by limits on how fast data can travel down the electrical wires that link up different chips. Light signals move significantly faster than electrical ones, so using them could remove that bottleneck. While other groups have made silicon components that can process light, their designs cannot usually be integrated into the standard manufacturing processes used to make a chip’s transistors.<br> <br>Methods: Light-?processing components are typically much larger than electrical ones, so the researchers tried to shrink them as much as they could to keep the overall chip’s design compact. One important modification was to drastically reduce the thickness of the germanium in a photonic component that detects light signals. The material is required to efficiently absorb light, but too much germanium would cripple nearby transistors by changing the behavior of the electrons that flow through them.<br> <br>Next steps: So far the chips have been made only in a lab, but the IBM team is working to make them in a commercial foundry to prove that they can be manufactured cheaply and in large volume.<br> <br>Predicting Popularity<br> <br>Mapping the popularity of tweets and blog posts foretells the fate of future posts <br> <br>Source: “Patterns of Temporal Variation in Online Media”<br>Jaewon Yang et al.<br>Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, February 2011<br> <br>Results: Researchers at Stanford University built a model that can predict, with 75 percent accuracy, when a new piece of online content’s popularity will peak and how long it will last.<br> <br>Why it matters: The ability to predict how widely a news story or tweet will travel could help identify the most influential blogs and Twitter posters, providing clues to who might be able to disseminate an important piece of information most broadly. Websites could use the predictions to position their content and advertising, possibly increasing click-through rates. <br> <br>Methods: The researchers analyzed 170 million news articles and blog posts over the course of a year, as well as 580 million Twitter posts over eight months. They measured the attention each piece of content received by tracing how much it was mentioned elsewhere over time. They found that they were able to graph these patterns in a small set of distinct shapes. Some stories spike rapidly and then fall off, making a sharp, pointed shape. Others have more staying power, rising and falling more gently. Observing early response to a new piece of content allows the researchers to predict what shape the graph of its influence will take and, thus, to predict its popularity and staying power.<br> <br>Next steps: The researchers are investigating when and how errors are introduced into accounts of news stories and how content changes as it travels—for example, when quotes from public figures are dispersed. They are also trying to understand the networks by which information spreads, determining the exact path it takes across the Internet. These findings could help trace information to its source and reveal which sites are truly influential.

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"The Smurfs: looking for the mysterious village" Character Trailer (source: NetEase video) <br> href= <br><br> <br> NetEase entertainment reported in April 21st; today, CO produced by the Columbia film company, SONY animation, once directed "Shrek 2 Kelly Asbury Stephen · Director, Stacy Haman, · Pamela · Riban writer" The Smurfs: the mystery of the village "mainland release. The film has produced a poster and a wizard ultimate foursome role featurette, blue sister and brainy, stupid, be one appearance,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/galaxy-s5-c-310_246.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cheap galaxy s5</a>, in a unique way to show themselves, with adorable personality behavior. <br>The <br> wizard four show the charm of . The adorable funny laugh struck <br> <br> posters, adventure team and mysterious The Smurfs full debut, in the face of the new environment and the upcoming battle, they are curious or nervous, different look out of the sky. In the rocks behind the bushes, gargamel and cat is always ready to arrest look at fiercely as a tiger does, like The Smurfs, two big villain broke the quiet life of the elves, also let the whole picture add a hint of tension. <br> <br> in the latest release of the special edition, the elves four blue sister, stupid, and brainy perfectly. Also demonstrate the unique charm of my true. Blue sister looks beautiful and strong heart, she is lively and active love adventure, the courage to challenge new things, always maintain a positive state, is the team leader and energy source". Cong natural love, thinking is the core of advisers will find, and inversely proportional to the EQ IQ did not damage his image, but that he added some adorable. He is sacrificing entertainment all professional players, very good at his embarrassment, God is born funny masters. Be renruqiming, a real fitness spree, play kushow play handsome muscle is his daily, seemingly nervous. But friends are filled with care. Four buddy personality cute adorable funny feeling, good with different characteristics, never separated four The Smurfs and mysterious woman team combination, adorable burst table values should not be missed. <br>On the first day of release <br> gold <br> burst reputation masterpiece a trend which cannot be halted <br> <br> <br>3D pure CG animated film "The Smurfs: looking for the mysterious village" has swept the world''s classic 0<br><br>The source of couples 390 million jackpot send friends according to the whole life of millions of exposure (Figure) 04-22 08:02 found in the 5 million 340 thousand original NetEase before her husband wife: don''t fall asleep and dreaming 04-22 07:52 NetEase original man " sneak out in " 7 million 200 thousand do not believe that the lottery fraud rumors 04-22 07:46 NetEase original old lottery was voted 100 yuan for 5 million 470 thousand don''t go home 04-22 07:44 NetEase in the original 10 million 300 thousand winner after winning the lottery still said winning no excitement 04-22 07:39 NetEase original woman sleeping dream license plate number 10 times a month 10 million 500 thousand 04-22 bet 07:35 NetEase original aunt took 7 million 340 thousand: I do not jump square dance lottery is the only hobby 04-21 14:13 original small NetEase to the lottery shop hide the rain 16 million Shenzhen prices for your home 04-20 15:46 NetEase original lottery betting 16 million 470 thousand additional station owners said I do not know Who is the winner of 04-17 08:03 NetEase original Wang station 7 million 650 thousand awards within half a year 04-17 08:01 NetEase gains first prize twice in five years, the original man keep the silver Shuangseqiu friend was 04-17 07:59 the original NetEase Shou Chung jackpot by 5 million workers said that this is his girlfriend number combination wedding gift 04-17 07:55 NetEase original simple lottery led away 5 million 740 thousand award if the family is too excited 04-16 14:40 has been hiding the original NetEase using lottery winning 7 million out of 4 yuan " loopholes; director of " anxious to change the rules of 04-16 08:06 NetEase 100 thousand yuan original birthday lucky in the lottery: hope in 5 million 04-16 07:59 NetEase original men break lottery number " " rules; 100 million 04-16 prize in betting. 07:57 NetEase original old color friend 50 times voted seven music Caiquan main stand: he pick way has the characteristics of 04-16 07:54 NetEase original color friend Each 4 yuan to keep two years two prize would hold for the miracle 04-16 07:48 NetEase original gains 58 million 320 thousand grand prize 10 times Ningbo lottery betting 10 note first prize 04-16 07:46 NetEase original happy family love for the purchase of 2 note Shuangseqiu 1 million 460 thousand silver 04-16 07:43 NetEase original area before the two big lottery number cast birthday number 3 note 9 million 500 thousand prize pool accumulated 3 billion 699 million yuan 04-16 07:38 NetEase to buy the original hardware clerk in exposing a monthly salary of only 4000 04-15 14:50 NetEase original tracking three years ago the 200 million grand prize winner: buy the stock 04-15 08:07 billion net profit of 30 million NetEase original 22 million 680 thousand winner for half a month to avoid the limelight award just touch!

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. Let’s look at the most renowned universities of New York at contemporary times. ? Ocho d?as pasan volando,- me dije -,<a href="http://www.thesoccerworldshop.com/Fc-Barcelona-Andres-Iniesta-Jersey-Sale/">Andres Iniesta Jersey</a>, y mi esposa estar? en casa conmigo perfectamente sana.The price of these labels printers starts from about $60, which is not high thinking about the numerous positive aspects related to a LW450. The only problem was Jon and I were about to begin a new life in Papua New Guinea, so the entire wedding was planned via the internet. " MEDIO A?O MENOS DE VIDA PARA ELLA Y PARA MI. So it was most important that even though it poured with rain for the entire week leading up to the day, we showcased what the best city in the entire world had to offer. Following our hearts and sticking to the people we really wanted made the day very special, and they all complemented each other right down to our gorgeous flower girl, who wore a dress made with love by my aunty.As though electricity brokers didn’t have ample to fret about, two new things are concerning electricity brokers across the land.Royals Will Take Shot At Re Signing Alex Gordon - RealGM WiretapAlex Gordon is expected to turn down his $12."No decision has been made on Ruben at this point,<a href="http://www.thesoccerworldshop.com/Arsenal-Fc-Chuba-Akpom-Jersey-Sale/">Chuba Akpom Jersey</a>," Phillies president Pat Gillick said. So, if you are in need of a boy or a lady escort to be with you for the day,<a href="http://www.thesoccerworldshop.com/Manchester-United-Fc-Zlatan-Ibrahimovic-Jersey-Sale/">Zlatan Ibrahimovic Jersey</a>, you can feel free to leave your queries on our internet page or simply send us an email to our email address provided for you.<br>

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CCC Service to Include Majority of STM Journal Content from Springer Nature<br> <br>Danvers, Mass. ? Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a global licensing and content solutions organization, announces that Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is participating in its RightFind? XML for Mining solution.<br> <br>The agreement with NPG follows announcements earlier this year that Springer Science+Business Media content would be included in RightFind XML for Mining. The CCC service will include the majority of STM journal content from Springer Nature, the new organization combining Springer Science+Business Media and the majority of Macmillan Science and Education.<br> <br>RightFind XML for Mining allows publishers to offer life science companies controlled access to full-text articles in XML format for import into their preferred text mining software. Participating publishers receive usage reports that help them make decisions related to text mining and their content-development strategy.<br> <br>“With RightFind XML for Mining, publishers are able to extend the value of their content and complement their subscription business by taking advantage of new licensing channels and formats,” said Emily Sheahan, GM and Executive Director, CCC. “Publishers can now reduce the cost and time of servicing individual customer requests for text mining rights and content feeds while supporting voluntary, market-based licensing solutions to address the needs of the research community.”<br> <br>“We want to reduce complexity for our customers, and make our content more discoverable, useful and reusable,” said Elliot Hermann, VP Sales Operations & Strategy at Nature Publishing Group. “RightFind XML for Mining offers a potential ‘one-stop-shop’ for life science companies. We are pleased to join many other publishers participating in this service, and hope to advance the pace of discovery and speed of innovation.”<br> <br>Other publishers participating in the offering include Wiley, BMJ, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Taylor & Francis, SAGE, Cambridge University Press, American Diabetes Association, American Society for Nutrition, and Future Medicine.<br> <br>XML for Mining is built on the RightFind platform, CCC’s unique suite of cloud-based workflow solutions that offer immediate, easy access to a full range of STM peer-reviewed journal content.<br> <br>Using RightFind XML for Mining, commercial life science researchers create sets of full-text XML articles from more than 4,000 peer-reviewed journals produced by over 30 scientific, technical, and medical (STM) publishers and import these sets into their preferred third-party text mining software. XML for Mining enables researchers to identify articles associated with their research from publications to which they subscribe and discover articles that fall outside of company subscriptions, providing the most complete article collection for mining.<br> <br>Text mining and data mining are methods of using appropriate software to discover knowledge from text materials (unstructured data) and databases (structured data), respectively. During text mining, researchers use software systems to identify not only areas of interest such as genes, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, and diseases but also relationships between them and thereby discover new hypotheses, or validate old ones,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com">Cheap fjallraven kanken classic</a>, with unprecedented ease.<br> <br>“By participating in CCC’s service we hope to meet the needs of customers who want to access nature.com content through RightFind XML for Mining,” said Hermann. “We will also continue to offer text and data-mining on nature.com for site license customers, and to license content for PubMed Central’s open access subset.”<br> About Copyright Clearance Center <br>Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is a global leader in content management, discovery and document delivery solutions. Through its relationships with those who use and create content, CCC drives market-based solutions that accelerate knowledge,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken laptop for sale</a>, power publishing and advance copyright. With its subsidiaries RightsDirect and Ixxus, CCC provides solutions for millions of people from the world’s largest companies and academic institutions around the world.<br> About Springer Nature <br>Springer Nature is a major new force in scientific, scholarly,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-mini-c-4.html">Buy kanken mini online</a>, professional and educational publishing. By using its combined expertise, scale and the reach of its brands, the company aims to grow and innovate in order to better serve academic researchers, students, teachers, institutions, professionals and the wider public, by helping them discover more. Springer Nature was created through the combination of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media in May 2015. This strategic merger brought together these dynamic publishing houses with more than 150 years of history behind them, as well as complementary geographic footprints and brand portfolios, a track record of creativity and innovation, and a shared vision to advance knowledge and learning around the world. The company numbers almost 13,000 staff in over 50 countries and has a turnover of EURO 1.5 billion.

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Nothing in our system currently matches this topic. Please make another selection. by date ! Sponsored by<br>When mathematician Rajiv Laroia joined Bell Labs in the summer of 1992, he thought he had found his ideal niche-if not for life, then at least for a comfortably long time. Armed with his new doctorate and a passion to make his mark, he reported to the Mathematical Sciences Research Department, where he found a sweet opportunity to work with world-class mathematicians, engineers and statisticians. “There was no specific charter,” Laroia relates. “We were given sort of free rein to do anything we wanted to do.” Bent on first broadening his horizons, he dived into the basics of communications-wireless, optics, theory and more. Laroia envisioned writing papers and contributing to state-of-the-art systems. But he didn’t foresee leaving AT&T’s (now Lucent’s) illustrious research division-especially not to start a company. He wasn’t an entrepreneur. <br> <br>What a difference a few years and the age of Internet fever can make. Early this year, Laroia did the once inconceivable by helping found Flarion Technologies, which is out to make ubiquitous, wireless data access so affordable that a vacationing California family of four could tool along a Maine highway and simultaneously be surfing the Web, listening to the Oakland A’s over the radio, watching The Simpsons and sending e-mail-all without denting the budget. It turned out Laroia’s horizon-broadening pursuits had engendered a novel idea about how to achieve such wonders, an idea so far outside the conventional wireless paradigm that it couldn’t find a ready home at Lucent. So Laroia convinced his whole five-person team to come with him to start Flarion. Job security went out the window. In exchange for equity, people took pay and benefit cuts. Bye-bye Bell Labs. <br> <br>Only not quite. Laroia and friends may have left their jobs to pursue technology that could, if it pans out, usurp a piece of their former employer’s business-but it’s all been done with Lucent’s blessing and support. In fact, Flarion’s launch was spearheaded by Lucent’s three-year-old New Ventures Group (NVG), a division chartered to scout out Bell Labs technology that doesn’t mesh well with current business lines, help researchers develop financial plans, attract venture capital and get the innovations out the door. The expectation is that these emigrant technologies will either go it alone or acquire enough critical mass to thrive inside Lucent, if repurchased by the mother ship. In this way, the company hopes to strengthen an Achilles’ heel of any big firm: the effort to capitalize on “disruptive” or “white space” advances that buck the status quo-even if those new technologies spring from in-house research. Explains Bell Labs President Arun Netravali, “If you try to nurture that new thing in the same organization, with that same set of people who are today managing fairly substantial businesses using older technology, it becomes very difficult for this new thing to get much attention.”<br> <br>So far, Lucent’s New Ventures folks have kicked off at least 24 other efforts designed to complement or compete with established business lines-raising $150 million in outside venture capital, not to mention the company’s own contributions of roughly $225 million, to nurture these enterprises in a more focused and friendly environment. Three have now been brought back to the parent corporation, and one (the Internet multicasting concern Talarian) has gone public, with several additional IPOs planned for 2001-and the endeavor’s success is setting the tone for similar efforts around the globe. But that’s only the half of it. As Technology Review inaugurates its first Corporate Research & Development Scorecard, tracking spending trends in 150 leading technology-oriented corporations, NVG’s very existence underscores a critical point: There’s far more to research and development spending than meets the eye. Indeed, while the Scorecard nicely reflects the current robust state of corporate health-especially among U.S. firms-it’s only by looking beyond the numbers to programs like New Ventures that it’s possible to get at the important changes that have reshaped the industrial research landscape in recent years.<br> <br>Going for Growth <br> <br>In the late 1980s and early 1990s, when many firms were mired in heavy losses, managers at AT&T (Lucent’s progenitor), IBM, General Motors and other technology-intensive firms slashed R&D funding as they struggled to manage resources more efficiently. Now, as indicated in TR’s Scorecard and government statistics that show U.S. R&D funding rising steadily since 1994, budgets are steaming to new highs. But that hardly means it’s business as usual inside the labs. Indeed, rapidly fusing fields such as computers and communications are bringing ever more competitors to the fore, putting an even greater premium on streamlining the R&D pipeline. To spur collaboration, reward game-changing ideas and, above all, get things to market more quickly and in better shape, a host of new programs, initiatives and interindustry collaborations have emerged. <br> <br>New-ventures groups like Lucent’s exemplify the current climate, in the sense that they mark an attempt to go beyond existing product lines into areas where the parent firm may be weak. Indeed, although the vast bulk of corporate R&D resources still go toward protecting existing businesses and product lines, firms are increasingly looking for fresh ideas and sources of growth. Nurturing these efforts from within, however, can be tricky. Corporate annals are replete with stories of ideas that got away from the home company because they proved too revolutionary or too far outside main business lines: Think Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and the litany of its 1970s personal-computing inventions-from the graphical user interface to WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) word processing-that proved too much for the copier company to handle. <br> <br>Xerox PARC may be the most famous, but every major firm has its own horror stories. That fact has led many to form a venture-capital-like entity to spin off promising ideas, in the hopes these upstarts will get a more friendly reception outside the company’s confines. Indeed, a recent study by Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Henry Chesbrough traces these efforts to the 1960s, when one-quarter of the Fortune 500 companies operated venture arms. Almost invariably, however, these endeavors ended in abject failure-for reasons as diverse as the means of compensating employees, cronyism and corporate competition for resources. <br> <br>But that was then. What seems different about Lucent’s effort is the time spent studying past mistakes and instituting measures to avoid them, while maintaining an unusual willingness to change its approach if a better strategy appears. NVG has been used as a benchmark by some 30 firms considering similar ventures, including IBM, NEC, British Telecom and Motorola. It has also been the subject of a Harvard Business School study and a comprehensive report published by the Corporate Executive Board, a Washington, D.C.-based research organization. This last examination concluded: “After studying 16 companies attempting to do internal venturing…none have addressed all the critical success factors as thoroughly and effectively as Lucent.”<br> <br>Cruising the VC Champs Elyses <br> <br>This new new ventures effort dates back to the early 1996 trivestiture that saw the old AT&T split into its current namesake company, NCR and Lucent. In what NVG President Tom Uhlman calls a “desire to break the mold from AT&T,” Lucent challenged employees to move faster and help their company grow. A lot of this nimbleness could be achieved in the business groups. But then-Bell Labs President Dan Stanzione felt his enterprise was underexploited, and that a trove of technology could not get to market speedily enough-if at all-through conventional channels. <br> <br>Stanzzione’s challenge prompted Uhlman-then Lucent’s senior vice president for strategy, development and public affairs-to propose the separate business entity that became the New Ventures Group. Fundamentally, the enterprise would be different from the programs many companies run to provide venture funding to outside firms that not only promise to fill technological holes but may even add to profits. Instead, NVG would concentrate on internal inventions. The added revenue from spinning off Bell Labs’ technological booty constituted only part of the prize. Equally important was to plant seeds in fertile areas that could one day become major sources of growth. Having an alternative channel for developing technology would also set an entrepreneurial tone that it was hoped would permeate Lucent’s R&D pipeline, motivating recruits and longtime employees alike. <br> <br>In mid-1996, Uhlman hired former BoozAllen & Hamilton consultant Stephen Socolof to help launch the New Ventures initiative. The pair spent months studying what had worked-and what hadn’t-at similar efforts run by Xerox, Intel and others. One basic tenet they picked up was that their venture arm had to shed conservative corporate structures and act more like true venture capitalists-moving quickly and taking risks. They motored up and down Palo Alto’s Sand Hill Road, the Champs Elyses of venture capitalism, culling VC success secrets. This reconnaissance drove home the imperative of due diligence-evaluating an idea’s market potential, competition and so on-and then providing seed money in discrete stages, adding to the pot only if key technological or market milestones are met. Veteran VCs also advised Lucent to look outside the firm for business and even technical expertise to help consider and launch these ventures-and to provide equity compensation rather than sticking with conventional salary structures. All had proven hard to do in corporate venture arms; all were deemed essential.<br> <br>The first spinoff was launched in late 1996: a firm called Veridicom, which makes a fingerprint analyzer on a silicon chip for identification and security. About a year later, with a handful of ventures under way, Uhlman’s initiative became a full business group. Despite all their precautions for quick and thorough evaluation, however, Socolof admits the initial group members were overwhelmed by scores of ideas covering everything from semiconductors to optics to the Internet. It also turned out that Lucent harbored fewer true entrepreneurs with the experience to lead spinoffs than planners had imagined. <br> <br>Both factors led to NVG’s bolstering its capabilities with a cadre of “entrepreneurs-in-residence.” Working mainly out of cubicles in the swank, carpeted New Ventures wing-a stark contrast to the adjacent linoleum-lined Bell Labs-these tended to be young business-school types who also had experience in selected technical areas. Not only could they help evaluate ideas and develop them into workable business plans, they were also prepared to join any new venture-perhaps as chief executive or chief operating officer-to get it off the ground.<br> <br>Another lesson Lucent learned was that it shouldn’t try to fund its ventures alone. The original idea had been to keep total ownership of proprietary ideas. But the group soon realized that outside VCs brought added benefits that more than made up for Lucent’s taking a smaller share. For one thing, they had experience in launching startups; Lucent didn’t. They also carried golden Rolodexes of contacts essential to developing businesses-and in many cases enjoyed such standout reputations that just putting their name on the investor list increased the odds of success. Socolof says it initially proved tough for Lucent to grasp “this whole notion of being willing to take a smaller piece of the pie to create a bigger success.” But grasp it the company did. NVG today counts some 40 VC firms as investors in its endeavors.<br> <br>Doing More With Wireless <br> <br>It was this new, faster-acting NVG that Rajiv Laroia encountered with his idea for what would become Flarion. The mathematician’s studies in communications had led him to a radical concept for handling wireless data-and in October 1997, he started the Digital Communications Research Department to pursue it. Laroia’s efforts went beyond e-mail and music applications, then coming into vogue, to include more sophisticated services such as videoconferencing and interactive gaming that he believed mobile people would soon want in wireless form. Planned improvements to conventional wireless systems-the so-called third-generation technology still under development-could conceivably accommodate such applications (see “Internet Everywhere,” TR September/October 2000). But traditional systems had originated to handle voice calls, which have different technical requirements from digital data transmissions. Voice systems can tolerate typical losses of up to 1 percent of a given conversation with no noticeable problems, largely because of the redundancy of speech. Data transmission is a lot more sensitive: The same small losses-even losses a hundred times smaller-can ruin a deal or end a game. And besides, Laroia reasoned, configuring voice-optimized systems to carry high data volumes was an expensive proposition affordable for businesses but not for the mainstream users he wanted to serve.<br> <br>The way around this problem was to start from scratch with a system designed for data. (Adding voice to this would be relatively simple, since voice could be treated as just another form of data.) The key lay in improving on a well-known technology popular in wireless and digital TV and audio called “orthogonal frequency division multiplexing,” which tries to get around the “multipath” interference that happens when signals bounce off trees, buildings and the like. Lucent’s big innovation was to add the “flash,” a term that refers to the ability to hop rapidly between frequencies. Essentially, the new system deploys multiple high-speed wireless signals virtually simultaneously over several frequencies. This spread-spectrum technique both optimizes bandwidth and minimizes interference. <br> <br>Initially, Laroia’s department consisted of himself and one colleague. But by mid-1998, he had hired several additional members-and things began to move. Within a year, the group was far enough along for Laroia to envision a commercial system consisting of a base station transmitter paired with a unified modem-chip set that could be integrated into cell phones, personal digital assistants and other wireless devices. He spoke with business groups about his concept, but they were squarely focused on third-generation technology and did not have the extra resources to develop such a radical alternative. Laroia felt it was far too important to let go, since if left to others it could ultimately usurp a core part of Lucent’s wireless business. Still, he believed the idea had a significantly greater chance of success if it could be pursued in a more entrepreneurial environment.<br> <br>That led him to New Ventures, where his proposal fell into the hands of J.C. Huang and Lars Johnnson. Huang, with a doctorate in applied physics, an MBA and consulting experience, heads up one of three core groups inside NVG. He had helped launch WatchMark, a firm specializing in network-management software. The German-born Johnnson was an entrepreneur-in-residence who had worked as a chemical engineer before joining NVG with a master’s degree in technology management. <br> <br>The pair liked the idea immediately and spent a couple months helping Laroia hone the concept into a workable business plan. Then it was time to meet the venture capitalists. Laroia had never been much of a pitch artist, but with Johnnson handling the business end and the mathematician touting the technology, together they wowed venture capitalists on both coasts. Backed by $12.5 million from Lucent and three leading VC outfits-Charles River Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners and Pequot Capital-Flarion was launched this February. Johnnson signed on as director of business development, and Laroia became chief technology officer, taking his entire department with him. By summer, they had hired former NextWave and Bell Atlantic Mobile executive Ray Dolan as CEO and set up shop in a roomy 2,500-square-meter space in a modern office park in Bedminster, N.J. Even as workmen were converting an old mailroom into a systems laboratory, Flarion was up to 40 employees, and is heading toward 100 by year’s end. <br> <br>The initial focus is on perfecting the technology. Plans call for a prototype system to be ready late this year, with a commercial offering set for the second half of 2001. Flarion officials say they can’t estimate the cost savings of their technology because it depends on network size, traffic volumes and other factors. But they stress that the savings will be significant-enough for that California family to do its Web surfing affordably. With conventional systems, quips Dolan, “I don’t think anybody can afford both the automobile and the connectivity.”<br> <br>Even presuming it can bring wireless data into mainstream use, Flarion doesn’t expect to get the bulk of the wireless pie. First come the big carriers on conventional networks-the Nortels, Ericssons and Lucents. Flarion must also contend with startups such as San Jose-based ArrayComm, which has its own dedicated data scheme. Still, Dolan foresees winning a major, and increasingly important, portion of the wireless-data business. He envisions a future for data traffic that mirrors the evolution of air freight shipping. Commercial airlines began carrying freight because they saw the chance for extra revenue. But as air freight usage grew, a separate industry sprang up to serve it; freight takeoffs and landings now rival commercial airline traffic. So it will be with data, contends Dolan. Data may have started out on conventional wireless networks. However, he asserts, “The tidal wave of demand that’s about to hit carriers of wireless data will require a Flarion solution.” <br> <br>Back in the carpeted confines of NVG, everyone hopes Dolan is right. But it’s only one of many seeds being planted, a fact attested to by dozens of paperweight-like deal icons-each commemorating successful financing rounds-covering a long birch cabinet in Tom Uhlman’s expansive office. So far, Uhlman’s people say they’ve examined nearly 250 projects in detail and launched about 25 ventures, though not all have been announced. Not every one has been a winner. Two didn’t make it even to the spinoff stage. One particularly high-profile disappointment was Inferno, an attempt to develop a new operating system partially conceived by legendary Unix and C-programming-language pioneer Dennis Ritchie. The effort failed to live up to its buzz and was ultimately closed-though it has recently been reborn under a different business strategy and may yet find a way to survive.<br> <br>No doubt there will be others that, as Uhlman puts it, “I wouldn’t call failures, but didn’t meet expectations.” But the New Ventures head isn’t much troubled by that right now. Indeed,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-video-games-cheap-nintendo-c-284_328.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale nintendo</a>, he’s on a roll, helping Lucent do what few companies have been able to accomplish: find ways for people like Rajiv Laroia to challenge the status quo and bolster the establishment at the same time. That task may not make for the stay-in-one-job stability of yesteryear, but for big companies and their employees, it can provide a different type of security.<br> <br>Company Year foundedSelected areas of focusIdeas screened annuallyAnnounced launchesRecent launchesIntel New Business Development Group1998Data services,Internet hosting, networking, digital cameras and toys1002Vivonic: fitness-planning software for handheld market<br>PassEdge: digital-rights management for Internet streaming videoLucent New Ventures Group1997Wireless, multimedia, e-commerce, networking, semiconductors7525Flarion: wireless data<br>SyChip: chips for wireless Internet appliances<br>CyberIQ: Internet traffic and content managementNortel Business Ventures Group1996Internet and networking technologies150NAEntrust: encryption and digital security<br>Elastic Networks: next-generation DSL<br>Netgear: network computing <br>NetActive: digital-rights managementXerox Technology Enterprises1998Internet technologies5012 (est.)Inxight: Web navigation and viewing software

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Interview with BRAIN Project Pioneer: Miyoung Chun ?The trickiest thing about the brain mapping project might be that we don’t even know what we’re trying to learn. by Climate Change: The Moral Choices The effects of global warming will persist for hundreds of years. What are our responsibilities and duties today to help safeguard the distant future? That is the question ethicists are now asking. by Proceed with Caution toward the Self-Driving Car Completely autonomous vehicles will remain a fantasy for years. Until they’re here,<a href="http://www.wholesalebuyonline.com/wholesale-mobile-phone-wholesale-blackberry-phones-c-313_314.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap blackberry phones for sale</a>, we need technology that enhances human drivers’ abilities rather than making those abilities increasingly obsolete. by The Enduring Technology of Coal Despite the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the burning of coal has only been accelerating. by Can IT Cure Congress? In 1968, an instructor of political science had reason to hope that computers would make government wiser. Business Impact

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Speakers and microphones can be used for a lot more than just playing and recording sounds.<br> <br>Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are exploring what else they can do with a project called SweepSense. It takes advantage of the speakers and microphones already common in gadgets like smartphones, laptops,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinebuy.com/wholesale-apple-iphone-wholesale-iphone-se-c-141_145.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">iphone se for sale cheap</a>, and earbuds, sending out ultrasonic frequencies and measuring the strength of the reflected sound, which is then used to trigger actions such as halting tunes when you remove your earbuds from your ears.<br> <br>Gierad Laput, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon and the leader of the project, says the idea is to use speaker-and-microphone pairs to add functionality beyond what they’re designed to do, without having to add any more hardware.<br> <br>“The infrastructure is already there, so you’re just riding on top of it,” he says.<br> <br>A paper on the work will be presented at a conference on intelligent user interfaces in Sonoma, California, in March.<br> <br>The project is the latest signal that ultrasound technology could become increasingly useful in a range of gadgets, and also perhaps in settings like cars or even subway stations. There are a number of companies working on bringing ultrasound technology to electronics already, such as Elliptic Labs, which makes software that employs ultrasound for gesture recognition and proximity sensing on phones, and Chirp Microsystems, which uses ultrasound for gesture recognition, though the technology has not yet become widespread.<br> <br>The researchers came up with a couple of ways to use the SweepSense approach with a smartphone and a laptop. On the phone, with a pair of earbuds plugged in and each bud emitting different ultrasonic frequencies that were picked up by its built-in microphone, they were able to analyze the sounds to determine if a user was wearing the left or right earbud, both earbuds, or neither of them. Software could then use this information to, say, pause music if both earbuds are taken out of your ears?an application researchers actually tried out. A user might also be able to answer an incoming call by removing just one of the earbuds.<br> <br>On a laptop, the researchers used its built-in speakers and microphone with SweepSense software to figure out when the computer display’s angle was changed. Ultrasound frequencies should reflect differently according to the screen’s angle, Laput says; spotting this change would make it possible to do things like pull up a utility dashboard when someone tilts the display forward, for example.<br> <br>Researchers have also started testing out SweepSense with a car, Laput says, since a number of vehicles have speakers and microphones, too. The idea there is to see if ultrasound sensing can determine whether a door is open (and if it’s open, how far open) and whether or not there are passengers in the car, he says.<br> <br>One problem with using ultrasound frequencies, as the researchers note, is that low-frequency ultrasound may be audible to some people (such as kids and the elderly) and to animals, which could annoy them. Laput says using a different range of ultrasound that isn’t audible is possible, but not all speakers that are already embedded in devices can emit such sounds; he hopes that future hardware improvements will make this more common.

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Gazing at an electrical meter, Yi Cui, a graduate student in the Harvard University lab of chemist Charles Lieber, waits for evidence of a remarkable feat in simple, ultrasensitive diagnostics. His target is prostate cancer. His new tool is a microchip bearing 10 silicon wires, each just 10 nanometers (billionths of a meter) wide. These nanowires have been slathered with biological molecules with an affinity for PSA, a protein all too familiar to men of a certain age as the telltale sign of prostate cancer. If the experiment works according to plan, when the PSA molecules bind to the nanowires, there will be a detectable electrical signal. <br> <br> Cui washes a solution containing prostate cancer proteins over the chip. Immediately, the meter registers subtle changes, indicating not only that the device has detected the protein, but that it detected perhaps as few as three or four molecules, instantly and with minimal sample preparation-a previously unheard-of feat. The implications for diagnostics are enormous. A successful prostate cancer test must distinguish between normal and elevated protein levels. Ultrasensitive sensors like Lieber??s could discern the slightest increase; what??s more, they could do so in cheap, disposable tests that patients could use at home between visits to the doctor. ??If I were at risk for a particular cancer, I wouldn??t want to take a chance and wait for some cancer cells to grow wildly out of control over a year because the previous test missed it,?? says Lieber. <br> <br> Though this nanowire device is just an experimental prototype, it is at the forefront of a growing effort at labs around the world to marry nanoelectronics and biology into a new field called nanobiotechnology. This hybrid discipline is producing a variety of tools-from arrays of tiny sensors that can detect specific biological molecules to microscopic systems carved out of silicon that can read individual strands of DNA-capable of providing a new window on biological molecules. <br> <br> The implications for medicine and biotechnology are myriad. Besides sniffing out the barest whiffs of disease-or perhaps detecting a single spore of anthrax-these devices could provide far faster and easier diagnosis of complex diseases. For example, they could provide early warnings about heart attacks, whose calling cards are subtle changes in the mix of dozens of proteins. Alternatively, a single microchip could provide a comprehensive diagnosis from a drop of blood. And for drug researchers, nanobiotech gadgets could mean new tools for discovering and evaluating potential drugs more rapidly, by screening millions of different drug candidates at once. Some of these more ambitious goals will likely take years to achieve, but nanobiotech could lead to real devices that will begin replacing cumbersome lab-based procedures with cheap, accurate microchips in as little as two years. <br> <br> These first products-chips rigged to detect a specific disease or cluster of genetic disorders-are already being developed at nearly a dozen nanobiotech startups (see ?? Sensing Success ??) . Larry Bock, CEO of Palo Alto, CA-based startup Nanosys [ TR board member Robert Metcalfe is a Nanosys cofounder and director. Ed.], which has licensed Lieber??s technology, predicts his company will market a commercial sensor within three years, first for use as a research aid to rapidly screen potential drugs, and later as a cheap, disposable at-home test for prostate cancer and perhaps other cancers. ??People talk about all the wonders of nanotechnology but then say it??s not going to happen for another 20 years,?? says Chad Mirkin, a chemist and director of the Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University. ??But that??s absolutely incorrect for things like diagnostics. You??re going to see products on the market in the next two years.?? <br> <br> Power in Numbers <br> <br> Biology and electronics have long existed in separate universes. But because biological molecules, like DNA and proteins, are roughly a few nanometers in size, and because physicists and chemists are now learning how to make electronic devices on exactly that size scale, these universes are colliding. The result is a new class of devices that combine the ability of biological molecules to selectively bind with other molecules with the ability of nanoelectronics to instantly detect the slight electrical changes caused by such binding. ??What??s really interesting about this technology is that it allows one to take the inorganic components that normally would be nestled inside an electrical chip and combine them with biological molecules,?? says Paul Alivisatos, scientific cofounder of Nanosys and a chemist at the University of California, Berkeley. <br> <br> Indeed, nanoelectronic devices like the one built in Lieber??s lab (see ?? Sensitive Wire ??) could do away with the elaborate apparatus now needed for ultrasensitive detection. ??If you wanted to do single-molecule detection in a lab today, you would need a laser the length of a desk and a lot of sophisticated optics, chemical labels to amplify the signal enough to be able to see it,?? Bock says. <br> <br> Shrinking down such ultrasensitive devices enough that they could be put on chips could have numerous applications in diagnostics. Stanford University chemist Hongjie Dai, for example, has built a device that can detect glucose with a single carbon nanotube, a large carbon molecule with excellent electrical properties (see ?? The Nanotube Computer ,?? TR March 2002) . The glucose molecules react with molecules on the surface of the nanotube, creating electrical signals that correspond to glucose concentrations, he says. Though only a proof of concept today, such a device could be developed into an implantable glucose sensor for diabetics. In December, Dai launched Molecular Nanosystems in Palo Alto, CA, to commercialize nanotube-based devices including biosensors. <br> <br> For many applications, though, what??s really needed is not a lone nano detector but a dense array of them. That way, you can rapidly look for thousands, even millions, of different biological molecules in a single drop of blood or other body fluid, allowing the diagnosis of diseases that have complex molecular signatures. One such disease is rheumatoid arthritis-an autoimmune disease with many variants, each marked by subtle differences in groups of proteins. Ideally, each variant would be fought with a slightly different treatment; in practice, sufferers today are generally treated in the same way. But, says Dai, a nano array could serve as a highly precise and discriminating diagnostic device, providing a road map for custom treatment. <br> <br> These arrays of nano detectors promise advantages over existing technologies, like DNA chips, and ones under development, like protein chips. All such chips require fluorescent labeling of molecules and optical microscopes to detect the glow given off when binding occurs (see ?? DNA Chips Target Cancer ,?? TR July/ August 2001) . What??s more, roughly a thousand molecules must bind to each sensing element to create the glow. With nanoelectronics, no bulky, expensive equipment is needed,<a href="http://www.cheap-bulk.com/laptops-cheap-lenovo-laptops-c-256_257.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy wholesale lenovo laptops online</a>, and instant detection of just a few molecules is possible. <br> Sensitive Wire To detect a disease-related protein in a blood sample, a silicon wire just 10 nanometers wide is coated with biomolecules that bind only to that protein (below). When the disease protein binds to a molecule on the wire (inset), the wire??s conductance changes, providing an instant electric signal. <br> Sticky DNA <br> <br> But sensors with nanoscale features can only succeed if they are ??sticky?? enough to grab onto molecules of interest. Northwestern??s Mirkin sees value in gold: specifically, nanoscale gold particles, to which he affixes multiple fragments of DNA that can latch onto DNA targets. Each gold particle becomes ??like Velcro,?? he says. In the next 18 months, Mirkin says, he and his colleagues will build a simple, doctor??s-office diagnostic device capable of instantly diagnosing diseases or predispositions to disease, depending on what DNA fragments are used on the device. ??Chips will be built for panels of diseases,?? says Mirkin, including sexually transmitted diseases, cystic fibrosis and genetic predispositions to colon cancer and blood hypercoagulation (blood that clots excessively). <br> <br> Mirkin??s prototype chip, under development by Northbrook, IL-based Nanosphere, a company he cofounded, uses DNA deposited between electrodes on a microchip to recognize targets of interest. A sample is mixed with those ??Velcro?? gold particles and washed over the chip. If the sample contains the targeted DNA-say, genetic material from the syphilis bacterium-the DNA will bind to those sticky gold particles and then to the DNA fragments between the electrodes. The gold particles close the circuit and produce a detectable signal. The more electrode sensing elements per chip, the more diseases-or genetic predispositions-can be detected. <br> <br> Mirkin??s group is adapting a process known as dip-pen nanolithography to gain the ability to literally ??print?? DNA molecules between electrodes just 200 nanometers apart. Mirkin hopes to pack hundreds, even thousands, of electrode sensing elements on one chip. <br> Printing Molecules <br> In dip-pen nanolithography, molecules are printed directly on a chip surface. Arrays of cantilevers (above) deposit millions, even billions, of different molecules on a surface; in cases where the printed molecules bind to specific genes or proteins, the chip can be used to diagnose diseases or discover drugs. Each cantilever, or ??pen,?? has a silicon tip (left) just a few atoms wide at its end. As the tip moves laterally, molecules attached to its sides are drawn down to the surface by a water meniscus that forms under the tip. The vertical motion of each cantilever is controlled thermally, allowing individual pens to start and stop printing. <br> Mirkin??s technology can find specifically targeted DNA in a sample. But if you could actually grab a single piece of DNA and directly ??read?? its genes, you could, in theory, identify any gene, or even complex gene patterns. Using tools adapted from semiconductor manufacture, physicist Harold Craighead of Cornell??s Center for Nanobiotechnology and his former postdoc Stephen Turner built a silicon chip containing tiny channels, each 50 nanometers in width and depth (see ?? DNA Pipeline ,?? below) . The channel is so small that a single strand of DNA can barely squeeze through-and that??s just the point. An electric field causes the normally coiled ball of DNA to bump into the channel, uncoil and thread its way down. <br> <br> Once grabbed, the DNA needs to be ??read??-to see, for example, if it contains a specific sequence. To make a sequence legible, researchers add fluorescent-labeled DNA probes to the sample beforehand; the probes bind to the target sequences. As each molecule of DNA wiggles its way down the channel, an optical detector identifies the fluorescent labels passing by. ??We??re treating the DNA like it??s a recording medium,?? says Turner, who is now president of Nanofluidics, a startup trying to commercialize the Cornell technology. ??And just like a tape player, we??re playing the DNA.?? While the Cornell researchers currently use an external optical microscope to read the ??tape,?? they hope to build an optical reader directly onto the chip using optical fibers. Turner expects to have a working device within the next few years. <br> <br> Because the tools for making these tiny channels rely on the same standard equipment used to fabricate silicon chips for microelectronics, Turner envisions making nanofluidic chips with thousands and even millions of channels and optical fibers. With such devices, Turner says, doctors could one day take a drop of blood from a patient, drop it on the microchip and rapidly scan the DNA in the sample for genetic markers of disease. The device could also help doctors choose just the right drugs for the patient. <br> DNA Pipeline To identify a particular sequence on a strand of DNA, researchers first mix the DNA with fluorescent probes that attach to that sequence. Then, on a microchip (above), an electrical field draws DNA through a channel 50 nanometers wide. An embedded optical reader detects any attached probes, identifying the sequence. <br> DNA Control <br> <br> In the marriage of nanoelectronics and biology, the most extreme vision involves affixing electronic gadgets directly to molecules. To show how this might work-and why it might be useful-a team at MIT??s Media Lab, led by physicist Joseph Jacobson and biomedical engineer Shuguang Zhang, affixed gold particles, each only 1.4 nanometers in diameter, to a piece of DNA. Each gold particle served as a tiny antenna. The researchers then exposed the DNA to radio frequency magnetic fields, causing the particles to heat up, and the double-stranded DNA to break into two strands. When they removed the magnetic field, the strands came back together immediately. ??Now we have a very powerful and useful tool that can control things at the molecular level,?? says Zhang. ??So far, there are no tools that can do this. To be able to control one individual molecule in a crowd of molecules is very valuable.?? <br> <br> That value, adds postdoc Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli, arises largely from the potential ability to turn genes on and off. To do that, the MIT researchers could attach fragments of DNA to gold particles. When added to a sample of DNA, the fragments would bind to complementary gene sequences, blocking the activity of those genes and effectively turning them off. Applying a magnetic field would then heat the gold particles, causing their attached fragments of DNA to detach, in effect turning the genes back on. Such a tool could give pharmaceutical researchers a way to simulate the effects of potential drugs, which also turn genes on and off. MIT recently licensed the technology to a biotech startup, Waltham, MA-based engeneOS. <br> <br> Although remote control of DNA may sound more like a parlor trick than something your doctor might use, such experiments are demonstrating that nanoelectronics can interact with biology in powerful ways. Materials like nanowires and nanotubes, extensively researched by physicists and chemists in recent years, are now in the hands of biomedical engineers like MIT??s Zhang-with huge implications for everything from drug discovery to diagnosis of diseases like prostate cancer. While it??s difficult to predict winners among these many technologies, Berkeley??s Alivisatos, for one, says, ??I think these things are all going to find competitive niches.?? <br> <br> Fast, cheap microelectronics revolutionized the world of computing and information technology. Whether nanoelectronics can revolutionize medicine remains uncertain. But the gap between electronics and biology is fast closing, and biomedical researchers and even physicians will soon have tools to probe life??s basic molecules in ways that seemed like fantasy just a few years ago. <br> <br> Sensing Success <br> Some companies in nanobiotech <br> Company Technology Source Strategy Agilent Technologies <br> (Palo Alto, CA) Harvard University Materials with nano-sized pores for analyzing DNA engeneOS <br> (Waltham, MA) MIT Gold nanoparticles for remote control of biological molecules Molecular Nanosystems <br> (Palo Alto, CA) Stanford University Carbon nanotubes for sensing biological molecules Nanofluidics <br> (Ithaca, NY) Cornell University Chips with nanoscale channels for analyzing DNA NanoInk <br> (Chicago, IL) Northwestern University Dip-pen nanolithography for designing biological molecules and structures Nanosphere <br> (Northbrook, IL) Northwestern University Electrode/gold nanoparticle detectors for sensing DNA and pathogens Nanosys <br> (Palo Alto, CA) Harvard University Nanowires for sensing biological molecules SurroMed <br> (Mountain View, CA) Pennsylvania State University Nanobarcodes for labeling biological molecules U.S. Genomics <br> (Woburn, MA) U.S. Genomics Nanocrystalline lattice for analyzing DNA

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Ten years ago, Pawan Sinha was visiting his father in Delhi when he noticed a startling and tragic sight: young children, many of them maimed or blind, begging on the streets. He could tell that many of the blind children had cataracts?a condition that can be corrected easily through surgery.<br><br>Sinha, an MIT professor of brain and cognitive sciences who studies vision, immediately saw a chance to help those children and, at the same time, further his research on brain development. He had been looking for a way to investigate how the brain learns to make sense of visual input from the eyes, a question that neuroscientists have traditionally probed by studying babies. Babies, however, are usually not co?perative research subjects, limiting the value of such studies.<br> <br>The ideal subjects, Sinha realized, would be people born blind who later gained sight. “It very quickly struck me that in providing these children with sight surgery, we would also have the answer to the question that I had been struggling with,” he says. “That confluence of being able to do something that would directly impact the lives of children, and also make headway into scientific questions, was a very attractive possibility.”<br><br>In 2005, Sinha launched Project Prakash to find children with curable forms of blindness and offer them free treatment. Since then, the project has screened more than 28,000 children, both in Delhi and in remote Indian villages, and nearly 2,000, including 162 with congenital blindness, have been treated for a variety of eye problems. By studying some of those children after surgery, Sinha and his colleagues have answered many questions about how the brain learns to see. Their findings have also influenced how certain forms of blindness are treated in India and elsewhere.<br> Multimedia <br>A preventable tragedy<br>India has an extremely large population of blind children; estimates range from 200,000 to more than a million. The rate of childhood blindness in developing countries is five times that in more affluent nations, and the World Health Organization says that in India, more than half of all congenitally blind children die before the age of five. Those who do survive have extremely limited opportunities: across the developing world, 90 percent go uneducated. In India, even those who attend schools for the blind get a minimal education that does not come close to preparing them for well-paying jobs. They might learn to count, for example, but typically get no further math instruction. Fewer than 1 percent of blind people in India are employed as adults.<br><br>Most treatable cases of blindness involve either cataracts or corneal scarring, which is often caused by vitamin A deficiency. Both can be repaired with surgical procedures that in developed countries are considered routine: cataracts can be removed, and scarred corneas can be replaced. In rural India, however, children with these conditions usually remain blind.<br><br>“In the United States, if I were to find one such untreated child, it would be headline news,” says Sinha. “But in India, because most of the children are born in their homes, they hardly have any contact with modern medical care.” Indeed, fewer than 20 percent of blind children in India receive treatment, says Sinha, though twice that many have conditions that could be cured. Fewer than 15 percent of India’s major hospitals have pediatric ophthalmic units, and most of the existing facilities are located in cities, with little access for rural villagers.<br><br>Project Prakash (prakash is the Sanskrit word for light) sends teams of optometrists and ophthalmologists to villages far from Delhi looking for children who can be helped. Visiting those villages has been a revelation for Sinha. Growing up in Delhi, where his father was an administrator at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), he was shielded from the poverty that grips most of rural India.<br> <br> Sight for sore eyes: Suma Ganesh (top left), head of pediatric ophthalmology at Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital in Delhi, uses a slit lamp to examine a child. In 2003, Pawan Sinha (bottom left, in foreground) visited several rural villages to get a firsthand sense of childhood blindness in India. Here, he and Asim Sil, an ophthalmologist who hosted his visit, work with an 11-year-old girl who had gained sight in one eye at age seven. “This visit helped crystallize in my mind the potential humanitarian and scientific significance of the effort that would become Project Prakash,” says Sinha. At right, in 2006, Yuri Ostrovsky, PhD ’10, tested a patient named Abid on a shape perception task a few weeks after his surgery for congenital blindness. Abid’s sister, who had the same condition, was also treated. <br>“Even though I grew up in India, I hadn’t really appreciated how much of the country lives,” says Sinha, who usually returns twice a year. “It’s a very sobering realization that in a country that we think is developing so well, the reality seems to be very different when you go to the villages.”<br><br>Richard Held, an MIT professor emeritus of brain and cognitive sciences who accompanied Sinha on a 2008 trip to India and coauthored two papers on Project Prakash research, says the villagers are welcoming and curious about the newcomers. “Everybody comes out and looks at us. We’re on exhibit, because they don’t see too many visitors,” he says. Sinha, who is fluent in Hindi, easily establishes a rapport with the residents, says Held. “He’s a very generous person and wise in the ways of people, as well as being a good scientist,” he says.<br><br>A gradual process<br> The Project Prakash teams usually end up screening 100 to 200 children per village. Any good candidates for surgery are invited to come to Delhi, where they can be treated at a facility called Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, Project Prakash’s main partner in India. Project Prakash, which is funded in part by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, pays for the surgeries and transportation costs, covering lost wages for the children’s parents as well.<br><br>Although cataract removal and corneal replacement had been done on infants in developed countries, such surgeries had rarely been performed on older children who had been blind from infancy, so the researchers weren’t sure what to expect. Yuri Ostrovsky, PhD?’10, who helped Sinha launch the project, recalls that in the beginning, he believed the most exciting moment would be removing the bandages after a congenitally blind patient’s surgery. “We got ready for that moment, and we asked them, ‘How does the world look now?’ And they said, ‘Pretty much the same,’” says Ostrovsky, now a postdoc in Sinha’s lab. “That was a little surprising and maybe, in some ways, a little bit of a letdown.”<br><br>By testing the children on visual tasks such as distinguishing between colors and identifying shapes, the researchers discovered that immediately following surgery, patients’ eyes can detect only light and some degree of color. That is, they can track a light source and determine that a green patch is different from two red patches (though they don’t know the colors by name). Their brains have not yet learned to process more complex images such as faces. “Their ability to understand what’s what?that takes time,” Sinha says. “A month for some tasks, longer for others.”<br> <br>Studies published by Sinha and his colleagues in 2006 and 2009 found that children treated as late as their teens?and in one case, a 29-year-old adult?were still able to see well enough to recognize objects and navigate the world.<br> <br>The tests on the children’s visual progress?performed a day, a week, and a month after surgery and beyond?form the basis of Project Prakash’s scientific studies. (Participation in the studies is voluntary, and children are offered treatment regardless of whether they participate.) The first significant finding altered the way doctors view the problem of childhood blindness. Previously, many doctors (in India and elsewhere) were convinced that once blind children reached a certain age, around six or seven years, there was no point in treating them. Their brains, it was believed,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/imac-c-312_44.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">imac for sale cheap</a>, had lost the ability to learn to process visual information. This idea of a “critical period” has been around since the 1960s, when scientists showed that kittens with their eyes sewn shut from birth to three months of age have greatly reduced neural activity in the brain regions that process vision once their eyes are opened. This effect was not seen in cats deprived of visual input later in life.<br><br>However, studies published by Sinha and his colleagues in 2006 and 2009 found that children treated as late as their teens?and in one case, a 29-year-old adult?were still able to see well enough to recognize objects and navigate the world. This does not mean they have perfect vision?many will never have eyesight better than 20/80, even with glasses. “It seems like there is a critical period for development of perfect acuity,” says Sinha. “But for other tasks, they do not seem to have a critical period.” One early patient, Bablu, was treated for cataracts at age 16. Before his surgery, Bablu was shy and lacked confidence, often sitting with his shoulders hunched, says Ostrovsky. Not much changed during the first few months after his surgery, but about 10 months later, when Ostrovsky saw him again, he seemed like a different person.<br><br>“He interacted with people in a completely different way, because his vision had improved to the point where it was very useful to him,” says Ostrovsky. “He had moved out of the youth hospital, he could live on his own, he could go shopping on his own for food. You really saw the difference in his demeanor.”<br><br>Suma Ganesh, head of pediatric ophthalmology at Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, says that seeing the improvements in Project Prakash patients has made many surgeons more willing to operate on older children. “These children were dependent on others for everything, or were studying in blind schools or not going out of their house,” she says. “There is improvement in functional vision?some children have started going to normal school, some have shifted from Braille to print.”<br><br>Answering questions<br> Once Sinha and his colleagues established that treated children did gain some visual abilities, they could start probing in more detail how those skills develop.<br><br>First they looked at a task called visual integration?the ability to pick out objects from a scene. Soon after surgery, patients were able to identify some shapes, such as triangles or squares, when they were side by side but not when they overlapped. Instead of seeing the outline of each shape, the patients saw each fragment of a shape as its own whole. If one of the shapes was put into motion, however, the patients could identify it much more easily. This suggests that motion provides the brain with critical information about what constitutes an object. Over time, between eight and 16 months after surgery, the brain learns that objects that move together also tend to share other features such as color and orientation, which helps it learn to identify stationary objects as well.<br><br>Studies have shown that sighted babies also learn to identify objects by how they move, suggesting that visual development in Prakash children may be following the same pattern normally seen in infancy. “If evolution has discovered some effective ways of learning about the world, it would make sense for similar algorithms to be deployed even later on in life,” Sinha says. (It’s still not certain whether that is what’s happening, he says, especially given that a 10-year-old child has far more experience of the world through other senses than a newborn.)<br><br>Project Prakash studies also recently helped answer a centuries-?old philosophical conundrum. In 1688, the scientist William ?Molyneux asked whether a blind person who gained the ability to see would be able to identify by sight an object previously known only by touch. In other words, would information from one sense translate to another? Sinha and his colleagues found that their patients could not immediately recognize objects they had previously known by touch, but they acquired that ability within days.<br><br>“To finally get an answer to this question, and to have blind children in India provide an answer to a question that the most eminent philosophers in England had wondered about?that was very satisfying,” Sinha says.<br><br>The researchers are now studying how the ability to distinguish faces develops, and they are also using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the brain’s plasticity?that is, how its patterns of activity change as the newly sighted children learn to process what they are seeing. Preliminary results suggest that as the brain takes in new information, cells become specialized to encode different aspects of what the patient is seeing.<br><br>Before Project Prakash, large-scale studies of the newly sighted were impossible to conduct, says David Somers, an associate professor of psychology at Boston University. “Historically, there have been very few cases to look at over the past 1,000 years?maybe 20 subjects who had their vision restored later in life were scientifically studied, so it’s hard to draw big conclusions,” he says. “Now, with so many patients, the science is so much richer. What makes Project Prakash so beautiful is the combination of the scientific side with the philanthropic venture where they’re really helping people who just need a very inexpensive procedure that is hard for them to get access to but can dramatically change their quality of life.”<br><br>Taking the next step<br> One of the first children treated through Project Prakash was a 14-year-old boy named Junaid, who came to an eye screening in Delhi in 2005. Junaid suffered from untreated congenital cataracts in both eyes and was attending a school for the blind in Delhi, where he received very little education. His family, which had an income of $45 per month to feed seven children, would not have been able to afford the $350 cataract removal.<br> <br> Farana, 14, is tested to determine her eyeglass prescription. She and her sister were treated for congenital cataracts in 2009 after being identified at a screening session a few hundred miles from Delhi. <br> <br>After his surgery, Junaid showed a marked improvement in sight and was able to recognize people and objects and get around on his own. In August 2011, he came to the Shroff Hospital to get his glasses repaired and ran into Sinha, who was impressed with how much the boy’s vision had improved but disheartened to learn that he had still been unable to obtain an education. After his surgery, no traditional schools would take on a teenager whose education level would have placed him in first grade, so he was bouncing around Delhi looking for a job. But employers didn’t have much interest in hiring someone with so little education.<br><br>“That struck me as a great tragedy, a great disappointment, for a child who I knew was very smart and had great hopes for,” says Sinha. He enlisted students from the Indian Institute of Technology to tutor Junaid for two years. During that time, Project Prakash is also paying him a stipend to help support his family.<br><br>Another treated child, eight-year-old Paras, ended up returning to his school for the blind because no regular schools that his parents could afford would take him. “This problem seems to come up for many children,” says Sinha. “Somehow they are unable to be accepted into the mainstream schooling system, and we need to change that.”<br><br>Sinha is now making plans to build a Prakash Center that would include a hospital for eye surgery, scientific research facilities, and a school for newly sighted children. Students would be given a “crash course” to prepare them for their age-appropriate grade level, allowing them to enter the regular school system.<br><br>Sinha hopes to build the center near the city of Rishikesh, located about 250 kilometers from Delhi in the plains of the Ganges River?one of a cluster of four holy cities that draws millions of pilgrims each year. Sinha envisions that the center will help pay for its charitable efforts by offering eye care to visitors who can afford to pay for it.<br><br>Fund-raising to build the new center, which Sinha estimates will cost $16 million, has just begun. Once $1 million has been raised, the project will be able to buy a piece of land, which Sinha believes will help raise additional money. The focus for now is on restoring and studying sight, but ultimately Sinha would like to expand the center to address other childhood disabilities.<br><br>Though the center is still in the works, Project Prakash has already had a huge impact on the lives of many children, and that is very gratifying to Sinha. His sense of obligation to do something about the problem of childhood blindness became much more personal five and half years ago, when his son, Darius, was born.<br><br>“Since Darius’s birth, I’ve noticed that it feels like a visceral blow to see another child in pain, because you can’t help but see your own child in that situation,” he says. “You ask yourself, what would you want another person to do if your child was in that situation? And that just clarifies all decisions that you might ever have to make, of what’s the right thing to do. Every child that we are able to help, it’s like a personal victory. It’s deeply satisfying at a human level, and then of course the scientific results are a bonus.”<br> <br>Become an MIT Technology Review Insider for in-depth analysis and unparalleled perspective.<br> Subscribe today<br>When Laura Schewel worked for an energy think tank and then the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, she wanted to develop policies that would stimulate sales of electric cars. The trouble was, there wasn’t comprehensive and reliable data about where and when people drive.<br> <br>Typically, transportation experts construct predictive models to describe traffic patterns, or they conduct expensive surveys. Neither is particularly easy to do. “We have no idea what’s happening on the roads. Just none,” Schewel says. “When you compare that to what we know about what people watch on TV, it’s absurd.”?<br> 25 billion <br>Number of devices that are expected to be connected to the Internet worldwide in 2015<br> <br>While in a PhD program at the University of California, Berkeley, she realized that people actually were revealing where they drive?to their cell-phone companies and GPS navigation services. She thought: what if I could get access to that data? It took a year to persuade companies to sell this valuable and sensitive information to a small startup she formed, StreetLight Data. The company, which aggregates and analyzes the signals from cell phones and dashboard GPS navigation systems, makes it easy for just about anyone to do what Schewel had long envisioned?see detailed maps of where, when, and how people travel through cities.<br> <br>With software that she and her team developed, Schewel can type in an address and find the demographics of the people who drive by or stop near that location. The system shows when they drive by, how frequently, and even what neighborhoods they’re coming from. (Importantly, Schewel’s algorithms analyze the movements of groups of these devices, rather than individual units. That means StreetLight’s analytics can’t be reverse-engineered to reveal any given individual’s movements.)?<br> <br>The information is appealing to customers far beyond the transportation?policy world. A medical office, an auto repair shop, and a small restaurant chain have been using StreetLight’s software to help them decide where to open new locations and place billboards. And the nonprofit Oakland Business Development Corporation is using the software to demonstrate that people with disposable income often spend time in Oakland even if they don’t live nearby. The data, the group hopes, will encourage small businesses and national chains to consider opening up shop in the city’s struggling downtown, which has 400 vacant storefronts and office buildings in one square mile.<br> <br>Schewel still believes she can make transportation more efficient. But rather than trying to persuade people to be green, she is focused on helping businesses?which have become “the most powerful behavioral-change force in America”?make it easy for people to do greener things. For example, if suburbanites can do some shopping near their offices in downtown Oakland on their commutes home, that might reduce the mileage they would otherwise have to drive. Naturally, Schewel backs up that idea with data: 30 percent of all miles driven in the U.S. are related to shopping. <br> <br>?Jessica Leber

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Large high-end products in the sale of small and medium sized new goods will come <br> is currently Huambo District of radiation circle of the sale of property in the high-end products, product types include duplex, flat layer and villa, the price of natural cheap, mainly including the agile Cambridge County sky group, Vanke Red County, Golden Valley Villa Villa and Pu Ti Jinxiu the large-sized apartment, the average price in between 2-5 million / square meters, most of the products are more than ten million price. <br> <br> small apartment layout, Vanke Red County will launch villa products for the first time, mainly for 90-100 square meters two or three room just to be sold with the decoration, apartment layout, is expected to open in September. The disk as early as the beginning of the rumors about the opening, but the specific time is pushed and pushed. Insiders revealed that the reason why Vanke red county has repeatedly postponed opening time, mainly waiting for Wanda Plaza in Panyu and Metro Line 7 stationed in the implementation of specific planning, so as to sell a good price. In addition, Nord was the main push two to four rooms N+1 units, more suitable for first-time buyers. <br> <br><br> <br> commercial projects, August sales of Panyu Wanda Plaza, is expected to launch in October two large-sized apartment apartment product,<a href="http://www.cheap-forsale.com/cheap-apple-laptops-cheap-apple-macbook-air-c-312_45.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Discount apple macbook air store</a>, is expected to 14000-15000 yuan / square meters, volume of about 800 sets. Another apartment project Haiyin star Yue push Potter products, its main feature is 5.15 meters tall, free combination of compound. In addition, the introduction of enterprise agile oncity international villa products, mainly divided into two types of semi detached and detached, single family can be named, independent property rights, practical rate of up to 200%, pushing the total volume of 13 sets.

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''I don''t think anything can prepare you for seeing a patient die'' Student nurses share their experience of dealing with death for the first time ''I don''t think anything can prepare you for seeing a patient die'' Abi Wilkinson We have borne the brunt of ruthless government austerity policies. But with an election,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/re-kanken-classic-c-6.html">Cheap fjallraven re kanken classic</a>, we have power, and must use it Tories have targeted the young. Go to the ballot box and take revenge The ''why do you walk like that?'' episode ? Token podcast Leah Green and Fred McConnell are joined by Gideon Goldberg, their token disabled friend The ''why do you walk like that?'' episode ? Token podcast What''s it like on the Tesco technology graduate scheme? Six current and former grad scheme participants discuss their experiences Paid for by What it''s really like to be a nursing student Katherine Bower is a second year children’s nursing student at Bucks New University. Find out why she chose nursing, how it feels to step onto a ward for the first time and top tips for applying Paid for by Four things to consider when choosing your university A ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t work when it comes to choosing the right university Paid for by Four reasons to consider a career in tax law It’s a busy time of year for tax, but lawyers in this field have lots to look forward to all year round Paid for by University league tables 2017 Guardian University Guide 2017: Find a course at a UK university with our complete university league tables How to use the Guardian University Guide 2017 Students Speak: What''s your verdict on Ban Ki-moon''s reign at the UN? At the end of this year, Ban hands over the baton as UN secretary general. What was his greatest achievement? Or failure? We want your views Students Speak: What''s your verdict on Ban Ki-moon''s reign at the UN? ''Boredom is inevitable'' ? how we survived our postgrad dissertations Finishing a master’s means living in the library while others enjoy the sun. Here,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/rekanken-mini-c-7.html">Buy re-kanken mini online</a>, postgrads share their anecdotes and advice from ''Boredom is inevitable'' ? how we survived our postgrad dissertations Guardian Courses Find your perfect course with Guardian Courses. Browse and apply for courses in IT,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/re-kanken-classic-c-6.html">Cheap fjallraven re kanken classic</a>, computing, marketing, accounting and many more. Search for university and short courses How to write a personal statement Tips on producing subject-specific personal statements for your university application How to write a personal statement

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ADHD drugs no help with homework Giving stimulants to kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may not help them complete homework or get better grades, a small study suggests. 0 Doctors may miss ADHD in nonwhite kids African-American and Latino children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be much less likely to receive a diagnosis or treatment than their white peers, a smal... 0 McDonald''s toy danger, Tylenol warning, calcium shocker Fox Health Fix: The top health headlines of the week 0 Research suggests medicating teens with ADHD reduces risky behavior If a pill could prevent teenagers from taking dangerous risks, would you consider it for your children? 0 An overlooked aspect of ADHD: hyperfocus There''s a largely unexamined component of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, a disorder most commonly characterized as a pattern of either inattention or hyperactiv... 0 Life-saving skin checks, ADHD drug warning, fat is back! Fox Health Fix: The top health headlines of the week 0 Workaholism linked to ADHD and depression People who work too much may be more likely to have ADHD or depression,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/sharp-tvs-c-227.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">sharp tvs for sale cheap</a>, according to a new study from Norway 0 ADHD drugs tied to slightly higher risk of heart problems in kids Children and adolescents who take medication to treat their attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be at a slightly increased risk of heart problems,<a href="http://www.discount-onlinestore.com/sharp-tvs-c-227.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale sharp tvs online store</a>, suggests a new st... 0 Best treatment for preschoolers with ADHD is not meds, CDC urges Many young children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) aren''t receiving the top recommended treatment for the condition,<a href="http://www.cheaponlinestore.eu/cheap-galaxy-s7-c-310_244.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap galaxy s7 online store</a>, a new report suggests 0 How to use ADHD to your advantage and improve your life Last year, I had two weeks left on deadline for a book I was writing. 0

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LONDON: The party drug ketamine can have powerful beneficial effects on severely depressed patients who have struggled for years to recover, and the drug should be developed responsibly as a psychiatric medicine,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/re-kanken-classic-c-6.html">Buy re kanken classic online</a>, British experts said on Thursday.<br><br>In a study published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal, specialists from Oxford University said there is an urgent need for ethical and innovative action by doctors to prescribe the drug under controlled conditions.<br><br>"We think patients'' treatment should be in specialist centers and formally tracked in national or international registries," said Rupert McShane, a consultant psychiatrist and researcher at Oxford who has led a series of ketamine studies.<br><br>Ketamine is a licensed medical drug, widely used as an anesthetic and to relieve pain. But it is also used as a recreational drug - sometimes known as Special K - and can lead some people into addiction and drug abuse.<br><br>Several research teams around the world have been trialling ketamine use in chronic and recurring depression, since many patients with the psychiatric condition fail to respond to currently available antidepressants such as Prozac and Seroxat.<br><br>"I have seen ketamine work where nothing has helped before," McShane said at a briefing in London.<br><br>The U.S. pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson is developing an intranasal form of the drug, called esketamine. Its results so far have been promising enough for Food and Drug Administration officials to award esketamine "breakthrough" status to speed its progress through regulatory hurdles.<br><br>McShane and his co-researcher Ilina Singh, a psychiatry professor at Oxford University, told the briefing there had been a worrying sharp rise in the past year in the number of private ketamine clinics in the United States.<br><br>There are wide variations in the clinical checks before a patient receives treatment,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-laptop-c-17.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken laptop</a>, they said, and there is a need for clear guidelines and registries to track how patients respond.<br><br>Last month, the American Psychiatric Association issued a consensus statement on ketamine in a bid to guide safe,<a href="http://www.cheapfjallravenkanken.com/kanken-dual-colour-c-2.html">Cheap kanken dual colour for sale</a>, appropriate prescribing of the drug for severe patients who do not respond to regular antidepressants.<br><br>McShane stressed that the ketamine doses used in the Oxford depression treatment trials are given in controlled conditions and are very different from those taken by street or club users.<br><br>On the street, users often take several grams a day and can suffer severe bladder problems and impaired brain function. The doses used in medical trials are a fraction of that - around 80 milligrams - and given once a week in a monitored setting.<br><br>Singh said ketamine has such great potential to help a small group of very ill patients that it would be wrong not to find a way of allowing them to benefit from it: "This drug is available, it''s out there, and if we can help patients get treatment responsibly, it''s our duty to do so," she said.<br><br>Treating patients in specialist centers should help doctors spot potential problems early, she said, as well as picking up any abuse problems with longer term use and narrowing down what dose, frequency, route and duration of treatment works best.<br><br>(Editing by Janet Lawrence)

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A hearing aid is a straightforward device. Its microphone collects sound, its electronics amplify it, its tiny loudspeaker sends the sound into a tube placed in the ear canal, and the power comes from a disposable battery. There’s just one problem: people hate hearing aids. They get lost. They’re hard to wear while sleeping. They mustn’t get wet. They get chewed up by the dog. They’re awkward during sex. <br> The Carina, a fully implantable hearing aid from Boulder-based Otologics, is in clinical trials. <br>I don’t have a hearing aid. But I do have a cochlear implant. Cochlear implants are for people who are so deaf that even the most powerful hearing aids won’t help. A processor worn on my ear collects sound and digitizes it, then transmits it by radio to a receiver embedded in my skull. The receiver sends pulses to electrodes attached to my auditory nerves.<br> <br>It should be called a cochlear semi-implant, really, because half of it is on the outside. It lets me hear, which is great, but it has the same disadvantages as hearing aids. For starters, I have to assemble myself in the morning?literally. But more than that, my cochlear implant feels like something decidedly attached to me. Naturally, I would love to have a body that’s whole and complete in itself. A body that could plunge into the water without sacrificing the ability to hear friends’ laughter when it emerged. <br> <br>So far, no one’s built a fully implantable cochlear implant. But two fully implantable hearing aids are now in clinical trials (that is to say, they are considered investigational by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are not yet approved for commercial sale). One, the Esteem, is built by Envoy Medical of St. Paul, MN. The other, from Otologics of Boulder, CO, is called the Carina. Hopes are high that they will be the first successful devices of their kind. Making such things is a challenge. Where does the microphone go? How is the amplified sound sent into the ear? What’s the power source? And how can it be kept in the body without leaking?<br> <br>Carina, fully implantable hearing device <br><br>Otologics <br><br>$20,000 upon FDA approval <br><br>otologics.com<br> <br>I was curious to know whether the new devices worked as well as conventional hearing aids. I was even more curious to know whether the tech?nology could be applied to cochlear implants. ?Otologics was game to show me its work.<br> <br>Lucky Yorick<br>At Otologics, Brian Conn, the engineering director, brought out a skull with the company’s device bolted onto it. I realized after a queasy moment that it was a real skull. <br> Multimedia <br>The device didn’t look like a hearing aid. There were four connected pieces designed to be countersunk into the skull.<br> <br>The first piece, the microphone, sat behind the outer ear. The sensitivity of a microphone drops by a factor of 10 when it’s buried under skin, so to compensate, the microphone had a surface area 10 times as big as a hearing aid’s. It was about the size of a fingernail. Its output went to the biggest component, the processing unit. Its shell also contained a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. <br> <br>The battery was recharged, Conn told me, by the third component: an inductive coil. An inductive coil converts radio waves into electricity. For an hour or two a day, the user puts a small radio transmitter up against the coil. Since both the coil and the transmitter have magnets in them, they stick together through the skin. The patient can walk around wearing the charging unit until the battery is full.<br> <br>The fourth component was a vibrating piston in the middle ear, secured by four titanium bolts screwed to the skull. This was what actually delivered the sound. The middle ear consists of three tiny bones that conduct vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear. The piston moved the bones more forcefully than the eardrum would, so it acted as an amplifier. <br> <br>I peered at the skull,<a href="http://www.cheap-bulk.com/cheap-sony-ps4-pro-console-p-1724.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Bulk sony ps4 pro for sale</a>, feeling like ?Hamlet contemplating a high-tech Yorick. The Carina was a strange-looking gadget. Big, too: at about five inches long, it stretched from behind the ear to just behind the ?temple. The surgery would involve opening a skin flap, drilling into the skull to counter?sink the components, and then drilling into the middle ear to install the piston. A lot of hardware to get into place. <br> <br>“How long does the battery last?” I asked.<br> <br>Each charge was good for about a day, Conn told me. The battery could go through enough charge cycles to last at least five years, and possibly 10 or more. <br> <br>“And when the battery can’t hold a charge anymore?” I asked.<br> <br>When that happened, Conn told me, the entire device, except for the piston, would be replaced. The microphone, coil, and processor had many connections to each other, so they had to be hermetically sealed together to keep body fluids out. The piston had only two connections, though, so a seal could be maintained between them. In any case, the surgery would be simple. Pull out the old unit. Snap in the new one.<br> <br>“Wow,” I said to Yorick. <br> <br>The $20,000 Question<br>Otologics arranged for me to speak with a Carina user in Hamburg, Germany, a 25-year-old medical student named Veronika Koch. I called her from the company’s conference room, aware that the situation was full of acoustical land mines. A totally deaf American was going to speak to a mostly deaf German through a speakerphone and across a language barrier. <br> <br>But we understood each other with very little trouble. Veronika said she loved having a fully implanted device: “You don’t have to think about it. That’s the most important thing. When it was turned on, it was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had. Nothing touching my ear. That natural feeling of hearing?it’s just beautiful.” <br> <br>I asked her how the Carina sounded. “Sound quality is one of the biggest advantages,” she said. “Speech quality is good and more natural, and music is very beautiful.” <br> <br>Veronika was clearly pleased. But I knew that Otologics would have given me its star patient. That’s why the FDA puts new products through clinical trials?to get an objective look at their performance. What do the Carina’s clinical trials show?<br> <br>The device is now in phase II trials. (Phase I trials, conducted on a small group, test for safety; phase II, which involve a slightly larger group, tests for effectiveness; and phase III assesses both safety and effectiveness in a large group.) Results of the phase I trial had been ambiguous. In controlled hearing tests, its 20 subjects had scored somewhat worse with the Carina than they had with their own hearing aids, particularly in their ability to hear soft sounds. In a written survey to measure subjective impressions of the device, on the other hand, subjects had said, consistently, that they heard better with the Carina.<br> <br>But still, the company wanted to see whether the phase II patients could get better results on the tests. They theorized that if the surgeons put the microphone in a specific spot behind the ear where there were fewer scalp muscles, soft sounds would not be masked so much. <br> <br>So far, the phase II study has enrolled only 12 of the 70 to 80 users it needs, so its results are preliminary. But Herman ?Jenkins, the primary investigator, told me that the new microphone placement seems to be working. The phase II patients can hear a 3,000-hertz tone (a common frequency in speech) at a volume of 37 decibels, whereas the phase I subjects could hear it only at 55 decibels. This is a significant improvement; 37 decibels is about the ambient sound level of a library, whereas 55 decibels is the approximate level of conversational speech. And nine of the patients got word recognition scores that averaged 82 percent, statistically matching the 84 percent they got with their conventional hearing aids. <br> <br>It would be a great achievement if an implanted hearing aid could match a conventional one. The question would then become, At four times the cost, is it worth it? Neither a high-end conventional aid, at $5,000, nor the Carina, at $20,000, is covered by insurance. And of course, if the patient got two, the price would double. (Surgeons currently implant the aids in only one ear to minimize risk, but once the devices prove themselves, patients may opt for two.)<br> <br>Otologics hoped that the military, at any rate, would think it worth the cost. Jim Easter, the company’s director of business development, explained to me that military jets are much louder than they used to be. Ear protection helps only a little; the whole skull vibrates. Pilots and ground crew are going deaf in alarming numbers. <br> <br>A conventional aid, Easter said, might be okay for a desk jockey, but not for a pilot who has to wear headgear, execute high-G maneuvers, and possibly end up in the water. And not for a crew member who sweats like crazy on a hot flight deck. He thought the military would like a device that went inside the body and stayed there. <br> <br>And what about me, with my decidedly one-G writer’s life? Could the technology be used in cochlear implants?<br> <br>The main challenge, Conn said, would be to substitute an electrode array in the inner ear for the piston the Carina uses in the middle ear. It might be possible to create a detachable electrode that would stay in place when the unit needed to be replaced, but that would require maintaining a seal with as many as 30 separate connections. Still, Conn thought it could be done.<br> <br>On the way home, I thought about the pros and cons of the Carina. Four times the price. Surgery?and not just once, but every five or 10 years. On the other hand, quite possibly better hearing. Being able to hear while swimming, sleeping, and showering. Having a body that looked normal?felt normal. If I were a hearing-aid user, would I do it? <br> <br>I’d want to see good results over a longer period of time first: the complete FDA testing and findings. I’d want to see patients doing well with the device for a while after it hit the market. And I’d need to have a spare 20 grand lying around.<br> <br>But given all that, the answer is yes, I probably would.<br> <br>Michael Chorost is the author of Rebuilt: How Becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human.

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As we move toward fully integrating the components of our global data services, which include a wide range of pricing, analytics and exchange data supported through robust desktops and connectivity solutions, we’re pleased to be able to start serving our customers as a single,<a href="http://www.fjallravenkanken.eu/kanken-classic-c-1.html">Cheap fjallraven kanken classic</a>, cohesive team. Next week, we’ll be launching the new ICE Data Services, which brings together the existing data services provided by ICE, NYSE, Interactive Data and SuperDerivatives. As we work toward the launch of ICE Data Services, our teams have merged to bring together complementary products and integrate how we serve our customers. This includes the digital space, where our websites will be integrated into one online experience. I’ll share more details around ICE Data Services and what it will offer customers next week, but today I wanted to provide a preview of the website enhancements you’ll see beginning on Monday. <br><br>Website Changes Coming:<br><br>1. The Interactive Data and SuperDerivatives websites will migrate to www.theice,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Buy kanken maxi online</a>.com/data<br><br>Over the last few months, we''ve collaborated to organize and integrate information on our data and technology solutions into a single website. Starting next week, interactivedata.com and superderivatives.com content will be populated on theice.com. Within a few weeks of that, you will be automatically redirected to our new site, where you’ll find comprehensive information on our data and technology services from the Data & Tech drop-down menu.<br><br>The new Data & Tech section of theice.com will house information on our full suite of products and services ? everything from pricing, reference and exchange data to commodities or wealth management desktops and connectivity solutions. Our goal is to provide all the information your firm needs for end-to-end data, analytics and trading solutions in one location.<br><br>2. You can log in to all your applications from one location on theice.com and find ICE US Treasury Index data in the ICE Report Center. <br><br>To ensure your daily routines can continue seamlessly, we created one location from which you’re able to log in to all the migrated applications. You’ll be able to quickly access the login page from the Data & Tech drop-down menu. Or, you can click the ‘Login’ link in the upper left corner of the website and select ‘ICE Data Services’ from the drop-down menu that appears.<br><br>The ICE U.S. Treasury Index data can be found in the Report Center; bookmark it now using this link: https://www.theice.com/marketdata/reports/210<br><br><br><br><br>3. Data and technology services will be organized into four categories: Pricing & Analytics,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-big-c-3.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken big for sale</a>, Exchange Data, Desktops & Tools and Connectivity.<br><br>To make finding information easy, we’ve organized our data and technology products and services into four clearly labeled categories. Let me walk through some of the highlights and key changes we’ve made so far related to each category.<br><br><br><br>As you can see, we’re off to an exciting start, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you through ICE Data Services. We will continue to keep you updated as we develop new solutions to meet your needs.

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As far as Theranos goes, its latest round of bad news isn’t all that bad, actually.<br><br>During a high-profile appearance at a scientific conference earlier this month,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/desktops-pcs-c-254_253.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cheap pcs</a>, CEO Elizabeth Holmes unveiled a device she called the miniLab. She said it would, among other things, be able to detect Zika virus from a finger-prick of blood. Since then, the company had tested people in the Dominican Republic, where the mosquito-borne disease is prevalent, as part of a plan to seek FDA approval for its test.<br> <br>But as the Wall Street Journal reports, an inspection by the FDA has found that Theranos failed to follow safety procedures in conducting the tests, and the company has now withdrawn its bid.<br> <br> <br>Theranos has been beset by failures lately, and can’t seem to reverse the trend. Ever since she dropped out of Stanford to found Theranos in 2003, Holmes has been promising a revolution in blood testing. Holmes’s pitch, that dozens of blood tests could be performed using a small vial of blood drawn from a person’s finger, was compelling enough to get the company valued at nearly $9 billion.<br><br>It all started to unravel last year, when a Wall Street Journal investigation found that the company was diluting blood samples to run on conventional machinery. Close inspections by government agencies followed, then fresh findings of poor lab practices, data showing Theranos was producing dangerously inaccurate results, and finally Holmes being banned from her own company’s labs (a ban she may still appeal).<br><br>On the one hand, that makes the latest news not such a big deal. The FDA didn’t say that the miniLab doesn’t work—it just said Theranos didn’t collect the data properly.<br><br>On the other hand, the latest misstep makes the company look brazen and careless. Holmes started the month trying to turn over a new leaf, and had to know Theranos would be under a regulatory microscope. Why try to add a flashy new capability in the Zika test? Why not prove instead that its core technology just plain works?<br><br>When Holmes announced the miniLab, scientists in the field were already deeply skeptical of any claims she or Theranos made. Continuing to add to the litany of bad results is unlikely to make anyone feel sanguine about the company’s prospects.<br><br>(Read more: Wall Street Journal, “Theranos Unveils ''MiniLab'' Invention to a Skeptical Audience,” “Theranos Promised a Revolution, but Delivered Dangerous Errors”)<br> <br>Become an MIT Technology Review Insider for in-depth analysis and unparalleled perspective.<br> Subscribe today

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My twins love cd-roms but don’t know how to take care of them. They destroyed their prized copies of Dr. Seuss’s ABCs and Arthur’s Birthday, two discs that Broderbund’s wizards made back in the 1990s. I tried polishing the CDs and largely failed. So I threw them away and burned myself new ones.<br><br>Copying CDs is an activity that most people associate with illegal music distribution and downloading. But there’s nothing wrong, morally or even legally, with making backup copies of my own CD-ROMs for my own use ? provided that I don’t start sharing those backups with all of my friends.<br> <br>The easiest way to back up a CD or CD-ROM is to copy its contents onto a recordable CD (CD-R). The danger with this approach is that CD-Rs are more fragile than commercial CD-ROMs: many have thinner-than-paper labels that are easily damaged, especially by little hands. Moreover, most CD-Rs are not archival, meaning that they can lose data as they age and deteriorate. But the biggest danger with archiving a CD on a CD-R is that it is simply too tempting to use the backup when the original dies ? rather than making a copy of the copy.<br> <br> This story is part of our November 2004 Issue See the rest of the issue<br> Subscribe <br>Instead, I prefer to “rip” the CD-ROM, making a byte-for-byte copy of the entire disc on a 200-gigabyte hard drive that I keep specifically for this purpose. There are several disk-imaging tools available to do the copying; on my Mac, I use Apple’s own Disk Utility, while on Windows, I use WinImage 6.1. These programs create a single file that’s several hundred megabytes long. When the CD-ROM is inevitably damaged, I burn the image onto a fresh CD-R.<br><br>Computer hard drives die as well, of course. In the old days the standard way to back up a disk drive was onto magnetic tape. These days if you’re storing less than a few terabytes, it’s cheaper per gigabyte to buy external hard drives with USB or Firewire interfaces than to buy high-capacity magnetic tapes and drives. Although tape should be cheaper, disk drives have economies of scale in their favor. So I actually have two 200-gigabyte hard drives; each backs up the other.<br><br>Children’s CDs are just a few of the CD-ROM images that I have sitting on these drives. I also image practically every piece of commercial software that I buy, as well as those “installers” that I download when I purchase software over the Internet. That way I can uninstall and reinstall the software if something goes wrong ? or when I buy a new computer system. (It’s also important to save the corresponding activation codes.)<br><br>One of the problems that I’ve noticed with children’s old CD-ROMs is that many of them won’t run under Windows XP, Mac OS 10.3, or other modern operating systems. So in addition to archiving the CD-ROMs themselves, I’ve also taken to archiving all of my old Microsoft and Apple operating systems. When the hard drive on the kids’ computer died last year, I reinstalled a copy of Windows 98, and they were up and running by the end of the weekend.<br><br>Backups are a problem for information stored not just on CD-ROMs but also on computer hard drives. Back in the bad old days of computing ? say, ten years ago ? most small-business users and many home computer owners religiously made backups of their data. But in recent years, hard drives have become so reliable that many people have simply stopped making backups. Alas, living without backups is living dangerously, as there are many potential ways to lose your data: fire, flood, thieves, software crashes, errant spyware ? and, of course, the biggest threat of all: human error.<br><br>Now that we are all living in the 21st century, backing up computers is a chore that no one should be forced to remember. I’ve taken care of this by programming all of my computers to back themselves up automatically. A script that runs every night copies the contents of my documents directory to a different Zip file on that same oversized external hard drive. This backup proved to be invaluable this past summer, when my computer crashed while I was running Quicken, and the program’s database was corrupted. And my Zip archives, in turn, are automatically copied from my home computer to a computer sitting under my desk at MIT ? just in case my home and its contents are suddenly wiped out.<br><br>A few years ago I designed a peer-to-peer backup system based on this concept. The idea was to let businesses back up their servers, desktops, and laptops onto the spare disk space scattered throughout their offices. The network would automatically keep track of what had been backed up and where ? and, of course, everything backed up would be encrypted to prevent accidental data compromises. Home users could arrange for backups between their desktops and laptops or, even better, could back up their systems to those of their friends next door.<br><br>Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anybody to fund my idea. Nevertheless, many similar systems are now under development. Within a few years, it’s likely that we’ll all be using disk images and peer-to-peer backups to archive our most important information ? and probably everything else, as well.<br> <br>Become an MIT Technology Review Insider for in-depth analysis and unparalleled perspective,<a href="http://www.cheap-bulk.com/laptops-cheap-dell-laptops-c-256_261.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Bulk dell laptops for sale</a>.<br> Subscribe today

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In 1916, 17-year-old Percy Lavon Julian, the grandson of a former slave, journeyed from Montgomery, AL, to Greencastle, IN, to begin his college education at DePauw University. In spite of his scant preparation-insufficient public education available to African Americans in Alabama made it necessary for him to take remedial high-school classes while at DePauw-the chemist graduated as class valedictorian. He went on to synthesize both a drug for the treatment of glaucoma and cortisone for rheumatoid arthritis.<br><br>Despite Julian’s academic success, his professors informed him that they couldn’t secure him a position at a graduate school or an industrial lab because of his race. Instead, Julian became a chemistry instructor at Fisk University in Nashville, TN; two years later, he went to Harvard University to study biophysics and organic chemistry. He received his master’s degree in 1923 but again was denied a faculty position. After teaching at West Virginia State College and Howard University, he received a grant in 1929 from the Rockefeller Foundation to get his PhD. He chose to attend the University of Vienna in Austria, where he developed a passion for the chemistry of natural products. <br> <br>Julian returned to DePauw in 1932 with a colleague from Vienna to head a new research program for undergraduate organic-chemistry students. One problem the group worked on was the synthesis of physostigmine, a drug used to treat glaucoma that at the time could only be obtained from the Calabar bean. Anxious to hold onto funding during the Depression years, Julian and his team raced against a University of Oxford group to synthesize the rare drug. Julian succeeded in 1935 and became internationally famous-yet DePauw’s board of trustees still refused to grant him a professorship.<br> <br> This story is part of our April 2004 Issue See the rest of the issue<br> Subscribe <br>Frustrated, Julian left academia the next year to become research director for soya products at Chicago-based Glidden. There, he made perhaps his most important discovery. In 1948, Julian heard that scientists at the Mayo Clinic had discovered a substance that successfully treated rheumatoid arthritis. Since it was a steroid, the class of chemicals that Julian specialized in, he hurried to create it synthetically. Within a year,<a href="http://www.discount-onlinestore.com/laptops-vaio-laptops-c-256_264.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap vaio laptops for sale</a>, he had succeeded; his work was largely responsible for making hydrocortisone widely available and affordable. Over the next 25 years, Julian founded two research organizations and received many patents. He kept ties with DePauw, the school that originally couldn’t find him work; in the years before his death in 1975, he served on the board of trustees.<br> <br>Cut off? Read unlimited articles today.<br> Become an Insider <br> Already an Insider? Log in.

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1899 03. 2017 See Issue Download 01. 2017 See Issue MIT Technology Review ? 2017 v.|e iπ |<br>Geoffrey Clapp acha que um aplicativo móvel pode tornar os cuidados com a saúde melhor tanto é que seu próximo aplicativo se chama apenas isso: Better [Melhor].<br> <br>O aplicativo está sendo testado na Mayo Clinic, que é um investidor da startup do Clapp, e está programada para se lan?ada em outubro. O objetivo é permitir que as pessoas usem um smartphone para chegar a um médico, encontrar um diagnóstico ou manter o controle de seus registros médicos. O armazenamento de dados pessoais médicos e usar recursos de rastreamento da saúde será gratuito, mas os usuários ser?o cobrados com taxas mensais para acesso instant?neo aos enfermeiros e técnicos de saúde.<br> <br>Better, que também é o nome da empresa, está entre uma série de empresas de saúde e fitness se concentrando no mercado de Internet móvel. Até agora, porém, aplicativos de saúde falharam. Para a decep??o dos defensores da "e- saúde" que esperam ver esses aplicativos transformar o panorama médico, o número de americanos usando a tecnologia para rastrear sua saúde ou exercícios físicos n?o se alterou entre 2010 e início de 2013, segundo dados da Pew Internet & American Life Project.<br> <br>Os modelos de negócio também foram ilusórios. Google lan?ou o aplicativo Google Health na Web em 2008, como uma forma das pessoas cercarem seus registros de saúde on-line, mas n?o foi amplamente adotado e fechou o ano passado. Pacientes que lutam contra problemas de saúde queixam-se que os desenvolvedores de aplicativos de telefonia ainda têm de desenvolver produtos realmente úteis.<br> <br>Um dos objetivos básicos é dar as pessoas fácil acesso aos seus registros de saúde por um smartphone, algo que está se tornando possível, com os hospitais mudando do papel para registros eletr?nicos. Essa informa??o pode ser útil ter à m?o, n?o só quando se trata de uma doen?a grave, mas também em horas inesperadas, como quando um administrador pede o relatório de vacina??o de uma crian?a no primeiro dia de escola. Clapp acha que fácil e rápido acesso à informa??o médica, irá reduzir os custos de cuidados com a saúde, aconselhando as pessoas, por exemplo,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/sharp-tvs-c-227.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale sharp tvs for sale</a>, quando uma visita é chamado à sala de emergência ou quando ver o seu médico de família for suficiente.<br> <br>Paul Limburg, um médico da Clínica Mayo que está trabalhando com Better, diz que o aplicativo atende as reclama??es de alguns pacientes sobre a saúde ser muito confusa e às vezes de difícil acesso. O centro de saúde Minnesota já fez mais de 75 aplicativos disponíveis relacionados à saúde.<br> <br>Better, que segundo Clapp vai estar disponível primeiro para o iPhone, vai incluir uma vers?o do verificador de sintoma online da Mayo, bem como o acesso a dados baseados em localiza??o, como a contagem de pólen locais e listas de restaurantes saudáveis ??em sua área. O aplicativo também vai dar aos pacientes da Clínica Mayo acesso direto a seus registros de saúde. Como ele suporta outros padr?es para transmitir dados do paciente, como a Blue Button, ele poderia trabalhar com outros sistemas hospitalares também.<br> <br>Para gerar receita, Clapp diz, que o aplicativo irá oferecer acesso a servi?os pagos: o cliente pode apertar um bot?o para falar por telefone com uma enfermeira treinada, ou obter ajuda para coordenar exames e consultas médicas na Clínica Mayo. Clapp n?o revelou a tabela de pre?os, mas ele disse que um cliente médio pode pagar cerca de $ 125 por mês para o que ele chamou de "servi?os de recepcionistas médicos".<br> <br>Laurence Baker, um professor de pesquisa de saúde e política na Universidade de Stanford, diz que enquanto há "um enorme potencial" na organiza??o de prontuários médicos, pode ser difícil obter as partes tais como: companhias de seguros, médicos e hospitais compartilhando os dados e obter pacientes que usem e confiem em aplicativos que incluem tais informa??es.<br> <br>Clapp diz que Better ainda precisa resolver alguns detalhes legais para assegurar o prontuário eletr?nico e garantir a conformidade com as regras diferentes dos estados (por exemplo, alguns estados permitem telemedicina em todo estado somente por meio de videoconferência, enquanto outros permitem a prática por áudio). Mas cerca de 500 pacientes, médicos e enfermeiros já est?o testando o aplicativo, diz ele, usando-o para acompanhar gravidez, diabetes, hipertens?o ou a saúde de seus filhos.

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on the international tennis tournament - > ,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/samsung-tvs-samsung-70-inch-tvs-c-165_174.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">samsung 70 inch tvs for sale cheap</a><br> <br>Grand Slam= Grand Slam <br> <br>Australian Open= Australian Open Tennis (Australian Open) <br> <br>French Open= French Open (Roland Garros) <br> <br>Wimbledon Championships= Wimbledon Tennis Championships (Wimbledon) <br> <br>U.S. Open= us open (US Open) <br> <br> on tennis sport - > <br> <br>play tennis= tennis <br> <br>tennis= tennis <br> <br>tennis shoes= tennis shoes <br> <br>racket= tennis racket <br> <br>tennis court= tennis court <br> <br>net= net <br> <br> about tennis players - > <br> <br>seed= seeded <br> <br>top seed=1 seed <br> <br>number two seed=2 seed <br> <br>unseeded= non seeded <br> <br>ranking= ranking <br> <br>prize money= bonus <br> <br>men''s singles= men''s singles <br> <br>women''s singles= women''s singles <br> <br> <br> <br>men''s doubles= <br> men''s Doubles <br>women''s doubles=''s <br> <br>mixed doubles= mixed <br> <br> about tennis match - > <br> <br>quarter-finals= 1/4 final <br> <br>semi final= final <br> <br>final= finals <br> <br>serve= serve <br> <br>ace= service score <br> <br>fault= service error <br> <br>smash= smash <br> <br>forehand= forehand <br> <br>backhand= backhand

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What Physics Can Teach Us About Cancer The National Cancer Institute launched 12 physical science-oncology centers. Katherine Bourzac Microsoft''s Many Multitouch Mice Microsoft’s five multitouch mouse prototypes--the Orb, Arty,<a href="http://www.cheaponlinestore.eu/cheap-galaxy-note-edge-c-310_276.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale galaxy note edge</a>, Side Mouse, FTIR and Cap Mouse--are demonstrated in this video. Each mouse combines traditional functions, such as click and drag, with the ability to use simple gestures to zoom or browse photos. Rachel Kremen Video Biomedical Robots Galore At the BioRob 2008 Conference, in Arizona, researchers from around the world gathered to present robots with a wide range of abilities--from mimicking the strange properties of living systems to aiding health outside and inside the human body. Kristina Grifantini View Micro-vehicle Imitates the Winged Maple Seed The new “robo-seed” flies using just a single propeller. Kristina Grifantini View Countdown to Ares I-X First Flight NASA''s new rocket is primed for launch. Brittany Sauser View Eavesdropping on Smartphone Secrets Researchers say that smartphones are vulnerable to an attack used to steal information from smartcards. Erica Naone News Faster Maintenance with Augmented Reality Augmented reality helps Marine mechanics carry out repair work. Kristina Grifantini News Logging on with Hardware Many users like using devices for authentication. But is it safe? Erica Naone News Tiny Devices Use Light to Grab Cells Silicon chips and lasers could pick out and count cells on microfluidic devices. Katherine Bourzac Department of Energy Funds Liquid Battery Research The DOE has announced the first project that will be funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy. Kevin Bullis

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The presidential debates are over. The election is still two weeks away. And U.S,<a href="http://www.cheap-bulk.com/samsung-phones-cheap-galaxy-note-edge-c-310_276.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap galaxy note edge</a>. president Barack Obama is having a bit of fun. He appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night and took a swing at Donald Trump’s chances of being elected his successor.<br><br>Obama appeared in Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segment, reading less-than-pleasant Twitter messages directed at him?including a tweet from one @realDonaldTrump.<br><br>Watch below:<br><br><br><br>Obama read a message from Trump that said: “"Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States.”<br><br>His response? “Well, @RealDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president.”<br><br>In an interview with Kimmel, the outgoing commander in chief also weighed in on the three rounds of verbal sparring disguised as debates between republican candidate Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that concluded last week.<br><br>Kimmel asked if Obama laughed watching Trump’s antics?including but not limited to calling Clinton “such a nasty woman”?to which he responded, “Most of the time,” before breaking into a smirk.<br><br><br><br>But Obama turned more serious when questioned when talking about the possibility of Trump in the White House,<a href="http://www.cheaponlinestore.eu/cheap-nikon-lenses-c-265_269.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy nikon lenses online store</a>.<br><br><br><br>He said: "Look, we joke about Donald Trump, but I do think that part of the reason you''ve seen Michelle [Obama] passionate in this election, part of the reason we get involved as much as we have, is not just because we think Hillary is going to be a good president. But also because there is something qualitatively different about the way Trump has operated in the political sphere.”<br><br>"Sometimes it''s going to be contentious and noisy," he said of the election race. "But what we haven''t seen before is somebody questioning the integrity of elections and the will of the people.<br><br>“What we haven''t seen before is a politics based on putting down, in very explicit terms, of Muslim Americans who are patriots. Or describing women,<a href="http://www.discount-onlinestore.com/laptops-samsung-laptops-c-256_278.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap samsung laptops for sale</a>, not in terms of their intellect and their character, but on a 1-10 score.”

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The human embryonic stem cell, which could be used to grow any other human tissue, has been a stubborn and elusive prey (see “The Troubled Hunt for the Ultimate Cell,” TR July/August 1998). Now, in the scientific equivalent of a photo finish,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/solid-state-drives-c-333.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap solid state drives for sale</a>, two teams have announced, in Science and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, respectively, the isolation of stem cells from human embryos. Their results could have very significant implications for biological research and transplant medicine. <br><br> The race was complicated by a ban on federal funds for embryo research and opposition from pro-life groups. As a result, funding has come from the private sector. Indeed, both winning groups, one led by James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin, the other by John Gearhart of Johns Hopkins University, had financial backing from Geron Corp., a biotech company in Menlo Park, Calif. <br> <br>Though the race for the ultimate human cell may be over, the story isn’t. Researchers are likely to tangle for rights to claim the discovery-and patent applications already filed by other teams could complicate the picture. <br> <br>Cut off? Read unlimited articles today.<br> Become an Insider <br> Already an Insider? Log in.

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Two leading advocacy groups, one fighting for stronger gun legislation and another for LGBT rights, have revoked their endorsements of U.S.?Senator?Mark Kirk after the Illinois Republican?seemed to mock his Democratic opponent’s background last week.<br><br>During a debate October 27, the incumbent cast doubt on the military and ethnic heritage of his rival, U.S. Representative Tammy Duckworth. “I’d forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington,” he said in response to her summary of how her family has served the country in uniform dating back to the American Revolution. After Kirk’s response, the moderator quickly moved on to the next question.<br><br>Duckworth, who lost both of her legs while fighting in the Iraq War, was born in Bangkok to a Thai mother and an American father. Kirk, who was already facing a tough campaign before the debate, later apologized via a tweet the next day,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/dell-laptops-c-256_261.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cheap dell laptops</a>, and his campaign issued a statement.<br><br>In endorsing Kirk, the two?groups?Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)?had recognized the importance of Republican support to reach bipartisan consensus on each of their causes. Their decisions?had come in a vital election year, with Democrats seen as having a chance to retain the White House and take control of the Senate and possibly even the House. A Real Clear Politics average shows Duckworth ahead of Kirk by 7?percentage points.<br><br>Kirk’s mea culpa?wasn’t sufficient to keep the groups’?support. ARS, co-founded by shooting survivor Gabby Giffords, a former Democratic U.S. representative from Arizona,?said Kirk isn’t worthy of its support.<br><br>“In public office, your values matter as much as your votes,” ARS?said October 29?in a statement. “Senator Kirk’s racist attack on congresswoman Duckworth is unacceptable and represents a low point, even in this election season.”<br><br> <br> U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, right, meets with Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, on Capitol Hill on March 29. Kirk has come under fire for his mocking remark about his opponent''s mixed-race background at a campaign debate last week in Illinois. Gary Cameron/Reuters <br><br>The group had praised Kirk?for breaking?with the gun lobby, and with the beliefs of most Republican elected officials, when he voted in support of legislation designed to prevent criminals, domestic abusers and other individuals who might pose a risk to public safety from obtaining firearms at gun shows and via?the internet. And ARS?highlighted his December 2015 vote?in favor of a gun measure that would have prevented individuals on the terrorist watch list from legally buying guns in the U.S.<br><br>HRC?also rescinded its endorsement of Kirk over the weekend?and is backing?Duckworth. In an?open letter,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">iphone 7 plus for sale cheap</a>, HRC President Chad Griffin called the decision an unprecedented move in the group’s 36-year history.<br><br><br><br>HRC endorsed Kirk in March. Two months earlier, he was the first Senate Republican to co-sponsor the pending Equality Act, a comprehensive LGBT rights bill. And about three years earlier, in April 2013, he was just the second sitting Republican U.S. senator to support same-sex marriage. “We endorsed the sitting senator, Mark Kirk, because he has been a strong supporter of our cause time and again,” Griffin said October 29, adding that Kirk’s comments “have gone beyond the pale for our standards of leadership.”<br><br>Kirk also received criticism from within his own party, when Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager,<a href="http://www.wholesaleonlinestore.eu/apple-macbook-pro-c-312_46.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap macbook pro for sale</a>, targeted him for taking back his endorsement of the Republican?presidential nominee. “The same Mark Kirk that unendorsed his party’s presidential nominee and called him out in paid ads?” she said on Twitter. “Gotcha. Good luck.”<br><br>On Friday, Kirk and Duckworth will face off in their third and final debate before next week’s election.

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Bottlenose dolphins, in addition to their remarkable intelligence and agility,<a href="http://www.tv-onlinestore.com/cheap-samsung-4k-uhd-tv-samsung-4k-uhd-75-inch-tv-c-165_175.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy samsung 4k uhd 75 inch tv online store</a>, are able to “see” their underwater world with sound. This ability—echolocation—is often referred to as a “sixth” sense, but it’s more like a hyperdeveloped version of hearing.<br> <br>Now a team of researchers from the nonprofit SpeakDolphin.com have released an image they claim captures the image of a diver as seen via a dolphin’s echolocation. This claim should be taken with about as many grains of salt as there are in the sea, as we’ll see.<br> <br>You may well have seen this story already—it’s been making the rounds for its undeniable “wow” factor. If not, here’s the short version: the SpeakDolphin team, led by Jack Kassewitz, recorded the echoes when a bottlenose directed her echolocation beam (high-frequency sound pulses) over a submerged diver. They sent the recordings to be processed by vibration-imaging company CymaScope, which used the series of audio “snapshots” to reconstruct a three-dimensional representation of the submerged diver. And, in a final step, these images were passed along to 3D Systems, the inventors of 3-D printing, who created a three-dimensional printout of “what the dolphin saw.”<br> <br>It all sounds very, very cool. But it’s time to break out my naturalist curmudgeon hat.<br> <br>First point: dolphins can see, in the traditional sense, and can see quite well. (A fact apparently lost in much of the coverage so far.) Their color vision is crap, but they have good low-light vision and their eyes are specially adapted to allow them to see above and below the surface clearly. Unlike some bats, which rely on echolocation so heavily that it’s reasonable to say they perceive their world almost exclusively via sound, dolphins use a mix of sound and sight. As far as how their brains process this unique mix of sensory information … well, there’s no mention of brains anywhere in the press release or credulous first wave of coverage.<br> <br>Before I go further, credit where credit is due: Rachel Feltman at the?Washington Post?posted her own takedown of the release while I was working on this post, and her article is worth reading in its entirety for a thorough breakdown of the problems with the SpeakDolphin release’s credibility.<br> <br>There are also more general issues with the science behind the viral image … in that there doesn’t seem to be much. Or, more specifically, the usual ways of vetting research have been ignored. The results, as Feltman notes, are not published in any journal. SpeakDolphin founder Jack Kassewitz told Tech Insider’s Rebecca Harrington?that he prefers to make his research publicly available in book form instead of through journals, a sentiment I empathize with greatly even as it tickles my skeptic bone.<br> <br>Even more troubling, Feltman points out, Kassewitz seems to see himself as a rebel for the dolphin-human cause, calling mainstream science “bigoted” and “racist” in its attitudes toward dolphins in a statement on his site. While it’s certainly true that science has been slow in appreciating the full intelligence of nonhuman animals, his stance seems more passionate than reasoned. Not to put too fine a point on it, but people who view themselves as maverick geniuses tend to only be half-right. Good science is communal for a reason.<br> <br>Harrington asked for clarification about how CymaScope generates its images, but did not get any. Instead, she received the following response from Kassewitz: “I am totally open to criticism, but from physicists, because that’s what is going on here.”<br> <br>This is undeniably a great idea for an experiment. If we can figure out how dolphins perceive the world with a mix of echolocation and vision, it will almost certainly point to new and interesting techniques for sonar and underwater imaging more generally. For now the images may represent some interesting piece of the puzzle of how dolphins use sound and sight to navigate their world, but even if research methodology is solid, it will be a gross overstatement to claim this is “what the dolphin saw.”

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Instructions<br> <br> <br> <br> ZOOM IN by clicking on the page. A slider will appear, allowing you to adjust your zoom level. Return to the original size by clicking on the page again.<br> <br> <br> <br> MOVE the page around when zoomed in by dragging it.<br> <br> <br> <br> ADJUST the zoom using the slider on the top right.<br> <br> <br> <br> ZOOM OUT by clicking on the zoomed-in page.<br> <br> <br> <br> SEARCH by entering text in the search field and click on "In This Issue" or "All Issues" to search the current issue or the archive of back issues<br> respectively.<br> .<br> <br> <br><br> <br> <br> PRINT by clicking on thumbnails to select pages, and then press the<br> print button.<br> <br> <br> <br> SHARE this publication and page.<br> <br><br> <br> <br> ROTATE PAGE allows you to turn pages 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.Click on the page to return to the original orientation. To zoom in on a rotated page, return the page to its original orientation, zoom in, and<br> then rotate it again.<br> <br> <br> <br> CONTENTS displays a table of sections with thumbnails and descriptions,<a href="http://www.wholesalebuyonline.com/wholesale-intel-cpu-c-249.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy intel cpu online</a>.<br> <br> <br> <br> ALL PAGES displays thumbnails of every page in the issue. Click on<br> a page to jump.<br> <br> <br> <br> BROWSE ISSUES allows you to browse through every available issue.

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Chris Wallace will bring you an exclusive and wide-ranging interview with President Barack Obama this Sunday.<br> <br>The Fox News Sunday interview will air on Fox News Channel at 2:00, 6:00 and 9:00 pm ET and on Sunday morning on our local FOX broadcast network (check your local listings for?air times).<br> <br>This marks the president''s first interview on Fox News Channel since 2014 and his first appearance on "Fox News Sunday" since being elected president,<a href="http://www.tv-onlinestore.com/cheap-vizio-tv-vizio-60-inch-tv-c-218_226.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale vizio 60 inch tv</a>.<br> <br><br>Read Full Article <br>Wallace?previously interviewed Obama in 2009 and 2013 for Fox News Channel and in 2008 for "Fox News Sunday," when Obama was an Illinois senator.<br> <br><br> <br>The conversation, which took place at the University of Chicago, covered an array of topics, including the pending Supreme Court nomination, the 2016 election, Obama’s presidential legacy and much more.<br> <br>Watch a preview clip above and hear from Wallace on the many questions he posed to the president,<a href="http://www.wholesaleforsale.eu/desktops-c-254.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">desktops for sale</a>.?<br> <br>"This is really a can''t-miss interview. ... Whether you like Barack Obama or not, I think you''re going to be really interested in what he has to say about all of this," he said.<br> <br>Don''t miss "Fox News Sunday" at 2 and 6pm ET for this special event.<br> <br>Wallace Grills Top WH Aide: ''Whatever Happened to the Constitution,<a href="http://www.tvshop.us/samsung-4k-uhd-tv-samsung-4k-uhd-65-inch-tv-c-165_173.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap samsung 4k uhd 65 inch tv for sale</a>?''<br> <br>WATCH: People in Hollywood Totally Freak Out Over Guy With Trump Sign<br> <br>Priebus: GOP Nominee Will Be One of the Three Candidates Running

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Test: Asus RT-AC66U (WLAN-ac-Router) Asus RT-AC66U: Performanter Allesknner Von Redaktion CHIP, 18.12.2014 Asus RT-AC66U Produkt jetzt bewerten gut <br> Dezember 2014 <br> <br> Asus RT-AC66U <br> Unabhngige Tests seit 1978 <br><br> Fazit: Der Asus RT-AC66U erweist sich im Test als gutes Gesamtpaket und sichert sich damit einen Platz in unserer Router-Top-10. Neben einer tollen Praxis-Performance bietet der ac-Router alle wichtigen Features wie Drucker-, FTP- und Media-Server. Der fehlende USB-3.0-Port kostet aber Punkte in der Wertung.<br><br>Asus RT-AC66U und alle WLAN-ac-Router im Test <br> 100,50 Besten Preis finden Quelle: BestCheck <br> <br><br> Asus RT-AC66U: Gelungener WLAN-Router ohne gro?e Schw?chen.''> Asus RT-AC66U: Gelungener WLAN-Router ohne groe Schwchen. <br> <br><br> Asus RT-AC66U: Alternative<br><br>Der Asus RT-AC56U kommt zwar nicht ganz an die sehr hohe Performance seines Schwestermodelles heran, bietet aber fr nur 90 Euro ebenfalls alle wichtigen Funktionen. Ein USB-3.0-Port rundet das positive Gesamtbild ab.<br><br> Bestenliste: Alle WLAN-Router im Test <br> <br><br> DSL-Vergleichsrechner in Kooperation mit verivox,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-maxi-c-15.html">Cheap Fjallraven kanken maxi</a>.de Der beste WLAN-Router - Test Play Video <br> Testergebnisse: Asus RT-AC66UHchster WLAN StandardacMaximal theoretische WLAN-ac Geschwindigkeit1.300?MBit/sMaximal theoretische WLAN-n Geschwindigkeit450?MBit/sMaximaler gemessener Datendurchsatz WLAN539 MBit/sOptimale-Bedingung: Durchschnittlicher Download-Datendurchsatz mit Broadcom-Chipsatz363 MBit/sOptimale-Bedingung: Durchschnittlicher Download-Datendurchsatz mit Intel-Chipsatz219 MBit/sOptimale-Bedingung: Durchschnittlicher Download-Datendurchsatz mit WLAN-n-Broadcom-Chipsatz336 MBit/sPraxis-Bedingung: Durchschnittlicher Download-Datendurchsatz mit Broadcom-Chipsatz158 MBit/sPraxis-Bedingung: Durchschnittlicher Download-Datendurchsatz mit Intel-Chipsatz299 MBit/sPraxis-Bedingung: Durchschnittlicher Download-Datendurchsatz mit WLAN-n-Broadcom-Chipsatz211 MBit/sGigabit-LAN4?Ports100-MBit-LAN-USB-3.0-Anschlsse-USB-2.0-Anschlsse2?PortsDSL- Modem-USB-Port fr externe FestplatteJaDrucker-ServerJaFTP-ServerJaEinfacher Zugriff auf WeboberflcheJaZugriff auf externe HHD ber das InternetJaUntersttzung von Dyn-DNS-DienstenJaTelefon: Analog-Telefon: ISDN-Telefon: VoIP-Zustzliche AppsAiCloudLeistungs-Aufnahme im Standby11?WattLeistungs- Aufnahme bei Datentransfer14?WattMBit/s pro Euro3,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-classic-c-1.html">Buy kanken classic online</a>,85 MBit pro Euro <br><br> Diskussion im CHIP Forum "Router,<a href="http://www.cheapkanken.com/kanken-big-c-3.html">Wholesale backpack</a>, Modem" starten

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Eva Schloss, 86, is an Auschwitz survivor and the stepsister of Anne Frank. Both Frank and Schloss were Jewish refugees in Amsterdam together and the pair played together as children until their families were forced into hiding in 1942. After the war, Otto Frank (Anne’s father) married Fritzi (Eva’s mother). Eva Schloss is the co-founder of the Anne Frank Trust UK?and the author of several books about her experiences during the Holocaust.<br><br>The theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day is “Don’t stand by”. This is particularly important now with the refugee crisis going on as more people than ever are being bystanders. We haven''t really learnt anything?I’m depressed by the current situation. The experience of the Syrian refugees is similar to what we went through.<br><br>I was 11 years old when my family first immigrated to Belgium [after Hitler annexed Austria in 1938]. We were treated as if we had come from the moon. I felt as if I wasn’t wanted and that I was different to everybody. It is even harder for today’s Syrian refugees who have a very different culture. We were Europeans as well as Jews?we were assimilated. I was shocked that I wasn’t accepted like an ordinary person. I am very upset that today again so many countries are closing their borders,<a href="http://www.tv-onlinestore.com/cheap-samsung-led-tv-samsung-led-65-inch-tv-c-179_186.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap samsung led 65 inch tv</a>. Fewer people would have died in the Holocaust if the world had accepted more Jewish refugees.<br><br>Britain is not taking many refugees from Syria and it’s a problem. Now, David Cameron’s government say they might take in 3,000 unaccompanied children who have arrived in Europe. It sounds similar to the Kindertransport [the informal name of a series of refugee efforts which brought thousands of refugee Jewish children to Britain from Nazi Germany between 1938 and 1940]. The Kindertransport was wonderful in one way but on the other hand, most of the children never saw their parents again. It was a terrible thing to separate those parents from their children.<br><br>Germany has so far taken in over a million refugees and the country has not gone under. Their government has organised their response very well every area gets allocated a certain number of refugees based on their population and they get an appropriate amount of money from the federal government. Recently, I visited a refugee centre in the German town of Weimar where there was a lovely community atmosphere. Schoolchildren came to give language lessons and people in the town brought food.<br><br>This is not just a European problem, it’s a global problem. If countries as big as the U.S. and Canada would take in more people,<a href="http://www.cheap-shopping.eu/cheap-samsung-mobile-phones-cheap-galaxy-note-edge-c-310_276.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Buy galaxy note edge online shopping</a>, then we would get much closer to a solution. If Donald Trump becomes the next president of the U.S. it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism. During his U.S. presidential campaign he has?suggested?the “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States," as well as pledging to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico?to keep illegal immigrants out.<br><br><br><br>I travelled to America last year to speak at screenings of ?the documentary film, No Asylum, which reveals an ?unknown chapter of Anne Frank’s life, and details how her father, Otto, struggled to obtain visas to the U.S. in 1940. He tried everything to save his family from the Holocaust. He knew someone who worked in Roosevelt’s administration and begged him to do anything possible, but in the end his request ?was rejected. America didn’t want to take any more refugees in the 1940s.<br><br>The situation today is worse than it was under Hitler because at that time all the Allies?the U.S., Russia and Britain?worked together to combat the terrible threat of Nazisim. If we don''t work together,<a href="http://www.cheapiphone7.eu/cheap-iphone-7-plus-cheap-iphone-7-plus-128gb-c-155_181.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Wholesale iphone 7 plus 128gb</a>, the world will never be able to resolve the threats it faces today. I don’t think getting rid of the Schengen Agreement is the correct response. I remember how upset the world was when the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 and now everybody is building walls again to keep people out. It’s absurd.<br><br>As told to Serena Kutchinsky

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In the waning days of the Obama administration, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited MIT for his last major speech on climate change. Kerry called the effort to limit global warming a “race against time” and urged quick action “to avoid the catastrophe we will inevitably see if we allow carbon emissions to go up and up and up.” He also touted the benefits of a prospective clean-energy revolution, referencing the falling prices of wind and solar power and observing that by making renewable energy a major growth industry, “we can put millions of people to work.”<br> Recommended for You <br>Kerry’s remarks highlighted the State Department’s extensive work on the topic and hailed the 2015 Paris Agreement, in which more than 190 countries agreed to limit greenhouse-gas emissions. He also contended that the bilateral U.S.-China climate negotiations, leading to a 2014 announcement of climate co?peration, “changed the whole playing field.”<br><br>The Paris Agreement also signaled to entrepreneurs,<a href="http://www.cheap-bulk.com/laptops-c-256.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Bulk laptops for sale</a>, innovators, and investors that the renewable-energy sector would remain a growth industry, Kerry said, and he called on his audience to help build it.<br><br>“Brilliant minds trained at MIT are behind some of the most transformative innovations in history,” he said, suggesting that the Institute’s students and entrepreneurs could help mitigate climate change while developing “the greatest economic opportunity the world has ever known.”<br><br>Solar energy costs have dropped by 62 percent since 2009, Kerry noted, while the number of jobs in the U.S. solar industry has grown by over 20 percent in each of the last three years. He cited a World Bank study stating that every $1 million of investment in renewable energy yields as many jobs as the same amount of investment in fossil fuels.<br><br>This means that “market-based forces are already beginning to shift” in the direction of clean energy, Kerry said, while adding that as a matter of governance, “very few public policy choices present as much upside.”<br><br>Before his speech, Kerry met with MIT president L. Rafael Reif and discussed MIT climate initiatives. Kerry and deputy secretary of state Antony Blinken also met for a roundtable discussion with about 20 MIT faculty members and industry and government experts.<br><br>In his public remarks, Kerry, the son of a diplomat, called the position of secretary of state “about the best job anybody could imagine” and said he would remain engaged and active as a private citizen on many civic matters, including climate change.<br><br>“What we do right now, today, matters,” Kerry told the audience. “We don’t get a second chance on this one.”<br> <br>Tech Obsessive?<br>Become an Insider to get the story behind the story — and before anyone else.<br> Subscribe today

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Apple’s AI Director: Here’s How to Supercharge Deep Learning Ruslan Salakhutdinov, who leads Apple’s AI efforts,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/ipod-touch-c-152_151.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Cheap ipod touch for sale</a>, says emerging techniques could make the most popular approach in the field far more powerful. By Will Knight Apple Is Getting Real About Augmented Reality The company reportedly has plans to bake AR technology into its iPhone and a new pair of smart glasses?but it needs to tread carefully. By Jamie Condliffe Is Apple’s Big Problem in China Its Small-Minded Outlook? Apple is unwavering in its desire to keep its brand pure, but it may be failing to capture the imagination of the Chinese market. By Jamie Condliffe Public Company: Apple Archives Lists Events Subscribers MIT Technology Review

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, Part 3 IBM''s machine improves its performance and turns the game into a rout. Henry Lieberman View Does Lack of Growth Hormone Prevent Diabetes and Cancer? A mutation in Ecuadorian dwarves may protect against diseases of aging. Emily Singer View Self-Induced Panic And The Financial Crisis Panicky behaviour can trigger stock market collapses. Now researchers say there could be a way of spotting it in advance The Physics arXiv Blog , Part 2 The IBM machine''s mistakes offered insights about how it works. Henry Lieberman View How Metamaterials Will Boost Wireless Power Transmission A thin slab of metamaterial increases the efficiency of wireless power transmission by an order of magnitude, say researchers The Physics arXiv Blog A Worthwhile Contest for Artificial Intelligence IBM''s computer can achieve a victory even if it doesn''t beat the humans on Jeopardy . Henry Lieberman View First Measurement of ''Wordquakes'' Shaking the Blogosphere Certain words disrupt the blogosphere in the same way that earthquakes shake the planet. And that makes them ripe for an earthquake-like magnitude rating. The Physics arXiv Blog How Your Gadgets Are Really Made Those who''ve journeyed to China to see how electronic devices are made have been shocked by working conditions. Christopher Mims Obama''s Call for Wireless Reactions to Obama''s proposed wireless plan lean towards the skeptical. Erica Naone View Nokia and Microsoft: Two Giant Turkeys or a New Force in Mobile? Rounding up reaction to the news that the companies will collaborate on smart phones. Tom Simonite Editions Find your preferred version. Choose from six languages and in 13 regions worldwide. Archives Explore 114 years of innovation from the most respected technology publication. Lists Discover the most important people, companies and technologies shaping our future. Events Attend one of our over 400 thought-provoking live events worldwide. Subscribers Have MIT Technology Review delivered to your doorstep, desktop, or tablet? More<br>The Loch Ness Monster, like Bigfoot and alien abduction, is now considered a myth unworthy of scientific investigation. But before that myth was debunked, MIT??s Harold ??Doc?? Edgerton, SM ??27, ScD ??31, gamely joined the Nessie quest. In the last two decades of his life, the Institute Professor found time to lend his legendary expertise in strobe photography and sonar to the search for the creature said to lurk in the Scottish loch. <br> Edgerton??s equipment produced this 1975 photo of what appear to be the upper torso, neck,<a href="http://www.forsalecheap.eu/ipod-touch-c-152_151.html" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">ipod touch for sale cheap</a>, and head of a living creature. <br>It started in 1972 with a telegram from Edgerton??s friend Robert Rines ??42, the president of the Academy of Applied Science in Boston. Rines had gone to Scotland in search of Nessie and was staying at the ?Drumnadrochit Hotel, whose slogan was ??Where the monster plays in the bay, so they say.?? Rines thought he had a chance of docu?menting the monster using sonar and underwater photography. ??Hitting pay dirt on fixed mode sonar and light attracting near underwater cameras,?? he telegraphed Edgerton. ??Can you possibly pass through Drumnadrochit enroute to Greece to help???<br> <br>Edgerton initially declined, but that summer, Rines took an intriguing set of photographs at Loch Ness. Enhanced by computer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California to emphasize edges and contrast, the photographs seemed to show the flipper of a large aquatic animal. <br> <br>This 1975 Loch Ness photograph by Charles W. Wyckoff ??41 was enhanced by computer at the Jet Propulsion Lab to better define object outlines.<br> <br>Photo credit: JPL-enhanced photo courtesy of Robert Rines ??42<br> <br>Within two years, Edgerton signed on to help develop and provide equipment that could aid the search for creatures hidden in the depths of Loch Ness??s murky, ?yellow-brown waters. ??How could anyone ?? not rise to the technical problems that are before the researcher in this field??? ?Edgerton wrote Rines. ??I personally am tremendously interested in the apparent attraction of the animals in the Loch by our cameras and lights.??<br> <br>With Edgerton??s equipment, Rines took additional, tantalizing pictures that led to a moment in the limelight and articles in Technology Review and National Geographic. But follow-up trips in the late 1970s failed to confirm the monster??s existence. <br> <br>Undaunted, Edgerton tinkered with his equipment to improve its performance in the low-visibility conditions of the loch. With Ian Morrison, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, he investigated a World War II Wellington bomber found during the Nessie search, and he pushed Morrison to publish articles on the loch??s history. <br> <br>By the mid-1980s, the ?intellectual tide was turning against the Nessie quest. Discover and the Skeptical Inquirer published scathing critiques of the flipper photographs and accompanying sonar data. Before long, the Loch Ness Monster became the academic equivalent of box office poison. Morrison had trouble publishing legitimate historical research on stone circles found at the bottom of the loch, and he wrote to Edgerton of a postgraduate doing geological work in the area: ??Since the candidate wishes to retain academic respectability there is of course not the slightest mention of strange beasties.?? <br> <br>In that letter, Morrison revealed his true feelings about the monster. ??You may recall that whilst I will admit to getting a crick in my neck while diving (through a gut-level compulsion to keep checking that nothing was indeed sneaking up behind me, through those gloomy doom-laden depths ??), the cerebral scientist in me protests that it is very difficult to see how you could get a big beast into the Loch.?? <br> <br>Edgerton treated Rines??s Loch Ness obsession with gentle open-mindedness. Rines was still planning trips to search for the monster even after a high-profile 1987 investigation showed that some of his most exciting images were probably pictures of a strangely shaped log. Making no mention of that, Edgerton wrote to him that fall to ask why no results had been published from Rines??s last trip and sent sketches of a new ??streak camera?? for detecting moving objects. Kindness to a friend and the chance to conquer equipment challenges held more value to him than the chance of finding a monster. <br> <br>??Many factors point to no ??Nessie,???? Edgerton wrote Morrison in 1986. ??Regardless, there is no harm in looking, especially with sonar since there may be things to discover.??


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